NLIU with brand new fresher mentorship to make law school stay happierNLIU with brand new fresher mentorship to make law school stay happier

NLIU Bhopal has launched a compulsory mentorship program for first year LLB students, which follows NLSIU Bangalore’s mentorship model, but is a little more structured.

Correction: The initial report stated that the NLIU programme is a first-of-its-kind, but we have been getting reports that other colleges too have similar mentorship programmes (albeit not necessarily compulsory ones). At NLSIU, for instance, the Student Bar Association (SBA) has set up a voluntary similar system (see below), while GNLU Gandhinagar students have informed us that GNLU has a mentorship programme, while Nirma University, NLUO Cuttack, HNLU Raipur, NLU Jodhpur and others too may have mentorship systems of some sort. There may be others...

The program is aimed at guiding freshers in overcoming various weaknesses that hinder them from graduating and competing with the best in the industry. It is mandatory for all first-year students.

NLIU’s faculty placement coordinator Raka Arya explained in an email: “As we all know, first year is one of the most crucial years of law school which determines how the students fare, especially in terms of long-term success in work and life after graduation. Often we see so many talented and promising individuals getting lost in their first year due to lack of guidance. This model aims to ensure that no student suffers due to such lack of guidance from seniors or lack of means to approach seniors.”

As part of the program final year students who have already been placed either with tier 1 Indian law firms or have been selected in foreign law firm vacation schemes will mentor first-year students. The mentors would be selected by Arya through a rigorous filtering process, with three to four mentees assigned to each mentor.

The mentors would be responsible for the growth of the mentees academically and also in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, by holding periodic interactive sessions with the mentees to identify their strengths and weaknesses (through a SWOT analysis), help them with issues at law school and work on their communication skills.

An important differential that makes NLIU's program different than NLSIU is that only mentors selected through a competitive process are assigned mentees in a completely random match, to ensure a level playing field for all mentees. In contrast, NLSIU has an informal system where each first year student is assigned a “family” that is comprised of their corresponding enrolment number match in the second year.

Additionally, if any mentee is aggrieved with their mentor, they can email the placement cell with their grievance and the cell will follow a fixed procedure towards resolution. The cell is also reaching out to NLIU alumni for advice on incorporating industry best practices into their program.

Update 22:04: A statement from NLSIU noted:

NLSIU has the most comprehensive mentorship system in the country. Apart from the informal “families”, we have an SBA mentorship system where mentors are matched with freshers according to their profile after interviews the freshers have with the SBA President and VP. It's an extremely effective system with constant follow-ups and feedback collection from the first years. We also have an Academic Support Program that assigns mentors for project writing and difficult subjects. Moreover we assign a reading, writing and speaking buddy to students that need help with English comprehension.

NLIU final year student and head of the placement cell Milind Ghosh told us that the idea first germinated among the final-year students during the last summer vacation and saw considerable interest among the batch which saw general improvement in the quality of students at the law school as the primary and only incentive for putting in the mentorship effort.

Ghosh commented: “We believe that all law schools irrespective of whether they are national law universities or private law schools should implement such programs to ensure that every student who comes into these law schools realise their full potential. For universities who don't have such programs in place we would love to share our own model with them and even take inputs with regards to how to better our own model so that in the future an uniform model can be implemented across law schools in India. Hopefully this is the beginning of something new in professional legal education in India which will help future generation of law school students.”

Last week, in news not directly related to the mentorship initiative, NLIU had banned six students accused of ragging from its hostels, pending investigations.

