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NLU Delhi after Day Zero: 19 jobs in bag already out of 78 grads for 2019 • Trilegal, Khaitan, S&R biggest recruiters

NLU Delhi on Day Zero ten days agoNLU Delhi on Day Zero ten days ago

NLU Delhi has already placed 23 out of 78 students who will graduate LLB next year, including four foreign firm vacation schemes, with 10 of those jobs gained during the 24 March ‘Day Zero’ of recruitment at the law school.

Trilegal with two pre-placement offers (PPOs) and three day zero offers, was the leading recruiter among the seven firms which have already hired from the law school.

The others were Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas, AZB & Partners, Khaitan & Co, Luthra & Luthra, Talwar Thakore & Associates (TTA) and S&R Associates.

Out of these, Khaitan hired 4 (with an even split between PPO and Day Zero), while the very high-paying and competitive S&R Associates picked up a whopping three NLU Delhi candidates via PPO.

CAM Trilegal AZB Khaitan Luthra TTA S&R Total
PPOs 1 2 0 2 1 0 3 9
Day Zero 1 3 2 2 1 1 0 10
Total 2 5 2 4 2 1 3 19

Herbert Smith and Linklaters each offered two vacation schemes. 15 total offers were made on Day Zero.

38 students from the batch graduating in 2019 are enrolled in recruitment activities out of which 28 appeared for the Day Zero. Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas and J Sagar Associates (JSA) were missing from the mix which has 4 fewer jobs than last year’s Day Zero, but the 9 PPOs almost made up for the lag.

SAM, which did visit campus on Day Zero and intended to make offers could not get those offers internally approved within the firm, within the day. Due to NLU Delhi’s RCC policy of declaring total offers together at the end of the day, so that students with more than one offers can select one, SAM’s offers could not be added to the total count, the RCC told us.

The RCC consists of Aayush Kashyap, Kritika Vidyarthi, Mahima Jain,​ ​Rohan Naik, Siddhant Sachdeva, Tanuj Dayal and​​ Tishta​ ​Tandon.​

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Like +11 Object -8 Another guest 05 Apr 18, 01:11  controversial
Well done NLU-D! Seems as if the NIRF knew what it was talking about.
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Like +21 Object -2 Law Insider 05 Apr 18, 22:51  interesting  top rated
It seems NUJS' PPOs are higher than NLUD's Day Zero + PPOs combined.

NIRF Rankings, LOL!
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Like +0 Object -10 NLUDite 05 Apr 18, 22:52
But what about the salary packages?
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Like +18 Object -1 Noojie 05 Apr 18, 23:18  interesting  top rated
What? You want us to fudge and present those like you did? Wrong place to look for support for your shady proclivities mate, maybe you should look for it at NALSAR. I hear they are even ahead of you in that.
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Like +13 Object -2 Law Insider 2 05 Apr 18, 22:58  interesting
NLUD calculated number of people sitting for placement as the ones who got shortlisted for interviews, ignoring 60%+ of their students who DID NOT GET to sit for a placement. And then they calculated a 15 lakh median in some shady way.

NUJS' calculation was based on the entire batch's average. Even then, their median should come to 15 lakhs+ given half their batch gets placed on Day Zero in the top 6 firms (with an average salary of 16-18 lakhs). Don't know which dumb person in their administration did their data entry.
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Like +6 Object -3 Another guest 06 Apr 18, 10:54
I honestly don't know why you are so obsessed with an upset in rankings. If you were at Stanford, would you care if someone ranked Harvard or MIT higher? I'd honestly care about which gave me better value...

Both NLU-D and NUJS are respected schools, and I doubt recruiters will care much between students of the two. It is up to students to distinguish themslves.

Are you honestly so insecure? Is your self worth so dependent on the rank of your college? If so, I think I pity you.
Congratulations are deserved where due -- even if NLU-D has merely improved upon its previous placements stats, and have been unable to match those of "better NLUs".

FYI: I am not from NLU-D; a student of GLC.
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Like +7 Object -1 Noojie 06 Apr 18, 15:12  interesting
@Another Guest: I fully agree with you about both being good institutions offering wonderful opportunities to students. It's just that since the NIRF ranking has been out, I'm yet to meet a single student/employee of NALSAR or NLUD to even anonymously accept the fact they have submitted false (or at least erroneous) data to the government, which is actually a punishable offence. On the contrary, they have been strutting all over (mostly NLUD people) about how this makes them next best thing to Harvard under the sun, new hope for Indian legal education etc. Digesting that is a bit difficult for everyone else. The least one can do after getting called out on a mistake is to have the decency to look abashed rather than drawing attention to it over and over again. I have no problem in congratulating the students of NLUD who have been placed and their RPC too. They have surely done a good job. But those who live in glass houses should not throw brickbats at others' homes. So long as their remarks are limited within congratulating their achievements, nothing is amiss and it is in fact laudable. When they start saying hypocritical things like corporate placement doesn't matter and they alone have all the faculty that matter in the country, then they should brace themselves to be brought back down on to the ground, where all our feet belong to. I didn't see NLSIU people strutting around regarding their top ranking. Like it or not, that's called class. NLUD behaves like a private college when it comes to super-agressive PR, only difference is that it gets huge funds from the state. And I will never forget that their greed is what is still allowing the unconstitutional AILET process to continue still, inconveniencing thousands of students every year. People there don't even the decency to admit that.
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Like +0 Object -0 Another guest 06 Apr 18, 12:32
Odd,my previous comment did not get published...nothing offensive in it.
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Like +1 Object -0 kianganz 06 Apr 18, 12:33 LI subscriber
Sorry, had missed it for some reason... Now published...
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Like +8 Object -21 Guest 05 Apr 18, 01:35  controversial
A big LOLZ to haters casting doubt on NLUD after the MHRD ranking. Even the strongest critics must concede that NLUD is at least #3 after NLSIU and NALSAR, and those who are sensible must admit that NLUD is actually #2 and will eventually reach #1. Rankings look at not just placements and factors like admin, faculty and infra, and on all the counts NLUD does well, including placements.
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Like +12 Object -14 Mistborn 05 Apr 18, 02:46  controversial
Placements are secondary perk to the amazing research culture that this institution is developing. I feel that the opportunities of developments of a law student as excellent legal proffessional are highest at NLUD right now.
I regret skipping AILET. Well done NLUD.
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Like +27 Object -5 Big 3 05 Apr 18, 04:44  interesting  top rated  controversial
The big 3 (NLS-NALSAR-NUJS) place between 30-40 on day 0 and in bigger firms. NLUD hasn't been able to get matcheable recruitment stats.
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Like +6 Object -17 Get lost 05 Apr 18, 06:49  controversial
What a dumb comment. A proper ranking looks at issues beyond day zero placement figures, such as the quality of faculty, pro-active administration, research publications etc. And even within placements, not everyone's ambit us to work for CAM and SAM. There are graduates working in lawyers chambers, statups, doing LLMs in good universities abroad etc. If your college only produces CAM and SAM associates that shows your one-dimensional focus.

And BTW there is no "Big 3" anymore. We now have an official government ranking putting NLUD at #2. Just because Kian Ganz says NLUD is #4 that does not make it true. With due respect, Kian Ganz may know about corporate law firms, but I do not think he knows about legal education.
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Like +7 Object -0 kianganz 05 Apr 18, 06:58  interesting
You may be right, that I know nothing about legal Ed, but that still doesn't mean to the best of my recall that I ever tanked NLU D or any other law school, did I? In fact, we have repeatedly said we don't really want to get into the ranking game (other than collating objective information like moots, clat preferences, recruitments, etc)

Please do point out if I ever did opine on a ranking, and I'll be happy to clarify.
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Like +1 Object -12 Big 3? 05 Apr 18, 11:47
Hi! The only problem is that only 38 people wanted campus placement and they placed 19 by day zero alone. The number in the last paragraph indicates the total number of people who wanted placements. So I feel like this is great.
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Like +13 Object -1 NLUDite 05 Apr 18, 23:01  interesting  top rated
It's not that 38 people wanted campus placements. There were certainly more. But our institution's logic: Only people who got shortlisted for interviews only wanted the job.

Also, NLS and NUJS already had 19+ jobs (PPOs) even before their Day Zero. I'm sure both these universities are going to ace the Day Zero as every year.
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Like +1 Object -8 NLUD RCC member 06 Apr 18, 14:53
Only 38 people wanted campus placements and applied for Day Zero jobs. The data is absolutely correct and we have not provided the number of people who were shortlisted for interviews. I doubt you are an NLU Delhi student otherwise you would know the actual figures or confirm before posting comments.
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Like +9 Object -1 Jamia 06 Apr 18, 15:55  interesting
Just like the median salary data you have supplied for the NIFR report? Why should we believe you now exactly, when you people have proven to be data manipulators and still haven't recanted it or even apologised for it yet? Your confirmation now means exactly the digit your admin seems to be very liberal with for adding on to numbers, viz. zero!
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Like +10 Object -1 NLU D Alum 06 Apr 18, 01:27  interesting
We heard that 70 people (Day Zero+PPO) got placed in Day Zero of NUJS.
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Like +10 Object -0 Amazed 06 Apr 18, 10:29  interesting
Wow! If the claim is anywhere even close to the truth, the so-called 'hooligans' must have been doing something right! Kudos to the students and the recruitment cell. We should just be happy the market is showing a boom with so many good kids getting placed and starting so many promising careers. No matter how much the law school rivalries exist now, they all have to work together in the same workplaces, after all. Time is a great leveller.
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Like +3 Object -1 kianganz 06 Apr 18, 10:39 LI subscriber
I don't know about the absolute number, but yes, from several sources I'm hearing they've had a record day 0 at NUJS with a ridiculous number of offers from some top firms :)
Reply Report to LI
Like +9 Object -0 NUJS Alumni 06 Apr 18, 12:09  interesting
The actual Day Zero placement figure of NUJS will amaze everyone. NUJS proved that it deserves to be in the league of Top 3 NLU of our country. According to my sources, NUJS broke the day zero placement record of both NLS & NALSAR.
Reply Report to LI
Like +3 Object -13 Virat 05 Apr 18, 05:57
NLUD is certain to be #1 in the long run because of its location and government funding and backing. MNLU Mumbai will not be a contender because the Maharashtra government has opened 3 NLUs and so funding is depleted, plus GLC gobbles up jobs through cheating on attendance. NLUD also has a pan-India outlook unlike NLSIU (domicile reservation + all faculty from South India).

NLSIU may been the first NLU, but that is no guarantee it will be # 1 forever. People should remember: IIM Calcutta was the first IIM, IIT Kharagpur was the first IIT. Today they are not the first choice IIMs and IITs.

However, NLUD can decline if Ranbir Singh' successor is not good.
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Like +20 Object -2 Amazed 05 Apr 18, 08:40  interesting  top rated
If the above commentators are from NLUD, it is quite astonishing to see that even at a nice moment, where they should be congratulating their seniors, juniors or batchmates about having done well and being happy for them, they can't resist juvenile chest thumping and ranking farces. Is the insecurity so high, people? You are from a wonderful institution, doing well for yourself, with a bright bunch of students, good admin and good faculty members. Just be happy and try to enjoy that and strive for working well with all other law grads with whom you'll be sharing work spaces right after graduation. It's the same attitude with so many NLU grads these days! Not only is it unhealthy, this is the sort of thing that leads to fudged data submission and all, without simply focusing on one's own excellence and how to improve that even for better. A word of advice from a senior, people, if you are good, you don't need to shout it out from a rooftop, people would know. And trust me, you are good and privileged to get a level of education that most people in the country are denied. Make the most of it. My congratulations to the brilliant students who have made Day Zero happen at NLUD.
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -1 Interesting 05 Apr 18, 09:26
Surprisingly, not a single job given by Delhi based Shardul Amarchand.
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Like +8 Object -2 Number 2 really? 05 Apr 18, 09:32  interesting
NLSIU day zero saw total of 35 jobs including 22 PPOs, miles ahead when compared to NLU-D's figure. Is it a good idea for NLU-Delhi to conduct its day zero before law school leader NLS?
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Like +8 Object -3 GNLUs kian 05 Apr 18, 22:42  interesting
Last year, GNLU kids had 32 offers from tier 1 firms alone. CAM 17, Khaitan 5, Trilegal 5, SAM 2, Luthra 1, S&R 1. Check at

There is LI's narrative to downplay the achievements of GNLU kids and GNLU itself (read "close ties with CAM, Khaitan" and "out of 150ish"). Only about 80 students of the 2013-18 (not 150ish) batch registered for placements, out of which around 70 have been placed at reputable places (30 at tier 1 law firms, ahead of NALSAR, NLUD, NLIU, NLUJ, WBNUJS - kian doesn't want to emphasize this).

Doing exceptionally well at moots. Rhodes scholar, jessup india winners, henry dunant world winners, Vis hk octa finalists etc. 2 people going to Oxford, 2 to Cambridge for LLMs and many more. GNLU also has opened its account for offers from foriegn firms.

In summary, GNLU is way ahead of NLUJ and NLIU (do mention some facts and achievements in recent times to counter this), and is rapidly gaining on the other 4.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -8 kianganz 05 Apr 18, 22:48
If GNLU admin that runs recruitment actually bothered sharing recruitments transparently it'd be possible to verify and publish and applaud that.

