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Pangea3 picks Texas LPO centre over Dakota/Virginia with space for up to 400 (UPDATE)

Pangea now includes lone star state
Pangea now includes lone star state

Mumbai-headquartered Pangea3 has opened its first US-based service delivery office in Dallas, Texas, plans first reported by Legally India at the time of the legal process outsourcing (LPO) company’s acquisition by Thomson Reuters last year.

Mumbai-based co-CEO Sanjay Kamlani told Legally India that the choice of Dallas as a location was “pretty straightforward”.

“It’s probably not an obvious choice – people often think of South Dakota and West Virginia and things like that,” he admitted, “but our analysis and all the factors we required made it the obvious choice.”

“The primary driver was the availability of legal talent in that area, with a number of very good law schools in the Dallas area and also the international airport, and the centrality of that location for members the management team to get there easily.”

Lawyers were applying from across the US to work there, which was probably due to the location, he speculated.

The facility was a pre-existing Thomson Reuters office with 400 seats reserved for the LPO, said Kamlani. It is understood that only between 20 to 30 seats are currently occupied.

The primary reasons for onshoring were that some clients’ documents were legally not allowed to leave the US, so it was “very uncomfortable to say sorry, we can’t help you” to those clients because of the lack of onshore facilities, said Kamlani.

For Pangea3’s lawyers in India this would also create opportunities for senior managers to move to the US, according to Kamlani, although he added that the large majority of US staffing would be sourced locally.

According to a press release, the LPO suggested that the Dallas location would particularly be psychologically attractive to “customers who may be new to legal process outsourcing as a strategic alternative to doing tasks such as document review in-house”.

US-based co-CEO David Perla added in the release: “This is an exciting time for Pangea3, and this expansion in the United States only months after our acquisition shows the value of having a major player like Thomson Reuters in your corner.”

Having a delivery center in the US would allow the firm to staff work based on the “needs of the customer to a degree not possible before”, said Perla.

Thomson Reuters bought Pangea3 in November 2010.

Story updated at 17:56 following Kamlani interview.

Photo by piotr

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