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NLU Jodhpur after Day Zero: 32 jobs in bag already out of 103 grads for 2019 • Luthra, Trilegal, Khaitan biggest recruiters

NLU JodhpurNLU Jodhpur

NLU Jodhpur has already placed 32 out of 103 students who will graduate the LLB degree next year, including three foreign firm vacation schemes.

12 of those jobs were sealed during the 2 April ‘Day Zero’ of recruitment at the law school, and 2 more jobs were accepted after Day Zero.

Luthra & Luthra with 6 pre-placement offers (PPOs) and 2 day zero offers, was the leading recruiter among the seven firms and one company, which have already hired from the law school.

The others were Trilegal, Khaitan & Co, Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas, Jyoti Sagar Associates (JSA), Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan, Majmudar & Partners and Wipro Technologies.

Out of these, Trilegal hired 6 (with an even split between PPO and Day Zero), while Khaitan & Co picked up 5 NLU Jodhpur candidates via PPO.

Recruiter Total jobs PPO Day 0 Post-Day 0 Vacation schemes
Luthra & Luthra 8 6 2
Trilegal 6 3 3
Khaitan & Co 5 5
Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas 4 1 3
Majmudar & Partners 2 1 1
J Sagar Associates (JSA) 1 1
Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan 1 1
Wipro 2 2
Herbert Smith Freehills 1 1
Linklaters 1 1
Allen & Overy 1 1
Total 32 18 9 2 3

International firms Herbert Smith Freehills, Linklaters and Allen & Overy each offered one vacation scheme, of which Linklaters has already converted its offered scheme to a training contract.

A total of 13 offers were made on Day Zero, while 2 more offers were made and accepted after Day Zero by Wipro Technologies.

25 students from the batch graduating in 2019 appeared for the Day Zero.

Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas (SAM) was missing from the mix. SAM could not roll out final offers despite participating in Day Zero because it did not have internal approvals to do so, RCC members told us about having been informed about this by SAM’s HR team, just like in the case of NLU Delhi more than a week ago.

NLU J scored 6 more jobs this year than in last year’s Day Zero.

NLU Jodhpur also outperformed NLU Delhi this time in terms of total Day Zero jobs despite holding its Day Zero more than one week after Delhi.

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Like +6 Object -3 Guest 12 Apr 18, 12:18
And the NLU Jodhpur "brotherhood" continues to grow at Luthra!
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Like +8 Object -9 Lack of perspective 12 Apr 18, 12:34  controversial
It speaks of shallow professional ethics to promote your own college through recruitments, and not fairly allocate seats for different colleges. But who is listening at L&L ? Management stopped listening to feedback long time ago.
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Like +9 Object -0 Rajeev L. 12 Apr 18, 13:01  interesting
Actually, the number of students recruited from NALSAR, NUJS etc. by Luthra (PPO + Day Zero) is fairly comparable to these figures. It also has to do something with acceptances, I guess. Most of the students from other top-tier NLUs actually prefer other firms like AZB, SAM/CAM, KCO etc. over L&L these days and when offers get duplicated, almost everyone have opted for other firms only. NLUJ students intern in the largest number at L&L, so maybe they are more comfortable accepting those offers. Although in case the work environment is really made hostile for other NLU grads as you seem to suggest, that's a matter for grave concern. AZB apparently has made 20 offers to NUJS this year alone including PPO, that doesn't have to mean nepotism necessarily.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 12 Apr 18, 20:22
Rare occasion of LegallyIndia where one can agree(like) with 1.1.1, without having to disagree (dislike) with 1.1.

L&L ends up with seemingly more people NLU-J, in comparison to NLSIU/NALSAR as students from those institutions invariably chose a different firm.

However, if 1.1 does have some inside info on hostility inside the firm to non-NLU-J people, then that is a matter of concern.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Intern-ally 13 Apr 18, 09:46
Well yeah, L&L is notorious for their blatant top tier NLU bias. Especially if you're an intern.
Reply Report to LI
Like +6 Object -1 Getalife 13 Apr 18, 00:17  interesting
Seriously dude, get a grip on your life! Luthra has hired equal number from NUJS this year and nearly as much from NALSAR and NLS Bangalore. FYI Luthra had recruited last year more from NUJS than any other college including NLU Jodhpur. So stop this constant whining and making completely false accusations!
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Like +1 Object -10 Guest 12 Apr 18, 13:27
Great figures. Big slap to people claiming NLIU and GNLU are much ahead.
Reply Report to LI
Like +17 Object -1 kianganz 12 Apr 18, 13:32 LI subscriber  interesting  top rated
Please stop slapping each other, it's a bit ridiculous... :)

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Like +0 Object -1 Bwahahaha 12 Apr 18, 15:11
The 'Ultimate Warrior' always wins??
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -0 Mx. X 12 Apr 18, 18:45
Nobody is 'Perfect'...
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Like +1 Object -2 Guest 12 Apr 18, 20:26
I really find it 'foreign' as to how students/graduates from top law schools in India dislike eachother (atleast on LegallyIndia).