As it is, we'll have to take your word for it, as GNLU just press releases a fluffy doctored nonsense version, such as this:
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Like +8 Object -3 Mohanlal 06 Apr 18, 07:56  interesting
Kian, please give appreciation when it's due. This is much better than Nluj NLIU and nujs to say the least.
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Like +8 Object -1 Mohanlal 06 Apr 18, 08:01  interesting
Try not to be like the North Korean channels of India trying to only project one side of the story. GNLU has its many merits.

Adding to that alumni in United nations, judiciary and civil services. Only nlu to have research chairs from the biggest companies and law firms like CAM, KCo, Microsoft, ONGC etc
Reply Report to LI
Like +7 Object -5 Lies and Stats 06 Apr 18, 09:49  controversial
Again with the fake stats. This is getting tiresome. Since its inception, there has not been any year when GNLU has managed to get more tier 1 firm offers than NUJS at least. Their students know it, NUJS students know it and the law firms know it. Show the actual data instead of simply making 'bold' claims for once, why don't you? 30 at tier 1 law firms for 2018 Batch? NUJS 2018 batch has had at least 12-14 more tier 1 offers on Day Zero. Which begs the age-old question, why can't NLU students stick to simply highlighting what's good in their universities without having to measure against others and in the process, cut the proverbial factual corner? Not the mark of a good lawyer at all.
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Like +2 Object -1 GNLUs Kian 11 Apr 18, 00:34
GNLU Day zero 2018

Acceptances/offers + PPOs

CAM 9/9 + 4
Trilegal 3/9 + 1
Khaitan 2/2
Luthra 2/3
SAM 0/0 + 1
S&R 0 + 1
AZB 0 + 1

Total offers: 23
Total jobs: 16

Total Tier 1 firm placements: 24
(SAM to give its offers tomorrow)

I humbly request kian to not adopt a condescending narrative which belittles this achievement. Avoid “close ties” and “out of 150ish” please.

Congratulations class of 2019!
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Like +2 Object -1 kianganz 11 Apr 18, 00:44 LI subscriber
Thanks for sharing, and congrats, pretty good results! Honest question though: what will / do the other 125 (?) students in the batch usually do?
Reply Report to LI
Like +3 Object -0 GNLUs kian 11 Apr 18, 01:45
For the record, batch size is about 170. There was also one vacation scheme at a UK firm in the 2019 batch.

What do the others do? Let's see

1. Tier 2(induslaw, l&s, argus etc.) + corporate houses/ARCs (star, edelweiss etc.) will end up taking at least 35 more people, taking total placements in a batch to around 70.

2. Around 10 people will receive GLASS scholarship to pursue litigation in various courts. (This is GNLU's scholarship, about which not many people know, and you also don't emphasize it).

3. Around 8-10 people will go for LLMs in foreign universities. This time (2018 batch) 2 are going to Oxford (one of them is a Rhodes scholar), 2 to Cambridge, 2 to LSE, and some other foreign universities as well.

4. LAMP Fellows- this time 4, niti ayog-1. 5-10 go for competitive exams (upsc etc.).

5. Around 20 people are from the NRI quota - they pay Rs.9 lakh/year as GNLU fees. They don't need jobs, and usually, don't fall in any of the above categories.

6. Around 50 people are from the Gujju quota at GNLU. 30-35 do not fall under any of the above categories. Most of them go for litigation in Gujarat or join gujarat PSUs, including GSPL etc.

7. Remaining 20-25 people are the ones whose plans I'm not aware of. But I wish them the very best.

The point is that these "125 people" aren't looking for corporate jobs as such. So, for the purpose of comparing placements at corporate firms etc., you shouldn't worry too much about the batch size. Unfortunately, you end up using this number to downplay the achievements of GNLU kids and consequently imply that GNLU's ranking is lower than its brethren law schools.

Considering everything, GNLU is way ahead of NLUJ and NLIU.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -2 kianganz 11 Apr 18, 10:03 LI subscriber
Interesting, thanks for sharing - it would be great if such numbers weren't shrouded in secrecy and hidden every year by the powers that be, and GNLU might actually get its due recognition. Please can you get in touch with me here (Contact Us) if there's any way to leak us some figures for 2017 recruitments?

Anyway, I think GNLU students for the most part are great and I have actually worked with quite a few of them, but the reason we emphasise the entire batch size in recruitment power rankings is in part the administration's shenenigans like these:

Just mentioning the top 10 or 20% of jobs, particularly in a large batch, is not a realistic picture for aspirants, and is clearly intended as deception by the admin, which is why our recruitment power ranking took account of the entire batch size.

