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NUJS students RTI admin’s alleged burial of first-ever university review report, receive no response

NUJS review report RTI copyNUJS review report RTI copy

NUJS Kolkata students have filed Right to Information (RTI) requests for the report of the law school's 16-years-overdue review, as the administration has not made the report public even two months after it was submitted to the Chief Justice of India (CJI).

The RTI asks for a copy of the report, the date on which the review commission had submitted it to the CJI and a copy of all the communication the commission has made regarding the report to any public office since after the report was submitted to the CJI.

The CJI, who is also the NUJS chancellor, had constituted the law school's first ever review commission comprising of professors Faizan Mustafa, Mohan Gopal and Lalit Magotra on 24 December 2016, and we understand from authoritative sources that the commission had submitted a finished report to the CJI towards the end of November 2017.

When we contacted NUJS vice chancellor Prof Ishwara Bhat on 19 December 2017, during the law school's winter break, he confirmed that the commission had submitted the report but added that he had not yet seen it.

NUJS opened for the academic session in January and since then students have approached the administration for a copy of the report but have been denied it, they have told us.

Bhat did not respond to calls and messages seeking comment since last week.

VC at NUJS for six years now, Bhat has two no-confidence petitions against him by the law school's students.

That's one of the reasons that the observations of its first ever review commission in its 16 years of its existence are of particular significance to the students.

NUJS graudate Shambo Nandy commented when contacted: "I had visited NUJS last week when I was in Calcutta and got to know that the Review Commission has already submitted its report.

"However, on enquiring from several sources, I also got to know that a copy of such report is yet to be placed before the Executive Council / General Council. In fact, no one I spoke to could say where such report could be found.

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Like +2 Object -0 Darkseid 12 Feb 18, 22:53
Bhat is playing chicken and I am referring to the headless variety, not the pox variety :P Good for you for looking into this, Kian. I'd indicated as much in an earlier comment on another post few weeks ago. This administration has been a blight on an amazing institution for too long now.
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Like +10 Object -1 Guest 13 Feb 18, 10:56  interesting
Has anyone seen a more shameless, incompetent and arrogant VC?
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Like +0 Object -1 Guest 13 Feb 18, 11:00
Prachi Mam, please report on the moral policing at CNLU. How can adults be arrested for drinking?
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Like +5 Object -3 Distressed CNLUITE 14 Feb 18, 23:19
Have you ever heard about the Bihar Prohibition and Excise Act, 2016?
How is it moral policing if boozing is regarded as a criminal offense?

Those students got what they deserved. Creating a ruckus after getting drunk deserves to be punished. If the incompetent hostel authorities can't curb this nonsense in the interest of studious students then it's better that such matters are reported to the police instead.

I hope you'll have the same reaction when some drunken idiot misbehaves with the females in your family.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 13 Feb 18, 12:23
What will happen if review committee report is made public, assuming that the report is aganist the current VC what would happen, can the Executive Council, Govt of Bengal and the CJI take action on the current VC based on the review report. There were number of time that inquiry took place against the current CV like Bar Council inquiry, Executive Council inquiry, state govt inquiry, Judicial inquiry, High Court appointed inquiry commission and now CJI review commission. Number of petitions, no confidence motions, protests by staffs and petitions by faculties and students................h e has seen all that........nothing will happen with the current report, he wants to continue as VC till he attains 70 years of age, currently he is 62 it seems
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Like +12 Object -0 CBA 13 Feb 18, 15:12  interesting  top rated
There is a precedent of a VC resigning due to an adverse review commission report: Veer Singh of NALSAR. In fact, Legally India played an important part in that by leaking the report. People forget that NALSAR was once in shambles, but the students united against Veer Singh and LI helped. Today, they have a much better VC. One hopes the same will happen here and LI will similarly play a crucial role
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Like +2 Object -13 True facts 13 Feb 18, 12:26
I shall like to correct some wrong information in this article:

1. It is wrong and unwarranted to approach Supreme Court CPIO for this matter. NUJS is state university. Proper procedure for filing RTI is with university authorities. Appeal may lie to the Learned West Bengal Information Commission, which has fully functional website where appeal can easily be submitted online.

2. The report is meant to be first shared with Honble VC and Executive Council before shared with students, furthermore there is no obligation to share with students as it is classified document. it is full discretion of Honble VC and Executive Council to share or not.

3. We have seen many example of unwarranted interference by alumnis in state of affairs at NUJS. Without justification petitions are being filed. Some alumnis think they have some god gifted privilege where they should be automatically faculty of NUJS just because they are alumnis. This seems to be root cause of some frustrations.

