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Calling samurai & media moguls to revolutionise legal journalism & publishing: Work with Legally India

(Sword not required, just pens)
(Sword not required, just pens)
Legally India is looking to hire journalists, lawyers and those with a head for business who are not content with the status quo of the mainstream media and online reportage of all things legal, illegal and barely legal.

We're looking to fill several editorial positions at different levels of seniority and across a variety of disciplines, including but not limited to courts, corporate law and litigation, general legal and copy-editing / commissioning.

We’re also looking for someone on the commercial side, who thinks they can manage to solve one of the biggest problems news media faces in our age: how to survive and prosper online.

Seeking editorial samurai…

LI is currently a team of two full-timers on the editorial side, but we punch far heavier than we weigh.

We want to grow the family with hacks or lawyers with a strong journalistic bent who have:

  • have an inquisitive mind,
  • a superhuman amount of motivation,
  • a strong sense of honour and justice,
  • a scary amount of dauntlessness,
  • impeccable writing skills,
  • a sense of humour,
  • more than just curiosity about cutting out the commute and working independently from home or wherever you may be,
  • an easy confidence with mobiles and laptops,
  • a solid social media presence,
  • preferably some experience with blogging or CMSs and/or an interest in learning, and
  • whatever else you think good legal journalism needs.

In exchange you'll get the chance to break the biggest legal stories, investigate and write the most influential features and interviews, also in the national media, in a beat that is criminally under-served.

If you want it and you've got it, please bring it and send us an email at with an un-deletable cover email for why you'd like to join, a compelling CV and a sample or two of your best writing, if you have it.

Calling media moguls in the making…

Solving the problem of how newspapers and media will survive in this century is one of the biggest challenges the industry faces.

We want someone to help us solve it.

We are very open to ideas and need someone who is driven and able to convert these from paper to reality.

LI has a huge audience and a unique opportunity to scale up, which will help support future independent journalism and the growth of the legal profession.

You must have a deep understanding of online media and what’s currently going on in the industry.

If you have no opinions about paywalls, apps or what Facebook, Snapchat or Apple mean for the publishing industry, you need not apply.

All the usual requirements of excellence in candidates are a given.

If this sounds like something you’re up to, please send us an email at with your CV and one idea of something that we’re not doing right now on the commercial side that you think could have a big upside. Also let us know why you’re the right person to make that plan a reality.

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