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MPL Super Sunday III: Vis HK and two others; Plus: the odds of dethroning Nalsar


9th April, 2011 

MPL 2 Logo
MPL 2 Logo

22:30 Welcome to this semi-live blog which will inform you about all the recent news from the two arbitration moots being held this weekend, the 8th Willem C. Vis (East) International Commercial Arbitration Moot, Hong Kong and the 4th NLS International Arbitration Moot, Bangalore. I am Prashanth Ramdas and I shall fill you in with all the mooting tidbits today. The second season of the MPL is sponsored by Allen & Overy.

The rather unfortunate news that came in from Hong Kong yesterday was that none of the Indian teams broke into the last sixteen at the Tier 1 global championship moot. Much was expected from the NUJS Kolkata team as they had won the Shanghai pre moot a week earlier. They had also finished runners up at the India pre moot last month. However, the memorandum, oralist awards and the honorbale mentions are to be announced tomorrow afternoon and the Indian teams can keep their fingers crossed until then.

The news from Bangalore is that current MPL  leaders Nalsar Hyderabad defeated three-year reigning champions NUJS Kolkata in the quarterfinals of the moot. Anunaya Mehta, the student convenor of the Moot Court Society at NLS Bangalore just confirmed the results.

New entrant Jindal Global Law School defeated HNLU Raipur, GNLU Gandhinagar overcame Army Institute of Law, Mohali and NLIU Bhopal got the better of Law Centre I (LC-I) Delhi University in the quarterfinals.

Nalsar will take on Jindal Global Law School and GNLU will fight it out with NLIU Bhopal in the semis which is scheduled to take place at 10 am tomorrow. The semifinal rounds are to be adjudged by Mr. Shreyas Jaysimha from AZB Partners, Bangalore, Mr. Chinnappa and Mr. Ravi Tej from Crest Law Partners, Mr. Ashwin Shanker, a prominent maritime lawyer praticising at the Bombay High Court, Mr. Chakrapani and Mr. Kapoor from Khaitan & Co.

A total of 28 teams participated in this Tier 4 moot. The moot problem, which is largely based on English law, was drafted by NLS alumni Shantanu Naravne, Mihir Naniwadekar and V. Niranjan. 

That’s all for now. We shall keep updating this blog tomorrow and till then, good bye and good night!

10th April, 2011

12:45 Hello and welcome back to the Mooting Sunday Special! The news from Bangalore is that the ruling MPL champions Nalsar Hyderabad have lost their semifinal round against new comers  Jindal Global Law School. Also, NLIU Bhopal got the better of GNLU Gandhinagar in the other semi final. Anunaya Mehta, the NLS Bangalore Moot convenor just confirmed the results and added that both the rounds were very close and the judges stated that all the teams were equally good. It was a narrow win for the finalists.

12:51 So, we finally have NLIU Bhopal which is placed ninth in the MPL Standings taking on Jindal Global Law School, the 39th team to earn MPL points this season. The final rounds are to begin at around 1500 hours and there will be a five judge bench for the finals. The judges include Justice Dhananjaya Chandrachud from the Bombay High Court, Justice Sanjeeb Banerjee from the Calcutta High Court, Justice Nagaratna from the Karnataka High Court and Mr. Murali Neelkanth and Mr. Rajeev Khaitan from Khaitain & Co.

Refresh this blog post periodically, we will be updating you with the all the results and predicting how this season of the MPL may pan out.

13:07 The other non-arbitration moot that we forgot to mention about yesterday was the 3rd Nalsar-NFCG Corporate Governance moot, Hyderabad. In another 15-20 minutes, NLS Bangalore will be facing NLIU Bhopal and GNLU Gandhinagar will be locking horns with HNLU Raipur in the semi final rounds of the moot. Gautam from Nalsar Hyderabad just confirmed the results and he will be giving us the quarters break-up in a while.

13:14 Interestingly, the Nalsar-NFCG moot problem revolves around the 3G auctions in India and related telecom company scams. Though the Indian teams have put up a meek show at Vis Hong Kong, they still have a chance of winning laurels. A best memorandum/oralist award will fetch a team 30 MPL points and a honourable mention will give them 10 points, according to the MPL Rulebook.These awards will be announced shortly.

13:25 Currently, Nalsar Hyderabad are leading the MPL Standings with a record 185 points with six moot wins and four runners up awards. They have scored their highest points from the Tier 4 moots in the MPL. NUJS Kolkata, the only team which seems to be giving Nalsar a run for their money, is close second in the standings, 16 points behind with 169 points. They are currently the team to have scored highest points from Tier 1 and Tier 5 moots in this season. Behind them are NLU Delhi and NLSIU Bangalore with 154 and 116 points respectively. ILS Pune and NLU Jodhpur are next at fifth and sixth place, around 100 points behind table leaders Nalsar.