4. Please see for yourself that numerous improvement have taken place at NUJS as stated by student body itself. Here is the proof:

So who you will believe? First hand student report praising VC and infrastructure upgrade, or unwarranted gossips?
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Like +14 Object -1 Bhaiya 13 Feb 18, 13:08  interesting  top rated
Certainly not you. Regarding your points, try to bother learning the law first, will you?
1. The report is commissioned by the CJI as ex-officio Chancellor. SC CPIO is entirely competent to release it. Who are you to decide which forum the RTI should be directed to?
2. Read the piece first. VC already has the report. In fact he had been asked to show cause on the basis of it, which he confirmed during convocation ceremony rather unceremoniously. He will sit on it forever if allowed to do so. And for EC to decide, it needs to be placed before the EC, which only the VC can do as the chairperson. Plus, who died and made a report commissioned about a statutory body by another statutory entity 'classified'? Are you high?
3. Better the alumni to have such privilege rather than half the incompetent people as faculty members and in the administration. Plus, your misconception about the attractiveness of a faculty position at NUJS currently is rather blatant. Aren't you people getting even 3 candidates for professor posts for the last 5 years?
4. None of the SJA reports praise VC. The so-called upgrade was long due. And still woefully inadequate. You seem to be part of the Admin. Haven't you people been preparing a room into a 'model lecture hall' for the last 5 years?
5. Again, certainly not you. True facts, indeed!
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Like +10 Object -0 Guest 14 Feb 18, 00:45  interesting
NUJS has excellent students and just requires very basic support from the admin. Get a smart NLSIU/NALSAR/NUJS alum in their late 30s/early 40s to run NUJS. In just 6 months he/she will do a million times of what this guy did in 6 years.
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Like +2 Object -10 Supporter of NUJS 14 Feb 18, 12:47
There is a saying from south India that when an elephant walk then dogs bark. In the present case various vested interest is barking because of jealousy of one of the best Vice Chancellor and legal scholar of the country who has transformed NUJS, who is our Prof Bhat.
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Like +0 Object -0 pi 14 Feb 18, 15:12
troll :P
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Like +1 Object -1 Bhaiya 14 Feb 18, 15:12
True. You should definitely make #BhatforValentine an in thing.
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Like +0 Object -0 LOL 16 Feb 18, 12:35
Nice try, PIB.
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Like +1 Object -1 biased kian 14 Feb 18, 14:01
Obviously Prachi and Kian will never report the Winners of Jessup because it was GNLU who won it. :)
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Like +6 Object -3 kianganz 14 Feb 18, 14:20

But when did GNLU win Jessup?
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 15 Feb 18, 18:36
thieves are together in NUJS in position and are collectively ensuring that they continue to be in power everyone knows it, whoever voices they will be booked with some soaps, as long as it continues nothing happens and the best VC would continue to even more better things
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Like +2 Object -0 ????? 16 Feb 18, 11:01
Kian and Prachi, I can't understand why you can't seek a comment from Mohan Gopal/Faizan Mustafa on the status of the report. That will clear up everything. Alternatively, you can seek to the SC PIO. How difficult is it to do this?
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Like +0 Object -0 kianganz 16 Feb 18, 15:17
We've actually tried to reach out to them but it's either been no comment or no response... SC PIO we haven't tried, but I doubt they'd get involved...
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Like +2 Object -0 Save NUJS 16 Feb 18, 12:14
The current VC of NUJS is having incredible luck. He survived at least half a dozen inquiries, equal number of no confidence motions or petitions against him, half a dozen show cause notices and explanations from CJI and Chancellor, dozens of governing councils debacles, half a dozen Police and Court cases and many more
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Like +1 Object -8 Proud of NUJS 18 Feb 18, 12:04
Friends I feel happy to inform you that website of NUJS has been upgraded to give "new look". It is totally smart and user friendly website have all informations and features and one can say with confidence that it is best website of law schools in India. It is all complete thanks to the Vice Chancellor for this effort and we are thankful for his efforts and support. I wish such positives are highlighted.
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Like +1 Object -1 Darkseid 18 Feb 18, 14:04
Exactly what effort has the VC put in for this, pray tell? Also, somebody should tell the Admin that telegrams don't work any more and the gram address of the university should be retired from the website. Not to the mention that half the pages are still showing to be under development. And the faculty list continues to show people who have long left and not those who have joined since. In other words, typical admin work. The SJA website was a product of much more coherent thinking, to be honest. There's absolutely no reason why students having interest in designing skills and cyberworld exposure couldn't have been entrusted with coming up with a good and functional website with updated information.
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Like +2 Object -0 Gaurakshak 21 Feb 18, 16:28
If you can unearth the report of the Fact Finding Committee constituted by CJ, MPHC to inquire into state of affairs at NLIU, it'd be a great help. As per my sources the report has completely vindicated the protesting students and caused much furore in the General Council meeting held recently. The Director has been sent on leave again but has still not resigned (which you incorrectly reported earlier)
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Like +0 Object -0 Darkseid 02 Mar 18, 12:16
Kian, do you know about any development regarding this? Has the report been obtained finally?
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Like +0 Object -0 kianganz 02 Mar 18, 12:17
Hi, no update unfortunately...
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