And from the stats you describe, a student at NLS, NUJS or Nalsar still has better job prospects than the average GNLU student, right? Possibly NLIU and NLU-J are marginally better also, where a larger proportion get tier 1 and 2 jobs, though I don't remember the figures off hand.

But I don't think anyone is disputing that GNLU does pretty well in placements the mid-tier of NLUs (obviously also because students are smart plus, it needs to be said, GNLU has a locational advantage versus some of the more far-flung places, plus credit where it's due, the admin has also done a good job building close relationships with several major law firms).
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -0 Mohanlal 11 Apr 18, 12:26
Why don't you let go of the past, Kian and maybe have a fresh perspective about Gnlu?
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 kianganz 11 Apr 18, 13:11 LI subscriber
We'll be happy to, if you can speak to your RCC or faculty that manages RCC and see if they can share fuller recruitment figures. We had tried for many many years without success...
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -1 GNLUs kian 11 Apr 18, 15:00

1. I think GNLU used to come out with detailed records until a few years back.
Do note that the 2009-14 batch had 110 students or so (not sure though).

2. As regards to NLUs like NLS, NALSAR, NUJS - we still have some catching up to do. More to do with number of years since establishment, alumni base etc.

3. As regards NLUD - in my opinion, we are at par with them. They have an obvious locational advantage. GNLU is ahead in terms of placements, achievements as well as moots.
2017 day zero - GNLU (30 jobs) v. NLUD (20 jobs)
2018 day zero - GNLU (24 jobs) v. NLUD (19 jobs)

So essentially, an academically bright student has more scope to secure a tier 1 job at GNLU than at NLUD. This in itself is enough for a prospective student, for the purpose of tier 1 job opportunities.

4. As regards NLUJ & NLIU - GNLU is definitely ahead. This point is not stressed enough. No question of these two being "marginally better" than GNLU. No locational advantage as well.

2017 day zero - GNLU (30 jobs) v. NLIU (19 jobs) v. NLUJ (17 jobs)

I don't understand why you give so much emphasis to proportion. Important thing is that if one is competent and academically bright at GNLU, he/she is sure to land a tier 1 job. (If you are in top 15 of your batch, there is a 90% probability that CAM will recruit you.)

Also note that batch size of NLUJ is also going up to 125 students from next year, with the introduction of state quota.

5. Moots - GNLU is much better than NLUJ and NLIU:
This year also, when you'll add up all moots and update MPL table, GNLU will likely be in top 3.

6. Law firms are also starting to recognize the fact that GNLU is better than (or at least at par with) NLUJ & NLIU. Luthra for instance, which traditionally hasn't recruited GNLUites and paid the ones they recruited less than the other 5 NLUs, has brought the pay scale at par with other law schools from this year on. AZB, S&R have also started recruiting steadily from GNLU. Additionally, number of offers are higher, as mentioned in point 4.

7. In the next 2-3 years, GNLU alumni will attain partnership at multiple tier 1 firms. Then we can expect even more placements. For example, Maneta Doshi, Partner at CAM and GNLU alumni comes to recruit people here, and the number of CAM offers are higher than other firms. (I understand that this is not the only factor for the higher number of recruits, but certainly helps - similar to NLUJ partners preferring NLUJ grads at Luthra).

8. The administration, despite all its perceived evils and inefficiencies, does the job of maintaining good relations in high places. (Urijit Patel lecture, Banking conference that had Rajiv Kumar (Niti ayog), Shaktikanta Das (retd senior IAS - modi man) and few other important people. All these people coming down to a place like Gandhinagar. CAM and Khaitan have established chairs in the university. The director is a member of law commission and also the national security advisory board - Which other nlu vc/director have such sort of power and reach? Seems to have the support of the prime minister.

9. GNLU seems to be on a very positive growth trajectory, en route to catch up with the big 3, is at par with NLUD & is way ahead of NLUJ and NLIU.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 GNLUs kian 13 Apr 18, 00:51
Hi Kian.

you didn't upload my detailed reply to this comment of yours?

too busy or censorship?

you may reach me at
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 kianganz 13 Apr 18, 00:56 LI subscriber
Definitely censorship (or had missed it). Now published.
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Like +9 Object -1 Number 3 even? 05 Apr 18, 23:03  interesting
NUJS, placed by these NIRF rankings at 7th apparently, recorded 20+ PPOs. NLUD couldn't even manage the same with their PPOs and Day Zero combined. The same applies for NLS and NALSAR.

