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Have you ever thought that the Mooters/Debaters and Academic achievers of your college get too much limelight? Have you ever thought other achievements be it in social service, sports or cultural activities often go unnoticed in our academically oriented law schools?

Well we at NLU Jodhpur believe in bucking the trend and celebrating achievers and achievements even if it is strictly non-academic. In this effort of ours we have tied-up with Legally India to bring to you India's first Law School Sports Fest Live Blog: The Yuvardha III Live Blog.  Every law school has it's share of budding sportsmen and we believe it's time they got their due share of the spotlight.

Keep watching this space as we bring to you live action from the fields and courts of NLU Jodhpur where various law schools across the country will battle it out for sporting supremacy and to emerge as the ultimate champions of Yuvardha III. Watch out as we discover new 'studs' you did not even know existed in your very own law schools.

From Judges to Referees; from Gowns to Jerseys. Time to move on, time to set the ball rolling.- 26th-29th September, 2013 live on Legally India.

25th September, 2013

Today was the penultimate day before the commencement of the fest. Today was the day when the teams started arriving as early as 7 a.m in the morning from distant parts of the country. The mess arc area which is the nerve center of the entire fest saw frantic activity with posters being put up, registrations being concluded and every participant receiving their very own Yuvardha Identity Card on the completion of the formalities. As the teams settled down in their respective hostels so did the Jodhpur sun over the horizon.

If the afternoon was about settling down, the evening was about getting a taste of the competition as the teams hit the courts and the fields at NLUJ to practice for tomorrow and also to familiarize themselves with the competition. If the intensity on display is anything to go by you have 3 days of intense matches ahead to look forward to.

We decided to give the participants some time to unwind before the actual competition begins as the NLUJ Auditorium played host to the Opening Ceremony which included a cultural extravaganza and the official inauguration of the fest followed by a firecracker show.

The day concluded with a demonstration Gully Cricket Match to familiarize the participants with the Event amidst a surprise appearance from the rain gods.

Tomorrow promises to be a cracker as the teams will draw first blood. Stay tuned to this space for live updates.

26th September, 2013

After weeks of eager anticipation, and preparatory showers last night to cool off the heat, Yuvardha III kicked off with a bang. The atmosphere is electrifying, with the energy and enthusiasm palpable, and indicative of the great days to come.

Amongst other things the arrival of the contingent from NALSAR, Hyderabad has been delayed, their train is running at a delay of 12 hours(Sigh!! Indian Railways)

Day I has seen intense action in Volley Ball, Cricket, Tennis, Football, Throwball, TT and Basketball. The results so far:


Volley Ball


Match 1: GLC v JGLS GLC beat JGLS.

Match 2: NUJS v. NLUJ. NLUJ wins!


Match 1: NLUJ v. RGNUL. Home side NLUJ off to a great start! The girls win against RGNUL.(Yay!)



Match 1: HNLU v. NUJS. HNLU boys overwhelm NUJS.

Match 2: Nirma v. RGNUL. Nirma stand victorious!

Match 3: Amity v. DSNLU. Amity wins!

Match 4: RMLNLU v. GLC. Victory for RML!



Match 1 (Men) : JGLS v. HNLU. Thumping victory for HNLU!

Match 2 (Men): Amity v. GNLU. The Gujjus thrash Amity!

Match 1 (Women): JGLS v. NLUJ. NLUJ won! (Go NLUJ!)


Match 1 (Men): NLUJ v. RGNUL. NLUJ’s men's team beat RGNUL.

Match 2 (Men): JGLS v. HNLU. JGLS wins!




Match 1: RGNUL v. HNLU. RGNUL open their account in Yuvardha III by defeating HNLU.

Match 2: RMLNLU v. GLC. RML wins against the Mumbaikars!

Match 3: JGLS v. NUJS. JGLS win!

Match 4: RGNUL v NLUJ. RGNUL beat NLUJ in the last few minutes of a closely fought encounter.


Match 1: NLUJ v. JGLS. NLUJ beat Jindal Global Law School (JGLS).

Match 2: HNLU v. RGNUL.  RGNUL wins against HNLU.


Table Tennis


Match 1: NLUJ v. JGLS

NLUJ wins a high quality opening round series against JGLS.( What a match!! Ultimately Dama and Dada prevail)

Match 2: DSNLU v. GNLU. GNLU wins!

Match 3: JGLS v. HNLU. HNLU defeats JGLS.


Match 1: JGLS v. Nirma. JGLS beat Nirma.




NLUJ v. RGNUL.(40-37) High Drama and Jeering. What a match!! NLUJ wins!


Match 1: HNLU v. NUJS. HNLU creamed NUJS 51-0!( What is happening NUJS??)



Match 1: NUJS v. NLUJ. NLUJ won! 

Match 2: HNLU v. RGNUL. RGNUL beats HNLU. Checkmate!!



Match 1: RGNUL v. JGLS. RGNUL beats JGLS.

Match 2: NLUJ v. NUJS. NLUJ wins!



Mixed Doubles

Match 1: NLUJ v. HNLU. NLUJ wins!

Men's Doubles

Match 1: NLUJ v. GNLU. NLUJ wins yet again!

Men's Singles

Match 1: NLUJ v. Nirma. NLUJ wins!! (Yay!!)

The end of Day 1 saw some stupendous performances! We hope that tomorrow brings equally fierce matches. Will keep you all updated!


27th September, 2013

Day 2 of Yuvardha begins! Following are the results of today's matches:




Match 1: GNLU v. JGLS, JGLS wins against GNLU.

Match 2: RGNUL v. GLC. GLC beat the Patiala women!


Match 1: GNLU v. JGLS. JGLS wins. Beware of their volleyball team, both men and women!

AIL, Mohali and NLUJ got walkovers in their volleyball match. Do we smell fear?




Match 1: HNLU v. MSU Baroda. A close call! MSU wins 31-32.

Match 2: Nirma v. NALSAR. Another close call. NALSAR wins 33-34.(Basketball is turning out to be really competitive!!)

Match 3: JGLS v. Nirma. JGLS wins.

Match 4: NLUJ v. NUJS. NLUJ crushed them. 38-2! (Inspired by KKR??)


Match 1: GNLU v. NLUJ. GNLU wins 10-7!

Match 2: JGLS v. HNLU. JGLS wins. Go girls!

Match 3: NLUJ v. MSU Baroda. NLUJ wins by a clear margin. 23-3. