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Facebook Blunder and Mahatma 'Ghandi'


Just take a look around in your friend circle or anywhere else you want to and I am sure you will be easily able to find "I don't have Facebook" kind of people. I know its difficult but it's not that hard to spot such odd entities. It's really strange for someone to not have a Facebook and yes FYI, I don't have a Facebook. The only reason I don't have a Facebook is that it's insignificant and boring, except for the chatting part.

Like the whole world is on Facebook: your friends, teachers, neighbors, your maid, everyone. People who love Facebook including my viral struck friend Aadil do not have a reason for such a liking but since it's the in-thing, they all want to be a part of it. In real life Aadil might not want people to pass comments on him but when it comes to Facebook he wants all his updates to be commented by most of the people in his friend list and this is what makes him happy.

There are myriad features and applications that this website offers. You can establish and like communities, pages and causes. 'Like' feature is quite prominent and you click on like to get connected to anything you want to on Facebook. Well I am not interested in dedicating this post to Facebook but what I really want to do is share one of my experiences with this portal.

So I was just going through Aadil’s page on facebook and I came across Mahatma Ghandi’s page which had 90 k likes to it. Something was strange but I had to leave as Aadil was coming and I knew he wouldn't appreciate the fact that I was accessing his account [my friend Aadil thinks he alone uses his Facebook, he-he]. I clicked on like, that’s it, logged out and left. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with Ghandi page and this uncanny vibe got ingrained until I logged in through Aadil’s account again in the evening...



... and I was like what is Ghandi? As a matter of fact what has happened to Wikipedia and 90,000 people who have liked the page? It's not like that I am a big Gandhi fan but still there is a reason why he is on the Indian currency. So the misspelled page of Gandhi I feel is not a regular typo but a blunder on the part of Wikipedia and approbation of 90 k people is a travesty of what these freedom fighters stood for. 

As for me a moments back I have unliked this page. I am not trying to be a patriot and no I have not made a new "I love Gandhi" page but still wanted to share something which Wikipedia and 90,000 people blatantly dodged. 

Websites like Wikipedia are a source of great information and most of the people including myself depend on it for most of the stuff, but then seeing this makes me apprehensive about whether the information delivered by it is worth relying? 

This brings me to our very own LegallyIndia.com. It's informational, has blog, has chat thing to it and even has a very adorable Legallypedia with all its terms and conditions for us. Till now it seems to be doing good, actually great; but who knows after some time when maybe the layout of Legallyindia changes and it gets bigger and better, it might follow the steps of  Wikipedia. I wish I am wrong and I hope you didn't find this post mind-numbing.

P.S. When I wrote this post few days back, only 90 k people had liked the page of Ghandi, but as I complete the remaining part of it, another 14,000 people have joined the suck fest.

Click to visit the page of Mahatma Ghandi

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