13:38 It is theoretically possible for last year’s MPL champions, Nalsar, not to win the MPL again this season. There are only six moots left to conclude this season - two Tier 1 and Tier 2 moots – Vis Hong Kong, Vis Vienna and Manfred Lachs Asian Rounds, ICC Trial Competition along with the NLS Arbitration and Nalsar-NFCG.

13: 43 NUJS crashed out of NLS Arbitration yesterday and they haven’t broken into the semis at Nalsar-NFCG. They will have to count on their Vis hopes to go past Nalsar in the standings. On the other hand, Nalsar has already earned four points from NLS Arbitration, finishing semi finalists. They will be hoping to win an additional best oralist/memorial award to step up their lead.

13: 49 Breaking - The news just in is that NUJS Kolkata and NLS Bangalore have won honorable mentions at Vis HK. That’s some reprieve for Indian teams participating at the moot. Not sure about the specifications of the award, will get back to that as more info comes in.

13:54 The performance of Indian teams at Vis HK has improved from last year. Last year, NUJS was the lone team to win an honorable mention at the moot. 

14:16 Both, NUJS and NLS earn ten points for their honorable mentions, according to the rulebook. This means that NUJS shortens its gap to the top position to 10 points. With Nalsar having got four points from NLS Arbitration, they are with 189 points right now and NUJS are just ten points behind with 179 points. The standings will be updated with the complete results at the end of the day.

14:18 Some tweets from Bangalore - @jimanish: Exciting grand finale of the #NLS IA moot at the Taj Vivanta, MG Road today at 4. Between dark horse finalists JGLS & NLIU.

15:26 A bit of downtime right now, as we wait for the results of NLS Arbitration and Nalsar NFCG. So, the big fight in this season of the MPL is turning out to be between Nalsar and NUJS for the top spot. Who do you think will win it? Feel free to pen down your thoughts/opinions in the comments below.

15:28 Bond University from Australia have emerged winners in Vis HK, defeating City University of Hong Kong.

15:40 The top four positions in the MPL Standings are occupied by National Law Schools from Hyderabad, Kolkata, Delhi and Bangalore. And this is likely to be the same up till the end of the season. NLU Jodhpur, has a good chance to go past ILS Pune and reach the fifth position, if they can grab some points at the ICC Trial Competition and Vis Vienna. RGNUL Patiala, HNLU Raipur and NLIU Bhopal are currently placed seventh, eighth and ninth in the standings with around seventy points. This is set to change as NLIU Bhopal has reached the finals of NLS Arbitration and HNLU Raipur is in the semis of Nalsar NFCG. If NLIU Bhopal win the moot and get either the best oralist/memorandum award, then they will jump to the fifth position, ahead of ILS Pune and NLU Jodhpur.

15:50 NUALS Kochi and GNLU Gandhinagar have around sixty points are placed tenth and eleventh respectively. GNLU has finished semi finalists at NLS Arbitration and are currently battling another semi final at Nalsar NFCG. There were only four colleges with more than 50 points in last season’s MPL, but this time we have 11 colleges who have crossed the fifty mark already. That is largely because of the addition of around 20 moots this season. We had around 30 moots under the ambit of the MPL last season, but this time we have as many as 52  moots.

16:22 Breaking: From Nalsar-NFCG, its NLS Bangalore v. HNLU Raipur in the final rounds which are to begin in a few minutes. NLIU Bhopal lose to NLS Bangalore and GNLU lose to HNLU in the semi finals. Naveen from Nalsar confirmed the results and said that the bench for the final rounds include various High Court judges.

16:34 24 teams from across the country participated in the Tier 5 Moot. NLS Bangalore has already earned ten points today for their Vis HK honorable mention. If they notch up a win at Hyderabad and win a best oralist/memorandum, they will come close to getting past NLU Delhi in the third position. HNLU would be hoping that their performance at this moot would propel them into the top five in the MPL Standings.  

17:11 Quite funny to see so many dishes mentioned in those comments. Guess it’s time for me to step out and have some khana. As we wait for the final results from Bangalore and Hyderabad, you can follow the Delhi v. Mumbai IPL match. Sanjay Khan, my MPL team mate, will take you through the rest of today. Cheers!

17:30 - Hello everyone! I, Sanjay Khan, will take you through the results of Nalsar-NFCG and NLS Arbitration moots. Before that, a quick update of the Vis-HK results.

NLIU Bhopal was the third Indian team to win an award at the moot. Its team won the Spirit of the Moot Award. This award is equivalent to an Honourable Mention, thus NLIU gets 10 points for it. Consequently, NLIU now has a good chance of jumping to 5th spot in the MPL Standings.