While they might be doing well in the field of research, they are miles behind the original top 3.
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Like +11 Object -0 Nipun Saxena 05 Apr 18, 11:51  interesting
Congratulations to all those who have secured placements.
I must clear the air around NIRF and all the caustic comments that are being circulated amongst law school students. It is the students who make an institution and not vice versa.
I am an alumni of National Law University Delhi but I see the debate pointless on how NIRF rankings are solely dependent on corporate placements.
There are so many individuals who opt for other areas such as academia and litigation out of their own conscious and wilful choice and therefore it may not be right to blame the ranking system or why only 19 were placed. The batch size is very different from the placement batch.

I do agree with the locational advantage that NLU D has or one reason why NLUD may not churn out as many corporate law placements on day Zero is primarily because of the alumni base which is yet to make it's place in the decision making chairs. With only 5 batches out, it is a bit too much to expect from a relatively younger institution.

But no amount of chest thumping will do anybody any good. From my experience in litigation, once you have your degree, it doesn't really matter what institution you have come from, what really matters is how you will conduct yourself once you are out there. This is the secret to both advocacy and life.
Congratulations to everybody who has been placed. Super proud of you.
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Like +1 Object -0 VacSchemes 05 Apr 18, 12:02
No vac schemes?
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -0 gutman 05 Apr 18, 17:22
4 vac schemes - 2 HSF, 2 Links
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -1 NLUD 05 Apr 18, 17:28
2 each at Linklaters and HSF. Don't know why the RCC did not report it.
Reply Report to LI
Like +3 Object -17 PTU 05 Apr 18, 13:17
Haha big slap in the face for WBNUJS kids who were thinking they were special becoz they forced the vice chancellor to resign. Its quite obvious NLUD is the future and WBNUJS is damaged goods. No recruiter is gonna want to waste a day in Kolkata to hire when he can stay in his own city and do it. Apart from placements NLUD is wayy ahead in every other measure.
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Like +9 Object -1 kianganz 05 Apr 18, 14:01 LI subscriber  interesting
Guys, nice tries, but stop trolling Noojies, it's a bit silly.

Yes, NLU D has a locational advantage.

But I'm sure not a single recruiter is going to give a crap about the whole VC business that's been going down (other than maybe giving them a few extra points for initiative).

At the end of the day, NUJS kids were still in the top 200 or so out of 40,000+ who sat the CLAT, and that's what law firms want. Plus they've been doing internships left, right and centre with all the big law firms, just like all the other top law schools...
Reply Report to LI
Like +8 Object -0 Mohanlal 05 Apr 18, 18:08  interesting
Which are the top law schools, Kian? :P
Reply Report to LI
Like +3 Object -0 Another guest 06 Apr 18, 11:05
Actually, getting rid of a useless VC is something to be immensely proud of. A bad VC can kill an institution. I can see Mumbai University deteriorating every day because of the corruption, apathy and incompetence of the management. I wish MU students had the strength to do what NUJS did.

All the decent colleges once affilliated to MU are now autonomous or deemed universities, like ICT, VJTI, Xavier's, Mithibai, HR etc...
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -0 Guest 05 Apr 18, 14:23
All 4 Indian teams through to Jessup advanced rounds which commence in under 8 hours.
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Like +9 Object -0 SAMite 05 Apr 18, 14:30  interesting
Agree with you, Kian. A case in example is SAM's role in NLUD's Day Zero. Because of locational advantage, the students were actually asked to come down to the office, rather than partners going down there. Unfortunately, no offer resulted. That's not a reflection on the bright kids, the firm clearly didn't find anyone fitting the firm's existing needs. Maybe some other year, same kids would have got through. The point is, location isn't a big deal. It's not as if students do running internships with top tier firms or any other recruiter while attending classes regularly. During internships, location of university doesn't matter.
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -0 Guest 05 Apr 18, 15:12
I accept your view, especially in relation to location-work/internship; the former does come in handy in attraction faculty. This is especially true about the up and coming people who wish to work in a place that provides them a greater opportunity in cultivating relationships with the media, the political elite, and the academic elite.

