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As India cleaned up at ELSA WTO moot, Nuals won at RML • Symbi now whisker behind MPL leader Nalsar, GNLU 3rd

The top of MPL 7 is getting rather tight: Nalsar prepares to make space for Symbi, GNLU now third, RGNUL 4th
The top of MPL 7 is getting rather tight: Nalsar prepares to make space for Symbi, GNLU now third, RGNUL 4th

Despite our last mega-mooting weekend update on Monday, recent mooting action is not yet over.

For one, we’ve finally managed to indirectly confirm the results for the 15th ELSA WTO moot in Singapore, and we’ve got results for the RMLNLU Lucknow flagship moot that happened over the weekend.

Read on to find out what happened.

15th ELSA WTO International Trade Law Moot Court Competition (Asia Pacific) 2017

The Asia Pacific Rounds of the ELSA WTO International Trade Law Moot Court Competition 2017 organised over 19-23 February 2017 saw some fierce performance being put up by the Indian universities, as at least three out of the four semi-finalists having been NLSIU Bangalore, NLU Jodhpur and GNLU Gandhinagar.

GNLU ousted MPL VI champion NLU Jodhpur in the finals as NLSIU and an unconfirmed non-Indian university team emerged as semi-finalists (we haven’t heard from the ELSA organisers so we haven’t been able to confirm the name of that foreign team).

The GNLU team comprised of Rushal Shah, Meera Manoj, Ishan Javid and Surabhi Saboo.

NLSIU speaker Spoorthi Cotha won the best speaker citation, while GNLU speaker Rushal Shah won the best speaker award in the final rounds.

Amity Law School Delhi won the best written submission at the tier V moot.

Points awarded at ELSA WTO (Asia Pacific) 2017:

Winner: GNLU Gandhinagar (10)

Runners-Up: NLU Jodhpur (5)

Semi-Finalists: NLSIU (3) and TBC (3)

Best Speaker (Prelims): NLSIU (5)

Best Speaker (Finals): GNLU (3)

Best Written Submission: ALS Delhi (5)

5th RML-SCC International Media Law Moot Court Competition 2017

RMLNLU Lucknow’s flagship moot and India’s only international media law moot court competition took place over the 3-5 March weekend, with Nuals Kochi clashing with NUJS Kolkata in the finals.

The team from Nuals comprising of Sanyukta Shetty, Karthik Venkatesh and Shilpa Sangameswaram defeated the NUJS team, which consisted of Adrija Ghosh, Parmeet Singh and Sakchi Agarwal to win the tier V moot and bag 10 MPL points.

This victory saw Nuals win its place in the MPL league tables, tying with NUJS and NLIU Bhopal in 5th position.

RGNUL Patiala further consolidated its position with a strong semi-finalist position finish, joined by School of Law, Christ University.

And as DSNLU Vizag won the best memorial award, RV Srikara from Symbiosis Pune won the best speaker citation, which reduced Nalsar’s narrow MPL lead to just 2 points (see below).

Points awarded at the moot:

Winner: NUALS Kochi (10)

Runners-Up: NUJS Kolkata (5)

Semi-Finalists: RGNUL Patiala (3) and SLCU Bangalore (3)

Best Speaker: SLS Pune (5)

Best Memorial: DSNLU Vizag (5)

Organiser: RMLNLU Lucknow (1)

For our next story, we shall we covering the 10th Frankfurt Investment Arbitration Moot Court Competition 2017, as we simultaneously gather information of a few previous moots.

MPL Table Analysis

GNLU Gandhinagar, after amassing 13 points from ELSA, has overtaken RGNUL for 3rd position, as SLS Pune has nearly dislodged Nalsar from the top position, barely 2 points behind the league topper.

One more citation coming SLS Pune’s way would mean that it’d be the first time a non-NLU was holding the MPL top position this late into the MPL season. Meanwhile, NLSIU jumped one rank to the 9th position tied with SLCU, as NLUJ switched ranks with GLC Mumbai for the 7th position.

The coming weeks will also include coverage of the international rounds of the 15th Red Cross International Humanitarian Law Moot Court Competition 2017, where NLSIU Bangalore will be the sole Indian university battling it out against 24 international universities across the world.

