NLU Jodhpur suspended three students found guilty of ragging by the NLU's anti-ragging cell for one year. It also suspended and fined two other students from halls of residence for a semester, and fined one student, all of whom were found guilty of abetting the act of ragging by the three expelled students.

According to a report signed and uploaded on the NLU's website by the chairperson and seven members of the law school's anti-ragging committee, it heard the case against the six accused students on 5 July 2017 at 4pm in an “urgent meeting”, following reports that the accused had engaged in the act of ragging in the hostel room of one of the accused.

The report states:

As per the student manual NLUJ adopts the policy of zero tolerance towards ragging.

The Committee heard the complainant and the accused students. On hearing both sides the committee unanimously concluded that the complained act amounted to ragging as per the student manual and as per the UGC regulation concerning anti-ragging. Considering gravity of the offence, the committee unanimously decided that punishment must be given to prohibit ragging in the university. The committee also concluded that the degrees of involvement of the above-mentioned students could be graded.

The committee suspended three of the accused for at least one academic year, having found that they played a “direct and active role in perpetrating the act”. The three “may be allowed” to re-join the university in July 2018, stated the report.

Two other accused whose role was “relatively passive” were suspended from the halls of residence for one semester, and were fined Rs 20,000 each.

One accused who was “a mere bystander” according to the report was fined Rs 5,000.

The last NLU of which we have reported punishment of a student for ragging was NUJS Kolkata which, in 2012, banned a third year student from representing the law school in external events, after he was found guilty of ragging.

Ragging is banned in universities as an offence under the University Grants Commission's (UGC) year 2009 regulations.

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Like +7 Object -3 RGNUL-ite 08 Jul 17, 01:08
Though I'm unaware of the facts, if the act is veritable, the administration's actions are laudatory. Before anyone gets into shaming NLUJ, much like what transpired on the post of the NUJS ragging case a few years ago, it merits mention that a University's reaction to these acts, in addition to the education imparted against ragging by officials and students, must act as the bone of appraising the situation of ragging in a University. Somehow detractors always seem to be present in just about any place, but if the student collective is averse to the commission of this act, it goes a long way.
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Like +1 Object -4 Guest 08 Jul 17, 05:36
Finally, a NLU with a pair! Copious amounts of 'positive interaction' goes on in all of them. The student body and the university authorities act hand in glove for 'reputation' of the institution.
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Like +0 Object -2 NLU Stud 08 Jul 17, 09:11
No don't worry dear juniors it's not ragging, it's "positive interaction".
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Like +2 Object -0 Grish 08 Jul 17, 12:12
How does an NLU get the power to fine a large amt of 20000?
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Like +17 Object -1 NALSARite 08 Jul 17, 13:44  interesting  top rated
Grow a pair, ye snowflakes.
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Like +4 Object -9 NLUD guy 10 Jul 17, 08:14
We HAVE "grown a pair" ! One needs "a pair" to file a complaint. If we are going to be lawyers, we might as well learn to fight for ourselves before we fight for others
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Like +3 Object -2 Guest 08 Jul 17, 14:07
A good move. And I agree with the comment that one should not mock NLUJ, because the the college with the worst history of ragging is actually NLSIU. An infamous and shocking incident took place in the early 2000s. All the "raggers" were suspended excepting the son of a very senior and politically influential person. The "raggers" all went on to do well in life and reached "respectable" positions.
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Like +1 Object -1 XX 08 Jul 17, 14:10
Hey Kian please correct your information. The last NLU to suspend students was DSNLU. Why do you always pick on NUJS?
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 09 Jul 17, 00:33
You need to get updated with the news. Yes, the students were suspended, but for a short span.

The suspension was revoked formally in a week and students throughout the suspension period were attending classes.

The suspension was a joke. Such young NLU's such as DSNLU, TNLU, are burden coz the University authorities compensate for low quality by keeping sudents happy with unwanted demands.
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Like +7 Object -0 Mx. X 08 Jul 17, 14:44  interesting
The Committee heard the complainant and the accused students. On hearing both sides the committee unanimously concluded that the complained act amounted to ragging as per the student manual and as per the UGC regulation concerning anti-ragging.
One urgent meeting and summary proceedings sufficient when imposing punishment of suspension? What about show cause, charge-sheet, enquiry officer, enquiry proceedings, recording of statement/ evidence, enquiry report etc. etc.?
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Like +0 Object -4 Better? 08 Jul 17, 14:55
Yes, with such students, this college is better than NUJS and NLIU!
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Like +1 Object -0 NLU Alum 25 Jul 17, 14:22
One accused who was “a mere bystander” according to the report was fined Rs 5,000.

This is totally unsustainable, unjust and arbitrary. Student may find it simpler to just pay the fine, but a "bystander" cannot be fined in law and will get relief if a writ petition is filed at the HC.
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Like +1 Object -0 NLU 11 Sep 17, 18:07
You may want to update your story now. The Chancellor of NLUJ (CJ of Rajasthan HC) has formally revoked the suspension and rebuked the Registrar and the VC for taking such harsh action arbitrarily and without any concern for natural justice and proportionality.

The students are back on campus now. As per the direction of the Chancellor, (i) all tests that were missed by these students will have to be reconducted by the faculty for them and (ii) these students will only have to maintain 70% attendance for the remaining 2 months of the semester as opposed to 70% for the full semester.

NLUJ students 1-0 Redhead crazy VC
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