Over the years, in my opinion, that is where NLUD will be able to stretch ahead. That said, given the centrality of the VC in these institutions, what becomes post RS will determine the future in large part.
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -0 SAMite 05 Apr 18, 16:03
@Guest: That particular locational advantage I completely agree with you about. And you are right, the institution needs to have leadership who will be able to exploit that in full.
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Like +0 Object -1 Guest 05 Apr 18, 17:51
Kian I request you to stop creating fight between NLUs with such reports. Instead,all NLUs should unite and demand Institution of National Importance status at par with IITs, NITs and IIMs.
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Like +6 Object -1 kianganz 05 Apr 18, 17:58 LI subscriber  interesting
How am I creating a fight? We're just reporting facts that are useful to aspirants, etc, yaar :) People, especially the younger batches, simply love to fight :)
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Like +6 Object -1 Himmat 05 Apr 18, 19:16  interesting
I think most would agree that it wasn't a great idea by their recruitment committee to put these numbers up. You advertise when you have something to show. Most decent colleges don't even get into this business, and for good reason. I'm not commenting on the pointless ranking debate going on here, just saying it was horrible strategy at this time.
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Like +12 Object -0 India123 05 Apr 18, 21:20  interesting  top rated
Dhruv Garg is the best
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Like +4 Object -11 Salias 05 Apr 18, 21:39
This proves beyond all doubts that NLUD's reputation is fast rising. NLSIU and NALSAR have plateaued and ahead of NLUDelhi (understandable given their other advantages). NUJS is getting stale and the situation is like 10 years back when NUJS overtook NLIU Bhopal which was getting stale then (despite being older).

Real research and involvement of students only happens at NLUD and a bit at NLSIU. Thats pretty important for those wanting a real law school environment and more and more good kids will take AILET and go NLUD skipping NLUJ and NUJS which are frankly simply not upto par except some CAM/SAM type placements which will be severely tested in the coming years.

NALSAR needs to be worried as it is not really going ahead, just staying in place which wont work if NLUD continues growing in this manner.

Die hard bhakts of NUJS can simply check for names getting into both AILET and CLAT NUJS this year and see how many choose NUJS over NLU Delhi. My prediction is that very few if at all will (and there is no real reason to choose NUJS over NLU Delhi in this day and age).
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Like +11 Object -4 RPC 05 Apr 18, 23:16  interesting
There's only one problem with this narrative. The number of people (29) whom NLUD is claiming to have sat for Day Zero is actually the people who got shortlisted for Day Zero and not the people who actually applied for it. There's a huge difference. And unfortunately, most people with sense would start taking any data that is presented by NLUD or NALSAR from now with a pinch of salt after the NIRF report and the false data submitted therein. That's the downside of submitting fudged data, people, along with not rectifying it even when called out. People start suspecting any and every data you ever presented or will present. If corporate placements don't attract your students, fine, that's their call. But so far, your derogatory reference to the 'CAM/SAM type placements' isn't matching with your admin's willingness to take false credit for packages secured during such recruitment. And didn't your students actually go to SAM's Delhi Office for Day Zero and return empty-handed? At least the recruiters come to NLSIU, NALSAR and NUJS, instead of subjecting their students to that kind of ordeal. I dare you to announce to AILET Candidates that NLUD's focus firmly lies on research and NOT student recruitment. See how many turn up for it then. As for cross-checking CLAT/AILET ranks, why should NUJS? It's NLUD and more specifically Ranbir Singh's greed that is keeping you out of CLAT. Even the existing students of NLUD and its alumni suffered from the very same thing. I don't see the activist researchers down there ever protesting against that which causes hardship to thousands of students every year. Or isn't that considered a 'cool enough' cause?
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Like +4 Object -2 Sarkar raj 06 Apr 18, 08:17
NALSAR needs a vice-chancellor who would put the needs of the students at the top.

While the current vice-chancrllor has "supported" a number of acaedmic reforms and has largely been student friendly (with a number of notable exceptions including the CCTV episode), he has also been responsible for the introducution/failure to address the systemic ills plaguing NALSAR including the following:

The failure to hire the required number of new facutly and actively
encourage extra curricular activities; the lack of requisite infrastructure to support the increase in the batch size of the students, the arbitrary increase in academic fees (making NALSAR one of the most exprnsive if not the most expensive national law school); letting the campus out for the filming of movies in the midst of the academic calendar, the lack of funds invested in upgrading the library.

