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Biggest Licker Jeetega!!!

Year: 2050.

Scenario:  On the vast plains of erstwhile Sunderbans forests, there are 2 armies locking horns with each other. And not just an army, army of armies. Just like Troy.  On one side, there are some of our own “Black Suited-up” homo sapiens and facing them is beloved and most reliable, kutra i.e. Dogs. Yes, it is a final battle between Dogs and Humans. The reason is not some weird sounding and mass-weapon-sort-of virus. It’s because they are not the only dedicated "lickers" anymore.

Sounds bizarre right? But it’s not.

I disclaim it right here, that I’m not comparing anybody with anyone. It’s an observation that how some of the people from the black-suit community might give heavy competition to the dogs if they keep on learning the skills of becoming a licker.

In fact in a law school, while some people become a good “lawyer”, some turn out to be a good “licker”. It starts from very first day when lickers start licking the feet of their seniors for projects, moots, books etc. etc. Then come teachers and the VC for reasons varying from good marks, to good recommendation, to convernership of a core committee of college. Whenever I meet an over-enthusiastic and hyper-excited first-year law student, I always ask him one question: “Why law?” And the answer is same, every time: “Law is my passion…blah blah; I want to do something for society…blah blah; it’s multidimensional…blah blah…and more blah”. And 2-3 years down the line, you will 90% of these guys licking for ANSS or KGC or Bilegal.

They “lick their way” to reach the offices of law firm partners and associates for internships and final placements. And even when they get there, since they are very hard working about this, they keep on licking till they become partner of a firm. It’s given a glorified name- “Corporate politics” but in the end its nothing but who licks the boss better and get the promotion or year-end bonus. Because the motto is- “the more you lick, the more you get.”  

Those from this herd reaches court-rooms, start licking the one with tallest chair. Why? to become senior counsel, to become solicitor general, to have a smooth way for winning cases and to become numero uno. And who cares how you reached there when you are driving a Porche, have an I-pad and a Blackberry.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not preaching right or wrong here. Cos there is no right or wrong. This is something which I have observed and I can tell you, everybody does that, everyone has done it at some point or other because everyone wants to be rich and successful and for that if they have to lick, they will happily do that. How does it matter if because of this, someone who deserves loses a chance for PPO, or for a moot, or to win a case? It’s all about competition. And this is rule of the game. 

Therefore, the moral of this story is that if you think by studying hard, or by working hard in interns or by winning the best moot you will succeed, you are wrong because in the end the biggest licker, is the winner.  

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