The Calcutta high court, which is currently short of of 38 judges and is facing the retirement of 10 more by February, warned the government that "appropriate action" will be taken against it if the judicial vacancies were not filled on priority, reported News18.

Justices Dipankar Dutta and DP Dey questioned the government if the Lok Sabha will function without suitable strength, and made the following remarks in their order in the bail hearing of a Bengali actor:

This Bench is of the opinion that the concerns expressed in this order should reach the Honourable Law Minister of the Union immediately so that the matter relating to appointment of Judges in this Court is given topmost priority. The Registrar General shall do the needful without wasting any time

The politeness of this Bench may not be understood as weakness on its part to be firm. It is made clear that continued silence of the Central Government in the matter of appointment of Judges in the near future despite the concerns expressed in this order, would certainly be viewed seriously as interference in the course of administration of justice and followed by appropriate action as authorised in law

In such grave and ominous situation, this Bench expresses hope and trust that the authorities wielding power would spare a thought for this Court and take immediate ameliorative measures so as to prevent the system from collapsing with the ensuing retirement of 7 (seven) more Judges by early November, 2017 and 3 (three) more by early February, 2018