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It’s official: GNLU beats Nalsar, NLS, NUJS to win MPL 7, after rocking ELSA moot and season

GNLU Gandhinagar registered another set of points in the penultimate moot of the MPL VII and has won its first ever MPL victory in what was clearly the most competitive MPL season in the history of all MPL seasons.

After another dry spell, the 7th edition of the Mooting Premiere League finally officially has a winner! Gujarat’s GNLU Gandhinagar fought relentlessly throughout this season, holding on to its 13-week long domination over the MPL tables to finally win it.

With this victory, GNLU joins NLSIU Bangalore, Nalsar Hyderabad and NLU Jodhpur to become the 4th Indian law school to win the MPL crown in this eventh season of the MPL.

The Final Nail in the Coffin and ELSA WTO Closure

After having won the Asia Pacific Rounds of the ELSA WTO Moot, GNLU Gandhinagar broke into the Quarter-Finals at the world rounds of the toughest international trade law moot, with their speaker Rushal Shah winning the best speaker citation. The other Indian team at the moot, NLU Jodhpur could not proceed beyond the preliminary rounds. The GNLU team comprised of Rushal Shah, Meera Manoj, Ishan Javid and Surabhi Saboo.

Points awarded at ELSA WTO World Rounds 2017:

Best Speaker: 8 Points (GNLU)

IMLAM and Nalsar’s Valiant Last Effort

Post GNLU’s ELSA performance, for Nalsar Hyderabad to win the MPL VII crown, the International Maritime Law Arbitration Moot 2017 was a make or break moot. While the Nalsar team broke 5th into the Quarter-Finals of the moot, they lost the round to eventual winners, National University of Singapore. No other Indian team could break post the preliminary rounds or win an MPL recognized individual/team citation.

Final call for feedback, recounts, etc

Before we dedicate an entire story to our coveted MPL VII winner - GNLU Gandhinagar, the last set of feedback is invited from all our mooting enthusiasts. Please do get back to us on or if you find any errors in our MPL reporting. Additionally, a final call is invited for the results of the 7th SLCU National Moot Court Competition 2016. So for #OLT stay tuned to read the ultimate MPL VII table analysis.

MPL 7 near final season standings




Itemisation of MPL pointsELSA World Rounds (T4)PtsICC World Rounds (T2)PtsNLSTIAM (T4)Pts
1GNLU Gandhinagar235ELSA World Rounds (T4): Best Speaker (8) | ICC World Rounds (T2): Best Defense Counsel-Oralist (20) | Manfred Lachs Asia Pacific (T2): Semi-Finalist (15); Hon'ble Speaker Mention (5); Hon'ble Best Speaker Mention (5) | Nani Palkhivala (T4): Runners-Up (8) | Stetson International Rounds (T2): Winner (30); 2nd Best Speaker (5); Best Speaker (Finals) (5) | CLEA International Rounds (T2): Runners-Up (25) | JGLS Tech Law Moot (T5): Runners-Up (5); Best Memorial (5) | NLUO Maritime (T5): Winner (10) | ICC Indian Rounds (T3): 2nd Runners-Up (Semi-Finalist Equivalent) (5) | Frankfurt Moot (T5): Runners-Up (5) | ELSA WTO (Asia PAcific) (T5): Winner (10); Best Speaker (Finals) | NUJS-HSF (T4): Runners-Up (8); Best Speaker (8) | ULC Moot (T5): Best Researcher (5) | CLEA (T5): Winner (10) | DMH 2017 (T2): Semi-Finalist (15) | GIMC 2017 (T4): Organiser (2) | Pro Bono Enviro: Best Speaker (5) | Stetson India Rounds (T3): Semi-Finalist (5) | BR Sawhney (T4): Best Speaker (8) | GNLU Securities Moot (T5): Organizer (1) |Best Speaker (8)8Best Defense Counsel-Oralist (20)20
2Nalsar Hyderabad205Manfred Lachs Asia Pacific (T2): Best Speaker (20); Hon'ble Speaker Mention (5) | Jessup (T1): 60th Best Speaker (10); 7th Best Memorial (10) | Vis East (T1): Runners-Up (35); Hon'ble Mention for Claimant Memo (10); Hon'ble Mention for Speaker (10) | BCI Moot (T3): Runners-Up (10) | NLUO Maritime (T5): Semi-Finalist (3) | NLUJ Antitrust (T4): Runners-Up (8) | R K Tankha (T5): Semi-Finalist (3) | GIMC 2017 (T4): Winner (15); Best Researcher (8) | Jessup India Rounds (T3): Semi-Finalist (5) | FDI Moot (Int'l Rounds) (T5): 3rd Best Team (3); Best Speaker (5); Hon'ble Speaker Mention (3) | Rivzi Moot (T5): Winner (10) | Pro Bono Enviro: Winner (10); Best Memorial (5) | Oxford Price Media (South Asia Rounds) (T3): Best Memorial (10) | BR Sawhney (T4): Organizer (2) | GNLU Securities Moot (T5): Best researcher (5) |
3NLSIU Bangalore199ICC World Rounds (T2): Semi-Finalist (15); Best Defence Counsel Team (5) | NLSTIAM (T4): Organiser (2) | Manfred Lachs Asia Pacific (T2): Winner (30); Best Speaker (Finals) (5); Best Memorial (20); Honb'le Speaker Mention (5); Hon'ble Speaker Mention (5) | Oxford Price (T2): Hon'ble Speaker Mention (5); Hon'ble Speaker Mention (5) | Vis Vienna (T1): Hon'ble Mention for Best Respondent Memorial (10); Hon'ble Best Speaker Mention (10) | Vis East (T1): Hon'ble Speaker Mention (10) | JGLS Tech Law Moot (T5): Semi-Finalist (3) | NLUO Maritime (T5): Semi-Finalist (3) | ICC Indian Rounds (T3): Runners-Up (10) | Red Cross (T2): Hon'ble Mention for 3rd Best Written Submission (5) | ELSA WTO (Asia PAcific) (T5): Semi-Finalist (3); Best Speaker (5) | CLEA (T5): Best Memorial (5) | K K Luthra Moot (T4): Best Memorial (8) | Oxford Price Media (South Asia Rounds) (T3): Winner (20) | Henry Dunant (T3): Runner-up (10) |Semi-Finalist (15); Best Defence Counsel Team (5)20Organiser (2)2
4NUJS Kolkata150NLSTIAM (T4): Winner (15) | Leiden Sarin (T5): Runners-Up (5); Best Memorial Applicant (5); Best Memorial Respondent (5) | Vis East (T1): Winner (40) | Oxford IPR (T5): 2nd Best Written Submission (3) | HNMCC (T5): Winner (10) | RML-SCC (T5): Runners-Up (5) | NUJS-HSF (T4): Organizer (2) | DMH 2017 (T2): Best Researcher (20) | Jessup India Rounds (T3): Best Speaker (10) | Stetson India Rounds (T3): Best Speaker (10) | Oxford Price Media (South Asia Rounds) (T3): Best Speaker (10); Semi-Finals (5) | MC Chagla (T5): Best speaker (5) |Winner (15)15
5NLIU Bhopal142NLSTIAM (T4): Semi-Finalist (4); Best Claimant Memorial (8) | Jessup (T1): Quarter-Finalist (20); 54th Best Speaker (10) | Vis Vienna (T1): Octa-Finalist (15); Hon'ble Speaker Mention (10) | Vis East (T1): Hon'ble Mention for Claimant Memorial (10) | RGNUL Moot (T5): Semi-Finalist (3) | NUJS-HSF (T4): Winner (15) | R K Tankha (T5): Organiser (1) | Jessup India Rounds (T3): Semi-Finalist (5); Best Memorial (10) | FDI Moot (Int'l Rounds) (T5): 3rd Best Claimant Memorial (3) | Oxford Price Media (South Asia Rounds) (T3): Runners-Up (10) | BR Sawhney (T4): Runners-up (8) | Amity International (T5): Runners-Up (5); Best Memorial (5) |Semi-Finalist (4); Best Claimant Memorial (8)12
6NLU Delhi138ICC World Rounds (T2): 3rd Best Victim's Counsel Team (5) | NLSTIAM (T4): Best Respondent Memorial (8) | Vis Vienna (T1): Hon'ble Mention for Best Respondent Memorial (10); Hon'ble Best Speaker Mention (10); Hon'ble Best Speaker Mention (10) | Vis East (T1): Octa-Finalist (15); Hon'ble Mention for Claimant Memorial (10); Hon'ble Speaker Mention (10) | JGLS Tech Law Moot (T5): Winner (10); | ICC Indian Rounds (T3): Winner (20); Best Speaker (10); Best Memorial (10) | NUJS-HSF (T4): Best Memorial (8) | Oxford Price Media (South Asia Rounds) (T3): Organizer (2) |3rd Best Victim's Counsel Team (5)5Best Respondent Memorial (8)8
7Symbiosis Law School Pune131RGNUL Moot (T5): Winner (10); Best Researcher (5) | HNMCC (T5): Best Memorial (5); Best Researcher (5) | Surana Corp (T5): Winner (15) | RML-SCC (T5): Best Speaker (5) | NUJS-HSF (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) | Amity National (T4): Winner (15) | Raj Anand Moot (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) | R K Tankha (T5): Winner (10) | DMH 2017 (T2): Best Memorial (20) | GIMC 2017 (T4): Semi-Finalist (4); Best Memorial (8) | Jessup India Rounds (T3): Runners-Up (10) | K K Luthra Moot (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) | BR Sawhney (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) | MC Chagla (T5): Semi-Finalist (3) |
8NLU Jodhpur120Manfred Lachs Asia Pacific (T2): Semi-Finalist (15); Hon'ble Speaker Mention (5) | Vis Vienna (T1): Hon'ble Speaker Mention (10) | Stetson International Rounds (T2): Semi-Finalist (15); 6th and 5th Best Speaker (5+5) | NLUO Maritime (T5): Best Memorial (5) | ELSA WTO (Asia PAcific) (T5): Runners-Up (5); Best Respondent Memorial (5) | NLUJ Antitrust (T4): Organizer (2) | DMH 2017 (T2): Runners-Up (25) | Stetson India Rounds (T3): Winners (20) | GNLU Securities Moot (T5): Semi-Finalists (3) |
9RGNUL Patiala93Vis East (T1): Hon'ble Mention for Respondent Memorial (10) | RGNUL Moot (T5): Organiser (1) | NLUO Maritime (T5): Runners-Up (5) | HNMCC (T5): Runners-Up (5) | RML-SCC (T5): Semi-Finalist (3) | NLUJ Antitrust (T4): Best Researcher (8) | ULC Moot (T5): Winner (10) | Raj Anand Moot (T4): Winner (15) | Rivzi Moot (T5): Best Researcher (5) | K K Luthra Moot (T4): Runners-Up (8) | BR Sawhney (T4): Winner (15); Best Memorial (8) |
10NLU Orissa90Jessup (T1): Semi-Finalist (25); 19th Best Speaker (10); 60th Best Speaker (10) | NLUO Maritime (T5): Organiser (1) | Surana Corp (T5): Best Memorial (8) | Amity National (T4): Best Researcher (8) | R K Tankha (T5): Semi-Finalist (3); Best Memorial (5) | Jessup India Rounds (T3): Winners (20) |
11JGLS, Sonepat71Vis Vienna (T1): Runners-Up (35); Hon'ble Mention for Best Speaker (10) | Vis East (T1): 3rd Best Oralist (10); Octafinalist (15) | JGLS Tech Law Moot (T5): Organiser (1) |
12GLC Mumbai65JGLS Tech Law Moot (T5): Best Speaker (5) | Surana Corp (T5): Runners-Up (8) | Raj Anand Moot (T4): Best Memorial (8) | DMH 2017 (T2): Organiser (2) | GIMC 2017 (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) | Rivzi Moot (T5): Semi-Finalist (3); Best speaker (5) | MC Chagla (T5): Win (10); Best Memo (5) | Henry Dunant (T3): Best Speaker (10) | GNLU Securities Moot (T5): Best Speaker (5) |
13SLCU Bangalore57JGLS Tech Law Moot (T5): Semi-Finalist (3) | HNMCC (T5): Semi-Finalist (3) | RML-SCC (T5): Semi-Finalist (3) | DMH 2017 (T2): Winner (30) | Pro Bono Enviro: Runners-Up (5) | MC Chagla (T5): Semi-Finalist (3); Best Researcher (5) | GNLU Securities Moot (T5): Runner-up (5) |
14ILS Pune50NLSTIAM (T4): Runners-Up (8) | Stetson International Rounds (T2): 4th Best Speaker (5) | NLUJ Antitrust (T4): Winner (15): Best Memorial (8) | NUJS-HSF (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) | ULC Moot (T5): Runners-Up (5) | Stetson India Rounds (T3): Semi-Finalist (5) |Runners-Up (8)8