MPL 7 season standings

RankCollegeTotal MPL pointsItemisation of MPL pointsELSA WTO (Asia PAcific) (T5)PtsRML-SCC (T5)Pts
1Nalsar Hyderabad92NLUJ Antitrust (T4): Runners-Up (8) | R K Tankha (T5): Semi-Finalist (3) | GIMC 2017 (T4): Winner (15); Best Researcher (8) | Jessup India Rounds (T3): Semi-Finalist (5) | FDI Moot (Int’l Rounds) (T5): 3rd Best Team (3); Best Speaker (5); Hon’ble Speaker Mention (3) | Rivzi Moot (T5): Winner (10) | Pro Bono Enviro: Winner (10); Best Memorial (5) | Oxford Price Media (South Asia Rounds) (T3): Best Memorial (10) | BR Sawhney (T4): Organizer (2) |
2Symbiosis Law School Pune90RML-SCC (T5): Best Speaker (5) | NUJS-HSF (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) | Amity National (T4): Winner (15) | Raj Anand Moot (T4): Semi-Finalist (3) | R K Tankha (T5): Winner (10) | DMH 2017 (T2): Best Memorial (20) | GIMC 2017 (T4): Semi-Finalist (4); Best Memorial (8) | Jessup India Rounds (T3): Runners-Up (10) | K K Luthra Moot (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) | BR Sawhney (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) |Best Speaker (5)5
3GNLU Gandhinagar79ELSA WTO (Asia PAcific) (T5): Winner (10); Best Speaker (Finals) | NUJS-HSF (T4): Runners-Up (8); Best Speaker (8) | ULC Moot (T5): Best Researcher (5) | CLEA (T5): Winner (10) | DMH 2017 (T2): Semi-Finalist (15) | GIMC 2017 (T4): Organiser (2) | Pro Bono Enviro: Best Speaker (5) | Stetson India Rounds (T3): Semi-Finalist (5) | BR Sawhney (T4): Best Speaker (8) |Winner (10); Best Speaker (Finals)13
4RGNUL Patiala72RML-SCC (T5): Semi-Finalist (3) | NLUJ Antitrust (T4): Best Researcher (8) | ULC Moot (T5): Winner (10) | Raj Anand Moot (T4): Winner (15) | Rivzi Moot (T5): Best Researcher (5) | K K Luthra Moot (T4): Runners-Up (8) | BR Sawhney (T4): Winner (15); Best Memorial (8) |Semi-Finalist (3)3
5NLIU Bhopal62NUJS-HSF (T4): Winner (15) | R K Tankha (T5): Organiser (1) | Jessup India Rounds (T3): Semi-Finalist (5); Best Memorial (10) | FDI Moot (Int’l Rounds) (T5): 3rd Best Claimant Memorial (3) | Oxford Price Media (South Asia Rounds) (T3): Runners-Up (10) | BR Sawhney (T4): Runners-up (8) | Amity International (T5): Runners-Up (5); Best Memorial (5) |
6NUJS Kolkata62RML-SCC (T5): Runners-Up (5) | NUJS-HSF (T4): Organizer (2) | DMH 2017 (T2): Best Researcher (20) | Jessup India Rounds (T3): Best Speaker (10) | Stetson India Rounds (T3): Best Speaker (10) | Oxford Price Media (South Asia Rounds) (T3): Best Speaker (10) |Runners-Up (5)5
7NLU Jodhpur55ELSA WTO (Asia PAcific) (T5): Runners-Up (5) | NLUJ Antitrust (T4): Organizer (2) | DMH 2017 (T2): Runners-Up (25) | Stetson India Rounds (T3): Winners (20) |Runners-Up (5)5
8GLC Mumbai52Raj Anand Moot (T4): Best Memorial (8) | DMH 2017 (T2): Organiser (2) | GIMC 2017 (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) | Rivzi Moot (T5): Semi-Finalist (3); Best speaker (5) |
9SLCU Bangalore51RML-SCC (T5): Semi-Finalist (3) | DMH 2017 (T2): Winner (30) | Pro Bono Enviro: Runners-Up (5) |Semi-Finalist (3)3
10NLSIU Bangalore51ELSA WTO (Asia PAcific) (T5): Semi-Finalist (3); Best Speaker (5) | CLEA (T5): Best Memorial (5) | K K Luthra Moot (T4): Best Memorial (8) | Oxford Price Media (South Asia Rounds) (T3): Winner (20) |Semi-Finalist (3); Best Speaker (5)8
