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Luthra corporate partner Anshul Jain resigns for PwC • Tax partner Sanjeev Sachdeva left in June [UPDATE-1]

Corporate partner Anshul Jain to leave LuthraCorporate partner Anshul Jain to leave Luthra

L&L Partners - formerly known as Luthra & Luthra - Delhi corporate and M&A partner Anshul Jain has resigned from the firm and will leave later this month, we understand from sources.

Jain declined to comment and we have not yet been able to confirm Jain’s destination at this time.

Update 20:45: Jain told us that he would be moving to PricewaterhouseCoopers as a regulatory and M&A partner, but would also advise on the regulatory side, including in its corporate insolvency, bankruptcy and stressed assets vertical.

L&L has been recruiting into its corporate practice this year after the practice had become one of the smaller ones in its full-service offering compared to other firms. L&L had hired Link Legal Delhi partner Alok Sonker in June, Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas Mumbai partner Jay Parikh in May, and Trilegal Delhi counsel Vishwanath Pratap Singh in January.

Jain is a 2006 LLB graduate of BSR College, also having a prior bachelor’s degree in commerce from Raj Rishi college, and has been a qualified company secretary since 2002.

He had worked as a secretarial officer with Ansal API Real Estate from 2006 to 2007 before joining Luthra as an associate in Delhi in 2007.

He was promoted to partner at Luthra in 2015.

His departure follows that of long-time L&L Delhi tax partner Sanjeev Sachdeva, who is understood to have left the firm in June of this year.

We have reached out to L&L management for comment.

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Like +28 Object -10 L&L Insider 07 Sep 18, 20:40  interesting  top rated  controversial
Very sad news.... Both were real stalwarts in their respective fields. I've worked with both of them and must say they both were experts in their respective domains and always eager to help... Such a huge loss for L&L...
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Like +2 Object -4 Outsider 10 Sep 18, 11:27
A bad move, I must say! What will he do among accountants at PwC? watch out this space in next 18-24 months!
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Like +4 Object -1 YoYo 10 Sep 18, 18:31
Yes; I work in another firm and he had helped me on a query on Company law. Solid guy. Great loss to L&L.
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Like +5 Object -0 Guest 07 Sep 18, 20:46  interesting
Joa bhai Saket ki bus chal Rahi hain.
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Like +33 Object -13 Fan 07 Sep 18, 21:07  interesting  top rated  controversial
Fan of anshul of whatever he has done for himself and his team. have seen him grow in the organisation and I must say it’s a big loss for L&L and huge huge gain for pwc. The guy had started the stamp law practice in the firm and is quite a decently known name in the market for IBC.
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Like +28 Object -10 Good luck to them 07 Sep 18, 21:20  interesting  top rated  controversial
Both Sanjeev and Anshul, are thorough professionals, team players, knowledgeable and knowledge sharers, ego less, hungry to learn more and very collaborative. Such a tremendous loss to L&LPLO !! Nothing can replace the many they have lost . Very sad to read this
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Like +26 Object -9 green lantern 07 Sep 18, 21:25  interesting  top rated  controversial
anshul is a good person and one of thr few lawyers who enjoys corporate law and its practice. good luck.
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Like +29 Object -9 No one cares 07 Sep 18, 22:24  interesting  top rated  controversial
Anshul expanded very well into IBC and established himself well in the market. He is well respected across bankers and advisors working on this space. He could have done wonders if the senior management cared to see. This is purely L&L loss. If the ones sitting in highest offices managed to loose a person like anshul they seriously don't care for anyone.
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Like +33 Object -24 Big Loss 07 Sep 18, 23:42  interesting  controversial
@MS and RKL: you really need to realise quickly that promoting [...] for no reason and at the expense of others would leave to More exits. Anshul’s exit is a big loss. L&L was the only firm having someone as strong as Anshul in the secretarial practice. His knowledge was impeccable. It’s hard to find someone this good in this practice area at times like this.
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Like +26 Object -3 L&LPLO 08 Sep 18, 00:02  interesting  top rated
This is sad.
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Like +22 Object -0 Best 08 Sep 18, 08:50  interesting  top rated
All the best to both anshul and Sanjeev
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Like +3 Object -0 B&F 08 Sep 18, 09:59
Even Mumbai Partner Mriga Solanki left the firm in May.
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Like +5 Object -2 B&F 08 Sep 18, 10:34
Even Mumbai Partner Mriga Solanki left the firm in May.
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Like +24 Object -6 Good 08 Sep 18, 10:44  interesting  top rated  controversial
All the very best anshul. You really deserve the best. It’s a great loss for LnL
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Like +19 Object -1 A few good Wo-Men 08 Sep 18, 13:31  interesting  top rated
Name a few good women and men left at LLCO OR Now LLPLOp (who the hell destroys a 25 year old brand like that in the absence of a family feud like at AMSS):::