It isn't really about competing for the same jobs, as then - I would assume - they would hate their own batchmates as much. Maybe they do and I am unaware of it!

What causes this tribal mentality? Does this affect their social circles, job environment, and maybe upward mobility in career (in the long run)? This is certainly something an anthropologist could be interested in looking into. Their are similar studies going back the years from England and USA (that I am aware of).
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Like +6 Object -2 GNLUs kian 13 Apr 18, 01:30
How come you didn't emphasize on "close ties" between NLUJ & Luthra?

is it reserved only for GNLU & CAM + Khaitan?
Reply Report to LI
Like +3 Object -5 kianganz 13 Apr 18, 02:04 LI subscriber
I'm sorry to say, all the GNLU students I actually know are great, but you really produce the worst and most sensitive internet trolls of all. (for those who've forgotten or were never aware, which will be everyone except for a few hardcore GNLUites, this comment is referring to a picture caption from this 2015 story that "GNLU recruitments enjoy CAM, Khaitan ties, which together hire 20+", as somehow being derogatory of GNLU students - )

So, at the risk of feeding this troll, let me just quote your pro-GNLU comment on the NLU Delhi Day day zero story, that you made a few hours ago:

"8. The administration, despite all its perceived evils and inefficiencies, does the job of maintaining good relations in high places. (Urijit Patel lecture, Banking conference that had Rajiv Kumar (Niti ayog), Shaktikanta Das (retd senior IAS - modi man) and few other important people. All these people coming down to a place like Gandhinagar. CAM and Khaitan have established chairs in the university. The director is a member of law commission and also the national security advisory board - Which other nlu vc/director have such sort of power and reach? Seems to have the support of the prime minister."

As far as I know, Luthra is not sponsoring a research chair at NLU Jodhpur, so there's your answer (or at least we've never reported on that, unlike at GNLU where we ran a big story about CAM obviously investing in GNLU students (and indirectly in future GNLU recruitments) with its ethics chair).

Nuff said. Chill out. Let it rest.
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Like +4 Object -2 GNLUs kian 13 Apr 18, 01:26
Bro GNLU also has 24 jobs from tier 1 this time. For the record, 2017 day zero - GNLU (30 jobs) v. NLIU (19 jobs) v. NLUJ (17 jobs)

Also, it would be heartening to see kian write "GNLU Gandhinagar also outperformed NLU Delhi this time in terms of total Day Zero jobs despite holding its Day Zero more than one week after Delhi." in his article on GNLU day zero. Will be watching the narrative you adopt Kian.

For purposes of comparison:

GNLU Day Zero 2018

Acceptances/offers + PPOs

CAM 9/9 + 4
Trilegal 3/9 + 1
Khaitan 2/2
Luthra 2/3
SAM 0/0 + 1
S&R 0 + 1
AZB 0 + 1

Total offers: 23
Total jobs: 16

Total Tier 1 firm placements: 24 plus 1 vacation scheme.
(SAM to give its offers at a later date, though out of the 5 interviewees, 4 already have jobs in other tier 1 firms)
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Like +2 Object -1 Drystateanddrytaste 13 Apr 18, 10:54
Pounding your chest on the day zero recruitment. You should also mention the size of your recruitment pool and how many people still want jobs. Don't hide the facts gnlu has a huge batch and only 1/3 to 1/4 of its recruitment pool has been placed. NUJS, Nalsar and NLS place almost the entirety of their pool by day zero while even NLUD due to its small size places more than 1/2 of its recruitment pool

But what is more shocking is tat SAM hasn't recruited from NLUD, NLUJ or even GNLU. . Kian from what I have gathered from recruitment members of different law schools there is some internal shir happening at sam which affected their recruitment this year.
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Like +3 Object -0 Just curious 12 Apr 18, 23:21
"SAM could not roll out final offers despite participating in Day Zero because it did not have internal approvals to do so, RCC members told us about having been informed about this by SAM’s HR team, just like in the case of NLU Delhi more than a week ago."

What does this mean? Will they be rolling out the offers later? What sort of participation did they have on Day Zero? Did they come down to campus, take interviews and then say that they did not have the approvals to make offers?

This makes no sense!
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