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Being a Law Student

Being a law school student means getting enlightened about various laws for a continuous period of 5 yrs, from cases where some stupid insect was found in Beer bottle that led to whole lot of hoopla regarding it and a resulting landmark case slapped on students, to cases of breach of contract, to promissory estoppels. Furthermore, studying many confusing notions, encountering situations when you feel like murdering the professor to see whether its culpable homicide or murder while he is trying to make you understand the difference between the two! There is so much more to it, sleepy classes of Procedural laws, complexities of Constitutional law, times when mind stops interpreting while reading Interpretation of Statues or the burden of Tax laws!

Well, can’t disagree that this only makes us a lawyer, because when we talk, instead of blaming someone for carelessness, we blame for “negligence”, things doesn't happen itself but “per se”, people are not responsible for their conduct but “liable”. The trust is not broken but “breached”. We don’t break the hostel rule but “infringe” them! We don’t notice something but take “cognizance, we don’t call people but “summon” them and people who think ill of us have “mens rea” against us!
This is just to mention the few enhancements in vocabulary law school brings, apart from that we get a great sense of empowerment, as we threaten any outsider who try to mess with us! When at home we threaten to sue almost everyone, from suing the friend for assault while having a fight with him to suing sister under promissory estoppel, thanks to our empowering profession!
Not to forget we are not only empowered but we are also acquainted with many dignitaries. Individuals like Seervai, P.N. Bhagwati, Kelkar, Mulla, Takwani, Hidayatullah etc etc. seems like next door neighbor, just a call away (well, that’s actually right, they are just waiting in for us library!!).
Apart from that we have our amazing interpretive and analytical skill. While for an engineering student, selecting between blue or black will be an easy choice, for a lawyer it will start from the determination whether there is blue or black and then on what criteria can we select between blue or black, which doctrine to apply, which test to refer to and then finally, a lawyer will decide that it can be blue if it is not black or it is black subject to this and that conditions. Well, got confused? Exactly, this is what law school curriculum does to law student and teaches them. There is a saying in this regard, “If you can’t convince the judge, confuse him”. Well as of now we have not reached the stage of confusing the judge but it’s the opposite case, i.e. judgments like Mahabharata confusing us! But no doubt we have become adept in confusing any “non-lawyer”.
While mentioning the special characteristic of law students, how can we forget the academic insects we are, to start with, the projects, and “plagiarism”, the word that comes as a bonus package with it! Trust me, very few people from non legal field know its meaning, but poor us are subjected to its constant constrain. The students generally don’t even make notes, but we even have to make “footnotes” in our project because we CANNOT plagiarize. The academic eulogizer we are, conferences, paper presentation, journals, we do all of these. The piles of books and sections of Act, so aptly characterize a law school student. On the first day of college, the vast journal section freaked me out, that time I didn’t even know how, why and what of them!
So, at the end, we bask in glory of our own story which is Greek and Latin to everyone apart from us! Crack lame legal jokes, freak out, and as law school makes us do, we work like ass and party like an animal (moral of the story is at end of the day, you are an animal, though a legal one!). Well, but I think that is what makes us special and different from the crowd, the empowering and entertainingly engaging nature of our profession J
Source: http://lawschoolsterrace.blogspot.com/2011/02/being-law-student.html
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