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"Power".....surely above our Rights

I, not from my knowledge in law but by the reason of watching Sunny Deol starrer movies, have a fair idea of how an F.I.R. is launched but something, which has pierced my brain since that time is, who registers F.I.R. against people who are assigned the task of guarding the constitution?, who registers complaint against influential people?, who registers complaint against police?.

I am not looking into specific laws, which exist, in our acts guaranteeing equality, freedom and liberty because even you as well as me, are aware of their efficiency. They better not be a topic of discussion even. The incidents in Jammu and Kashmir, to be specific and many other small towns and villages, where such incident go unnoticed show how strong our legal texts stand to grant protection. Our law provisions fail, when it involves a politically fat leader, money rubbing businessman or police commissioner as accused, since they have enough source to not allow registration of F.I.R…and mind you “unless F.I.R. is registered there lies no legal remedy.” So, who register F.I.R. here? I, in my criminal classes have read few cases, where N.G.O. came to rescue but my count in that case was restricted only to 5, what about other such incidents? Our laws are very stringent and guarded by wolves, hence to come up and fight for your rights, only thing, which requires efforts, is coming up…because fighting is easy if you know the "power". That reminds me of another popular saying in our college “ to win a case either know law or know lawmakers.” I personally prefer law but have clear idea that only acquaintance with law maker can help me, law has no influence because they can be modified whenever power desires.

I do not want to include any legal text to prove my case but general day experience of my school life, which I am sure everyone must have seen. Remember that fat bullish, “Thakur” who went around class whistling over girls, beatings studious geeks, pestering teacher and walking in the middle of 10 people who in Indian terms are called “chaile”…comedy yet serious, I never talked to him…I knew his Dad was a police officer and that was enough reason not to complaint against him, not to retaliate when he beats you but only apply Dettol and tell your mom, “I fell”. For a reason parents believe its always-there child at fault, so let the incident die. But I am sure his Dad wont find his son at fault…after all he is a public servant who with his power now rules them. 

This brings me to my conclusion, how to ensure that every person realizes their right to register an F.I.R. when the pen and book is owned by the accused themselves? Why would they use their own ink to complaint against them own selves?, why would they incriminate person who runs their account of tea, coffee and even late night parties at “desi sharab ka thaika”? Now how can we ensure ethical running of our legal system…change police and judge…not practical, change laws….crap there are so many of them which do guarantee we wont be exploited, but of no use…only recourse left is try, try and try…when unsuccessful, buy justice through your own money and finally “ you are under arrest”


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