15Symbiosis Noida45Stetson International Rounds (T2): 2nd Best Memorial (5) | RGNUL Moot (T5): Best Speaker (5) | Surana Corp (T5): Semi-Finalist (4) | Raj Anand Moot (T4): Runners-Up (8); Best Speaker (8) | Stetson India Rounds (T3): Runners-Up (10) | MC Chagla (T5): Runner-up (5) |
16Amity Law School Delhi44Vis East (T1): Octa-finalist (15) | BCI Moot (T3): Semi-Finalist (5) | NLUO Maritime (T5): Best Speaker (5) | ELSA WTO (Asia PAcific) (T5): Best Written Submission (5) | Amity National (T4): Organizer (2) | R K Tankha (T5): Runners-Up (5); Best Speaker (5) | Jessup India Rounds (T3): Organiser (2) |
17ILNU Ahmedabad37NLSTIAM (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) | Nani Palkhivala (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) | Surana Corp (T5): Semi-Finalist (4) | Amity National (T4): Runners-Up (8); Best Memorial (8) | BR Sawhney (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) | Henry Dunant (T3): Joint Best Memorial (5) |Semi-Finalist (4)4
18CNLU Patna35BCI Moot (T3): Best Memorial (10) | Stetson India Rounds (T3): Best Memo (10) | Amity International (T5): Winner (10); Best Researcher (5) |
19George Washington University Law School31GIMC 2017 (T4): Runners-Up (8); Best Speaker (8) | K K Luthra Moot (T4): Winner (15) |
20SVKM's NMIMS Mumbai28Nani Palkhivala (T4): Winner (15); Best Speaker (8) | Amity International (T5): Best Speaker (5) |
21UILS Chandigarh25Henry Dunant (T3): Win (20); Joint Best Memorial (5) |
22UPES Dehradun23Surana Corp (T5): Best Speaker (8) | CLEA (T5): Runners-Up (5) | GNLU Securities Moot (T5): Win (10), |
23KIIT Law School, Bhubaneswar20BCI Moot (T3): Winner (20) |
24DSNLU Vizag19BCI Moot (T3): Best Speaker (10) | RML-SCC (T5): Best Memorial (5) | NLUJ Antitrust (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) |
25NUALS Kochi18RGNUL Moot (T5): Semi-Finalist (3); Best Memorial (5) | RML-SCC (T5): Winner (10) |
26NUSRL Ranchi16ULC Moot (T5): Semi-Finalist (3); Best Speaker (5) | K K Luthra Moot (T4): Best Speaker (8) |
27University of Law and Legal Studies, GGS Indraprastha University13Nani Palkhivala (T4): Best Researcher (8) | HNMCC (T5): Best Speaker (5) |
28RMLNLU Lukcnow12HNMCC (T5): Semi-Finalist (3) | RML-SCC (T5): Organiser (1) | GNLU Securities Moot (T5): Best written submission (5); Semi-Finalists (3) |
29CLC, DU12Nani Palkhivala (T4): Semi-Finalist (4); Best Memorial (8) |
30MNLU Mumbai10Henry Dunant (T3): Best Memorial (10) |
31Amity Law School Noida9NLUJ Antitrust (T4): Best Speaker (8) | Amity International (T5): Organizer (1) |
32Karnataka State University Law School8Pro Bono Enviro: Semi-Finalist (3); Best Researcher (5) |
33Kerala Law Academy8ULC Moot (T5): Semi-Finalist (3); Best Memorial (5) |
34VIT School of Law, Chennai8Amity National (T4): Best Speaker (8) |
35HNLU Raipur7HNMCC (T5): Organizer (1) | Rivzi Moot (T5): Semi-Finalist (3) | Pro Bono Enviro: Semi-Finalist (3) |
36Jamia Milia Islamia Law School5Rivzi Moot (T5): Runners-Up (5) |
37Modi University, Rajasthan5CLEA (T5): Best Speaker (5) |
38SOEL Chennai5Amity National (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) | Pro Bono Enviro: Organizer (1) |
39AIL Mohali5RGNUL Moot (T5): Runners-Up (5) |
40ICFAI Dehradun5BCI Moot (T3): Semi-Finalist (5) |
41DES's Shri Navalmal Firodia Law College4K K Luthra Moot (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) |
42Llyod Law College4Amity National (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) |
43Law Centre-I Faculty of Law, DU4NLUJ Antitrust (T4): Semi-Finalist (4) |
44ULC Bangalore4ULC Moot (T5): Organizer (1) | CLEA (T5): Semi-Finalist (3) |
45Sastra School of Law Thanjavur4Nani Palkhivala (T4): Organiser (2) | Stetson India Rounds (T3): Organizer (2) |
46NLUJAA Assam3CLEA (T5): Semi-Finalist (3) |
47ICFAI Hyderabad2BCI Moot (T3): Organiser (2) |
48Rizvi Law College, Mumbai1Rivzi Moot (T5): Organizer (1) |
49VELS Chennai1CLEA (T5): Organiser (1) |
50JSS Law College, Mysore1Surana Corp (T5): Organiser (1) |