Photo via NLIU Facebook

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Like +3 Object -1 NLS alum 07 Aug 17, 21:48
So many inaccuracies regarding the NLS system.
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Like +2 Object -0 Present NLS Student 07 Aug 17, 22:25
But there have been so many changes in the system of late. Even if you're a 2017 graduate, the mentorship system has been overhauled substantially in the past month.
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Like +10 Object -0 NLS student 07 Aug 17, 23:05  interesting
Institutional mechanism at NLS:
1. 2 formal SBA-appointed mentors.
2. Rank family: informal, Year II-V students with the same NLS entrance rank.
3. Roll parent: informal, same roll. no. in the year above.
4. Cubie parent: informal, same first year cubicle/room as you.
5. Project guide: formal ASP appointed (through a competitive process) guide to help with projects: consultations, drafts etc.

Aside from that, random seniors who "adopt" first year kids based on interactions. LI's original post only considered rank families. That being clarified, cheers and good luck to NLIU Bhopal.
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Like +1 Object -0 Darkseid 08 Aug 17, 21:42
^This is really quite impressive. Knowing the current NLSIU administration, I'm sure this is a brainchild of the students only. Hats off to them, really, for thinking this through from multiple pertinent angles!
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Like +2 Object -2 Guest 07 Aug 17, 22:33
Fake news to suggest that NLIU Bhopal is doing anything special. Many other law schools also have it.
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Like +6 Object -0 Darkseid 07 Aug 17, 22:44  interesting
Good move from NLIU! But Kian, before using epithets such as first of its kind and so on, you should really do a bit more fact checking. There are several other NLUs which have this practice over the last few years. Or else just say this is a good and effective move on NLIU's part, which it actually is, and leave it at that.
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Like +3 Object -0 Nliu alumni 08 Aug 17, 00:17
This is a great initiative!
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Like +4 Object -0 Please research 08 Aug 17, 00:55
Kian please do at least a minimum amount of research about the NLS system. Our seniors put in so much effort to come up with it and sustain it. Promoting NLIU's system so much while misrepresenting NLS system is like missing the field for the cows.
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Like +3 Object -3 Guest 08 Aug 17, 03:44
This is PAID NEWS and FAKE NEWS. Please rectify it to say that NLIU is not the first law school to have such a system. Many NLUs have it.
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Like +3 Object -9 Guest 08 Aug 17, 06:25
Too many articles on a second tier NLU. Please do some articles on the top NLUs.
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Like +1 Object -3 KP 08 Aug 17, 12:06
I am an Alumni of NLIU Bhopal. It's a shame that students were suspended on allegations of ragging and other misconduct in the University. This is a very heart failing news.
In relation to the university infrastructure I assume that we have the best in the country.
In relation to the curriculum I am not 100 per cent sure.
In relation to placements, it's dipping the per cent of students placed has decreased considerably from first few batches until now, considering the number of admitted students and number of students placed.
It's happening because students are not innovative in their approach. Their thinking is still naive, they fear to think out of the box. Their ultimate aim is to be placed in firms like AMSS Luthra Khaitan. I wonder how many of them thought of having a start up for example..
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Like +11 Object -1 SC 08 Aug 17, 15:05  interesting
You're not an alumnus of NLIU! Please, stop throwing dirt on other institutions, out of anger or for whatever reason that may appeal to you! You don't know shit about the current stats of the placements! Just because we haven't released any figures (which we will, in a short while), doesn't entitle you, or anyone else, for that matter, to draw an adverse inference against the institution. If you're an alumnus (not alumni), it's really sad that you're questioning the integrity of the institution!
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Like +1 Object -1 Guest 08 Aug 17, 12:19
Wow y'all must really really hate GNLU. Unbiased journalism lives XD
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Like +1 Object -2 Fuddu 08 Aug 17, 15:34
How can legally india be so farzi? NLS has been doing this for ages. In fact looking at what has been implemented at NLIU, it seems like a weak copy.
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Like +1 Object -2 NLU Stud 08 Aug 17, 16:13
You can never be both happy and a lawyer. Irrespective of which college you study in. Not like this system is going to make any difference.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 15 Aug 17, 22:12
There has been a tragic suicide of a student at NLUJ who suffered from depression. This shows the importance of having such a mentorship scheme.
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