Most worringly, the students have not always been taken on board in relation to a number of key policy decisions. The decision to renew the term of the current Vice-chancellor without obtaining the feedback from students at large is a case at point (this is not to suggest that the students would have opposed his renewal tooth and nail - they may not have. The fact however remains that their feedback was not actively sought)

It is high time that remedical measures are taken by the administration to address these ills plaguing NALSAR.
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Like +11 Object -0 Darkseid 05 Apr 18, 23:42  interesting
I actually hope, albeit with a touch of possible naivete, to live to see a day when all the NLUs' recruitment results are published and their students actually engage in congratulating each other and forming connections and relations that will survive through their working lives, instead of bickering with each other and trying to raise themselves up by dragging others down. I mean, all this negativity serves what purpose exactly? To get to rope in another batch of CLAT/AILET aspirants who can in turn carry on the spirit of hatred? I have seen good-natured bantering between Law School, NALSAR, NUJS students in my times, but there never used to be this kind of hate. Not sure whether we are going anywhere ahead at all with our legal education with time.
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Like +19 Object -1 Baburao Apte 06 Apr 18, 00:05  interesting  top rated
Sab ko 15-15 lakh mil raha hai na baba? Abhi tax aur swachh bharat cess bharna mat bhulna!
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 06 Apr 18, 21:03
Kian, I request you to either do your official ranking or BAN all comments by users giving their rankings because:

1. People are giving their own rubbish rankings which are lies and mislead students. We are also yet to see claims verified about which NLU has the most alumni teaching.

2. Coaching centres are citing various rankings saying Legally India did it. There has also been a lot of confusion about your recruitment ranking.

3. NIRF is the official government ranking and you also have India Today (however faulty but still a recognised ranking). So why should people give their own ranking?

Please understand that many CLAT aspirants are students from humble backgrounds who do not know people who can guide them, so they see fake news and believe it.
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Like +2 Object -0 kianganz 06 Apr 18, 21:26 LI subscriber
Some good points.

1. Agree, though I wouldn't go so far as to say they are lies. The problem is that university rankings is a very subjective game in India, so is there really very much to tell Nalsar, NUJS or NLS (or NLU D for that matter) apart, on a practical level?

They're all good, it doesn't really matter where you go. If you work hard and have the aptitude, which the admissions test more or less ensure, you can probably get a good job.

2. Does anyone have pictures of such coaching centre materials? I have never actually seen one that cites LI, citing an India Today or other ranking. If that is happening, it is a problem. In fact, I've not seen much coaching centre literature at all. What do they recommend beyond the CLAT order? Also on a ranking of non-NLU alternatives, presumably? What are the rankings they use there? I think more than any LI articles, it is those coaching centres themselves that make a decision on which order to promote.

3. Some debate helps, even when posting bogus rankings. It is someone's apparently held opinion, and someone else will disagree with it and offer some counter-arguments, perhaps. All that is information that aspirants don't necessarily have access to, and can help inform the decisions made.
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Like +1 Object -0 Alias Alias 07 Apr 18, 08:40
Kian instead of ready made statistics I would like to see you do some detective journalism. Why don't you discover something not discovered by other journalists
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Like +1 Object -0 Endorsement of views 07 Apr 18, 23:31
Why dont u publish some interesting facts
1. Like a supervisor or senior with a fake degree. The one who has no knowledge of law. Give examples......
2. The office politics. Give examples......
3. The office affairs which bring discomfort to others. Give examples.....
4. The promotion politics. Give examples......
5. The various approaches and strategies of all law firms and companies. Give examples.....
6. Sexual harassment culture in offices. Give examples......

Such kind of research will get you lot of views
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Like +1 Object -0 HNLUite 08 Apr 18, 01:58
Keep growing!
Love from HNLU
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Like +6 Object -0 Mohanlal 08 Apr 18, 11:45  interesting
You guys also. :P
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 19 May 18, 10:09
Does a better alumni base help with better pre placement offers ? NLUD has similar day zero as NLUJ but half the PPO's although there isnt much of a difference in student quality, hence the question.
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Like +1 Object -0 Darkseid 19 May 18, 18:11
It does, no doubt denying it. If two interns are comparable otherwise, alumni often tend to go for someone from their own institution even if they don't have any deliberate bias. That's one of the reasons NLSIU has held on to its edge for so long. It has had 12-13 batches graduating from there before the second law school even came into existence.
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Like +3 Object -0 Guest 29 May 18, 17:37
Does anyone know how much do smaller firms like Singh and Asso or P&A pay ?
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Like +7 Object -0 Internally 30 May 18, 08:03  interesting
The firm P&A pays well, around 10.8 l.p.a. to freshers. But they would almost exclusively hire the kids from rich and influential families. Other than that, the NUJS, NLUD and Jindal lobby is quite strong; so most of their people would either be from these colleges and/or be the rich kids.
They love to take interns and exploit them. So don't waste your time at P&A.
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