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The Sabarimala Stampede mishap, Kerela.... 14th January 2011.

Rather than crying over spilt milk and upbraiding each other for the mishap, it’s time now for Government to realize that they really need to maneuver to secure the devotees at places of pilgrimage. “Right to Life”, is guaranteed under Article 21 of the Constitution of India which seems highly endangered in situations of mass gatherings. The Government needs to enforce measures to avoid such unforeseeable incidents. History tells us that religious pilgrimage and festivals have proved to be more fatal than other incidents, then why is our government laid back when it comes to saving the lives of hundreds of people at diversified times. In India stampedes occur regularly, nonetheless there have always been minimal measures by the government to prevent the same. It is true that there has always been heavy rush of devotees and tussle to reach the temple at pilgrimage, yet lack of crowd management strategies add to such mishap. How can one forget the October 2008 stampede at a temple in the city of Jodhpur, which killed around 168 devotees and also the stampede at the Naina Devi temple on 3rd August 2008 in Himachal Pradesh which was another dreadful incident of a similar type. The reason for both the incidents being the same including poor infrastructure, ill maintained roads at the shrine and poor crowd management strategies. All we can hope is that at least this incident proves an eye opener to the government, resulting in better infrastructure and basic safety precautions being provided to the pilgrims at all times. We really await the day when Government starts shrugging of its responsibilities at the cost of several innocent pilgrims who lose their lives in such a mishap. Can we foresee a day where in people confide in the Government and avert any such scenario in future?

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