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Like +1 Object -1 Guest 23 Aug 17, 19:05
Nluo got best memorial at Elsa wto
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Like +3 Object -0 Mooter 23 Aug 17, 19:32
Great Job Legally India! Eagerly waiting for MPL 8 this year.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Mooter 23 Aug 17, 21:55
What's the prize money? Doesn't HSF give 50,000 INR to the college, which wins?
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -0 kianganz 24 Aug 17, 00:48
No prize money this season I'm afraid - the last 3 seasons had been sponsored by HSF...
Reply Report to LI
Like +3 Object -3 Guest 24 Aug 17, 18:00
Please change your points system. SLS got 7th place only through domestic moots while Jessup and Vienna stars got placed below. You cannot give more weightage to a gold medal in the National Games versus a bronze medal in the Olympics.
Reply Report to LI
Like +6 Object -3 kianganz 24 Aug 17, 18:13
How about 20 gold medals in national games vs 1 bronze in Olympics?

Or, take the Olympics countries medal tables, for instance, where gold-silver-bronze are worth 3-2-1 points (or 4-2-1, I don't quite remmber).

So, a country that wins 10 bronze, would top a country that won 3 gold. Is that fair? No idea, but it's a valid system, as long as the rules are known ahead of time...

The MPL existed first and foremost to encourage the national mooting ecosystem of India. Devaluing national moots to the point of irrelevance would make 90% of mooting activity going on in India valueless, MPL-wise.

However, if your argument is that certain national moots (maybe tier 5?) should we weighted less heavily, please suggest alternative scorings that would be better, because it's an option.

However, I think there is strong proof in the pudding here with the final rankings, which prove it's pretty much impossible to win the MPL just with national moots, and that it's also impossible to win the MPL by just performing well internationally without strong domestic performances.

The top 4+ teams have done both of the above and I think their positions are well deserved.

Also, ask yourself, if RGNUL or RMLNLU or HNLU or any other NLU was in seventh position with the same results as SLS Pune, would it create as much controversy and anger from a small number of readers? If not, why not?
Reply Report to LI
Like +4 Object -3 Guest 24 Aug 17, 21:00
Many international moots were also devalued by Legally India. For example the Oxford IP moot is world class and has law lords judging the final. The quarters/semis etc are judges by top academics and barristers. It's number 1 in IP. The number 1 moot in any subject should be tier 2 at least.

Also it is unfair that Symbi did well only in T4 and T5 moots. This makes a mockery of the system. And yes it is unfair to keep RGNUL and HNLU out because a wrong message is being sent the Symbi is better than NLUs.
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -0 Guest 27 Aug 17, 22:39
Kian you are totally wrong. In Olympics the medal tally is decided by golds and silvers won. If A wins 3 gold and 0 anything else, B wins 1 silver and zero anything else, and C wins 50 bronze medals, A will be 1, B will be 2, C will be 3.

