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In major surprise move,  ALMT’s  Hitesh  Jain and team of near-30 to join Juris Corp

Hitesh Jain to join JurisCorpHitesh Jain to join JurisCorp

ALMT Legal senior partner Hitesh Jain, whom we had first reported as moving out of ALMT on 24 March, will be joining Juris Corp as a partner, we understand from reliable sources.

It is understood that Jain was also considering several other options.

This will take the firm’s headcount to nearly 80, including Jain’s team of around 27, including two partners, joining from ALMT.

JurisCorp, under managing partner H Jayesh, has had offices in Bangalore, Delhi, as well as two Mumbai offices in Express Towers and in Worli.

“This is just the beginning of an exciting journey,” said Jain. “Of course we have plans and those plans will unfold in the days to come.”

Jayesh echoed the sentiment, adding: “This is just the beginning. Other conversation are happening but it’s very premature and nothing has crystallised. The next 6 months or so are going to be very exciting.”

Jayesh and Jain know each other from their days at Udwadia Udeshi for around three years, where they had both worked previously as partners.

Jayesh said that Jain would be doing more than just litigation, also real estate and some amount of corporate commercial work. “The synergies are there.”

Jayesh himself is a financial services expert, though he added that the firm also did “a fair amount” of private equity work, restructuring, and disputes.

“A re-alignment of teams will happen over some time, and the nature of clientele will become broader,” said Jayesh.

While JurisCorp has not had the easiest of times for a while, losing much of its partnership several times over, Jain joining could go some way towards steadying the ship.

Story to be updated.

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Like +8 Object -0 Triv 05 Apr 18, 21:39  interesting
That's a surprise!
Juris Corp don't have much of a presence in litigation , so good for them.
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Like +0 Object -0 Bro how???? 05 Apr 18, 22:07
What happened to the merger with Naik Naik and co
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Like +1 Object -2 Deal Breaker 05 Apr 18, 23:50
That was never on the cards!
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Like +0 Object -0 Ohhh 11 Apr 18, 21:23
May be they wanted only ALMT's sea view office and not Hitesh.
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Like +1 Object -0 UU 06 Apr 18, 10:01
Is the strategy to get all the alumni of Udwadia Udeshi under one single roof. If thats the case then cant imagine if the biggest alumni of Udwadia Udeshi will also join in.
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Like +3 Object -0 Back to roots 06 Apr 18, 12:28
UUB was a great firm. If it comes back it would a serious force to reckon with. But this is highly unlikely. Mr. Berjis Desai, Mr. Udwadia, Mr. Udeshi and Som are some of UUB's alumni.
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Like +9 Object -13 Ex-JC 06 Apr 18, 12:24  controversial
Good for HJ. Hope this works out well for both. JC had some of the brightest minds at one point of time and it is sad to see the firm in its present state. Hope this will flip things for good.
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Like +21 Object -1 Ex JC 12 Apr 18, 08:31  interesting  top rated
JCs brightest and best minds were all before 2011 in the pre HR era of JC when the HR function was taken care of in a friendly and informal way by a senior tax partner and Jayesh himself From 2000- 2011 there was not a single partner exit However after 2011 when so called HR was installed partner exits are by dozen when none of the original brightest and best are in JC having all exited within a couple of years post HR
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Like +25 Object -2 HariOmJi 06 Apr 18, 13:08  interesting  top rated
What a fall !
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Like +3 Object -20 Surprises 06 Apr 18, 17:06
And market had written off Juris Corp. How they had written off AZB when it saw the exodus of Shuva and the like? Or written off the Chands when they split or Cyril when one Rau quit ...

Interesting times always. The pie is huge, folks :-)
Reply Report to LI
Like +8 Object -13 Well well well 06 Apr 18, 18:45  controversial
You cannot compare JC to AZB, CAM or SAM. I am sure you have heard of the apples and oranges analogy.
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Like +26 Object -2 Guest 07 Apr 18, 19:15  interesting  top rated
JC has a history of treating its senior partners and people very badly as determined by mass exodus of its best and brightest post 2012
Trust history does not repeat itself though knowing JC 's HR it is highly unlikely that the new people will stick on and LI will have another news item soon
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -27 Yours truely 08 Apr 18, 01:22  troll?
Dear guest,

I bet its time we find a new reason to trash JC than the perpetual Hr target. Its starting to get a bit too boring, even for you
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Like +27 Object -2 Bets 09 Apr 18, 16:20  interesting  top rated
We are placing bets on how long Jain will stay in JC. Anyone want in?
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Like +26 Object -3 Guest 11 Apr 18, 07:08  interesting  top rated
If he stays for 6 months he should get a long service award
Other firms are in the news for the deals they advise on or for their partner accomplishments but Juris Corp only hits the news either for apartner joining retail or partners quitting wholesale
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Like +1 Object -2 Ohhh 11 Apr 18, 21:27
May be the name of JC will be changed soon as more partners join
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Like +0 Object -1 well-wisher 07 May 18, 12:32
this is a surprise; hope Hitesh Jain stays in JC. Now Dispute Resolution practice will get an ACTUAL litigation partner than just running it with PAs. Once [...] maybe JC will start seeing the earlier good days
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