The Honourable Mention Awards won by NLS and NUJS were for their Respondent Memoranda. Overall, Fali Nariman Award for the Best Respondent’s Memorandum was won by University of Basel, Switzerland; whereas Eric Bergsten Award for the Best Claimant’s Memorandum was won by University of Freiburg, Germany. Neil Kaplan Award for the Best Oralist was bagged by Amanda from Georgetown University Law Center.

17:45 - Presently, NLIU is at 9th position with 72 points. After the semi-finals of Nalsar-NFCG and the Honourable Mention at HK, it has earned 13 more points, which have taken its tally to 85 points. NLIU will move to 5th spot, with 100+ points, if it either wins NLS Arb (where it is facing Jindal Global in the finals) or gets one or two other awards at Nalsar-NFCG or NLS Arb.  

18:30 – Among others, GNLU has earned 8 points so far, being semi-finalist at both Nalsar-NFCG and NLS Arb. Its total is 72 now. On the other hand, HNLU will add at least 5 points and take its total to 79, being the finalist at Nalsar-NFCG. If, however, it wins the moot, its total will go up to 84. Not to forget the Best Memorandum and Best Oralist Awards which are up for grabs at these two moots.

At this point, it seems certain that NLIU and GNLU will break into top five and top ten respectively. Also, HNLU might move from 8th to 7th position. 

18:50 – News from Nalsar-NFCG. The finals just got over. Results to be announced in 20 minutes.

19:00 - NLS Arb Update from twitter: @jimanish Congratulations to JGLS on their victory at the #NLS IA moot.

19:15 – Official confirmation from NLS Arb. Jindal Global Law School defeated NLIU in the finals to win its first moot. Aayog Doshi from GNLU won the best speaker award and NLU Delhi bagged the best memorandum award.

19:30 – Having registered its first ever moot win, JGLS joins LC-I and Dr. Ambedkar Law University at 21st position in the MPL Standings. The JGLS team consisted of Karl P Rustumkhan, Aviral Raj Sahai and Shreya Jha; all second years. Karl said, “this was my first moot and it was amazing that we won this moot. We had been working for the last 3 months or so. We thank our faculty for their help. The problem was well drafted. The initial rounds were quite easy, but in the semis and the finals, the judges were too stringent and they tried to impose their understanding of the law."

19:35 - Breaking from Nalsar-NFCG: NLS defeated HNLU in the finals. Karandeep from HNLU won the best speaker award and NLS bagged the best memorandum award.

The NLS team consisted of Shiva Santosh, Mainak and Nidhi Modani. Both the oralists were from first year. Shiva Santosh said, "the judges were excellent throughout and the competition was good." He also mentioned that the organization of the moot was great.

19:37 - We had earlier awarded points to NLIU Bhopal for winning the Spirit of the Moot award at HK. However, as one of the readers pointed out, the award is given to a team for having overcome substantial obstacles to participate in the moot. We understand 'substantial obstacles' to be in the nature of availability of resources, financial security, etc. Hence, since the award does not test the mooting skills of the participants, we have decided not to award points for the same.

19:40 - NLS Arb - Aayog Doshi from GNLU said that it feels great to emerge as the best oralist in the moot. "The moot was judged brilliantly and it was a great learning experience. The problem was also very well drafted and with sound research, I was able to speak well. It was an intellectually stimulating moot," he added.

20:15 - NLS was the biggest earner of the day. It earned a total of 25 points; 15 from Nalsar-NFCG (Best team and Best Memorandum) and 10 from Vis-HK (Honourable Mention for Best Respondent’s Memorandum). JGLS and GNLU both earned 15 points each. JGLS by winning the NLS Arb Moot and GNLU by being semi-finalist at both Nalsar-NFCG and NLS Arb and bagging the best speaker award at NLS Arb.

NLIU earned 11 points (runners up at NLS Arb and semi-finalist at Nalsar-NFCG); whereas HNLU and NUJS earned 10 points each. NUJS won the Honourable Mention for Best Respondent’s Memorandum at Vis-HK; whereas HNLU was runners-up and bagged the best speaker award at Nalsar-NFCG.

In terms of the MPL Standings, the biggest gainer was GNLU, which jumped from 11th spot to 9th spot. HNLU moved from 8th to 7th position and NLIU moved from 9th to 8th. Nalsar, NUJS, NLUD and NLS continue to dominate the top four spots, in that order. However, the difference between Nalsar and NUJS is of just 10 points now. It will be interesting to see how these teams battle it out for the top spot at Vis Vienna. Even NLU-D and NLS can claim the top spot; but that would require an exceptional performance at Vis Vienna.

Thanks everyone for following the blog today. Do let us know your suggestions. For Team MPL, this is Sanjay Khan signing off.


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