11ILS Pune37NLUJ Antitrust (T4): Winner (15): Best Memorial (8) | NUJS-HSF (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) | ULC Moot (T5): Runners-Up (5) | Stetson India Rounds (T3): Semi-Finalist (5) |
12NLU Orissa36Amity National (T4): Best Researcher (8) | R K Tankha (T5): Semi-Finalist (3); Best Memorial (5) | Jessup India Rounds (T3): Winners (20) |
13George Washington University Law School31GIMC 2017 (T4): Runners-Up (8); Best Speaker (8) | K K Luthra Moot (T4): Winner (15) |
14Symbiosis Noida31Raj Anand Moot (T4): Runners-Up (8); Best Speaker (8) | Stetson India Rounds (T3): Runners-Up (10) |
15UILS Chandigarh25
16CNLU Patna25Stetson India Rounds (T3): Best Memo (10) | Amity International (T5): Winner (10); Best Researcher (5) |
17ILNU Ahmedabad25Amity National (T4): Runners-Up (8); Best Memorial (8) | BR Sawhney (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) |
18Amity Law School Delhi19ELSA WTO (Asia PAcific) (T5): Best Written Submission (5) | Amity National (T4): Organizer (2) | R K Tankha (T5): Runners-Up (5); Best Speaker (5) | Jessup India Rounds (T3): Organiser (2) |Best Written Submission (5)5
19NUSRL Ranchi16ULC Moot (T5): Semi-Finalist (3); Best Speaker (5) | K K Luthra Moot (T4): Best Speaker (8) |
20UPES Dehradun15CLEA (T5): Runners-Up (5) |
21MNLU Mumbai10
22NLU Delhi10NUJS-HSF (T4): Best Memorial (8) | Oxford Price Media (South Asia Rounds) (T3): Organizer (2) |
23NUALS Kochi10RML-SCC (T5): Winner (10) |Winner (10)10
24Amity Law School Noida9NLUJ Antitrust (T4): Best Speaker (8) | Amity International (T5): Organizer (1) |
25RMLNLU Lukcnow9RML-SCC (T5): Organiser (1) |Organiser (1)1
26DSNLU Vizag9RML-SCC (T5): Best Memorial (5) | NLUJ Antitrust (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) |Best Memorial (5)5
27Karnataka State University Law School8Pro Bono Enviro: Semi-Finalist (3); Best Researcher (5) |
28Kerala Law Academy8ULC Moot (T5): Semi-Finalist (3); Best Memorial (5) |
29VIT School of Law, Chennai8Amity National (T4): Best Speaker (8) |
30HNLU Raipur6Rivzi Moot (T5): Semi-Finalist (3) | Pro Bono Enviro: Semi-Finalist (3) |
31SVKM’s NMIMS Mumbai5Amity International (T5): Best Speaker (5) |
32Jamia Milia Islamia Law School5Rivzi Moot (T5): Runners-Up (5) |
33Modi University, Rajasthan5CLEA (T5): Best Speaker (5) |
34SOEL Chennai5Amity National (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) | Pro Bono Enviro: Organizer (1) |
35DES’s Shri Navalmal Firodia Law College4K K Luthra Moot (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) |
36Llyod Law College4Amity National (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) |
37Law Centre-I Faculty of Law, DU4NLUJ Antitrust (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) |
38ULC Bangalore4ULC Moot (T5): Organizer (1) | CLEA (T5): Semi-Finalist (3) |
39NLUJAA Assam3CLEA (T5): Semi-Finalist (3) |
40Sastra School of Law Thanjavur2Stetson India Rounds (T3): Organizer (2) |
41Rizvi Law College, Mumbai1Rivzi Moot (T5): Organizer (1) |
42VELS Chennai1CLEA (T5): Organiser (1) |

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