In this case, Symbi won zero Olympic medals, only medals in national competitions. NLUO and Jindal won the equivalent of Olympic silvers and NLUJ won an Olympic bronze. So they should be higher.

Another way to put it: 50 runs in an international test is better than 200 in a Ranji match.
Reply Report to LI
Like +1 Object -0 kianganz 27 Aug 17, 23:10
Ah yes, right you are re Olympics of course, my error.

Notwithstanding Olympics, in the case of the MPL, I don't think it makes sense that 1 victory internationally should trump 50 national moot wins, for argument's sake.

Then, at least as far as MPL, why should any college even bother competing in the nationals, if all they are is tie-breakers when 2 colleges have identical tier 1 points?

Tier 5 and 4 moots need to have points, unless the MPL is completely reinvented. And if they have points, it's always possible a team will get into the top 10 purely with domestic moots. I don't think that's an undesirable outcome, at all.

But like I said, happy to hear practical suggestions.
Reply Report to LI
Like +5 Object -6 NLU Stud 24 Aug 17, 19:07  controversial
SLS Pune has done well this year. Period. It would be wise to appreciate that.
Reply Report to LI
Like +7 Object -3 Guest 24 Aug 17, 00:48
Despite paid news Legally India's best attempts to fix MPL and make Symbi win, they finished 7th. But that too is ridiculously high, as it places them over NLUO (Jessup semis), Jindal (Vienna finals) and NLUJ (multiple international moots).
Reply Report to LI
Like +2 Object -8 Arbitration_Bhaiya 24 Aug 17, 11:52
I smell some jealousy against SLS, Pune. We will come back stronger and harder in the next season.
Reply Report to LI
Like +6 Object -16 Guest 24 Aug 17, 02:09  controversial
NLSIU = Gryffindor

NALSAR = Ravenclaw

NUJS = Hufflepuff

GNLU, NLUD, JGLS and other moneyed law schools = Slytherin
Reply Report to LI
Like +6 Object -23 Proud of GNLU 24 Aug 17, 06:59  controversial
Full praise to leadership of Hon'ble VC Prof Bimal Patel and tight slap to critics .
Reply Report to LI
Like +7 Object -22 WARNING 25 Aug 17, 00:35  controversial
Friends, please ignore this ranking and look at the broader picture (placements, infra, faculty, moot record over past 5 years etc). Based on this, this is the actual ranking:

11) Symbiosis
Reply Report to LI
Like +11 Object -0 NLUJ alum 26 Aug 17, 10:35  interesting
Congratulations to GNLU and their mooters! Curious to know what happened with Jodhpur this year. Winners last years and consistently one of the top 4 MPL ranks over the years. Are the post 2017 batches really as disinterested as we've heard? Or is this down to the MCC or the administration?
Reply Report to LI
Like +7 Object -0 NLUJ 27 Aug 17, 22:32  interesting
Four reasons:

1)Student quality going down. Various reasons for this.

2) More competition, tougher to win. Other than newer NLUs like NLUD, GNLU and NLUO you also have JGLS, which has good faculty training them.

3) Admin not supportive.

4) Lack of alumni involvement, though the onus is on the admin to invite alumni.
Reply Report to LI
Like +4 Object -0 NALSAR-ite 29 Aug 17, 12:17
I do notice a systemic lack of coverage of NLIU Bhopal's Mooting performance this year - despite being one of the few (only?) law schools to have done exceedingly well at both Jessup Worlds as well as Vis Vienna; in addition to its continuing its hot-streak at NUJS-HSF, NLSArb and Oxford Price Media.
Reply Report to LI
Like +0 Object -0 Nilav 02 Sep 17, 18:11

Re NLIU's Jessup and Vienna citations, we did cover the same extensively during the live-coverage. Also, please read some here-

Regarding, NLSTIAM, we tend to shape the headlines based on the winner/runners-up (rarely).
Also, NUJS-HSF was covered as a part of the Mega-MPL Weekend, and NLIU didn't make headlines since we emphasized on those colleges that obtained the maximum citations across moots. Please find the story here-

I assure you there has not been any conscious denial of coverage to any law school. Some times, colleges that have done very well in individual moots, haven't gotten the best coverage, because of other factors (like the one stated above). Hope the clarification helps :)
Reply Report to LI

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