1. RKL
2. .....

Please take the challenge .....crowd source about law firms ... let's replicate for other firms also
Reply Report to LI
Like +8 Object -14 Few Good Men 09 Sep 18, 12:57  controversial
1. RKL
2. HSC
3. VKS
4. AT
5. SD
6. SD
7. VK
8. ML
9. NL
10. SS
11. AT
12. SS
13. AG
and many more unnamed jawaans that are committed to doing good work notwithstanding the [...]. They do this only out of love and respect for RKL.
Now let me enjoy my Sunday beer at the Golf Club.
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Like +2 Object -0 What? 09 Sep 18, 17:52
I have been at the firm for a while but some of the abbreviations don’t ring a bell. For example, who is AG and why is meet the man not there?
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Like +16 Object -2 Leftie 08 Sep 18, 23:38  interesting  top rated
Anshul is a very nice person, and all the very best to him. Always straight talking, which is rare commodity in the practice.
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Like +3 Object -0 Wisher 09 Sep 18, 12:58
Why doesnt he board the bus/ train/ tram/ rickshaw/ tuk tuk thats headed to Saket? Seems like Saket is the destination of dreams now.
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Like +0 Object -0 Keep up 10 Sep 18, 14:28
It's a train now, please keep up with the times.
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Like +15 Object -3 Congrats, Anshul! 09 Sep 18, 14:19  interesting  top rated
All the best, Anshul! Anshul is a really smart professional well versed with his practice area! Shine bright!
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Like +12 Object -2 Topper 09 Sep 18, 18:01  interesting
He was topping the billing charts in the firm for last few years on month on month basis. It's sad that management couldn't retain a person like him
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Like +8 Object -3 Big loss 09 Sep 18, 18:30  interesting
Sad that management still considered him as company law guy. Recently worked with him in a few IBC transactions from the other side of the table and found him better than even some of the best in the industry. Big loss for the big man himself. Can’t Imagine how he could allow such a good person to leave. Why isn’t he doing things to correct the office politics. If he doesn’t do something good people like anshul will continue to move out. Wake up call for LNLPLO
Reply Report to LI
Like +8 Object -7 Retirement 09 Sep 18, 22:16  controversial
Believe the big man is in retirement mode. The name change already made it very clear. It won’t matter how much they try to rebrand themselves if they treat their partners like this. In the corporate it’s only one single team that matters in Delhi and rest everyone is irrelevant.
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Like +7 Object -7 Same old story 09 Sep 18, 22:56  controversial
Its the same old story for the firm. not sure if this will ever change. for the big man no amount of wake up calls will help him now. you can wake up the one who is sleeping. the one who pretends to sleep can never be helped. and for the another one, its my way or the highway. so I guess people will always use the firm as a stepping stone or a stop-over for better opportunity or for their retirement plans. No real good talent will find their way and stay with the firm. Anshul you are the hero. Kudos to you for all that you have done to your career and for your team. Nice catch for PwC.
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Like +11 Object -3 Too late 09 Sep 18, 21:41  interesting
Management is not going to change things. Some 25 plus brilliant partners and 30 plus managing associates have quit over past 4-5 years. Very few good (not political) people left.
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Like +0 Object -7 Guest 11 Sep 18, 07:02
The ship is sinking!
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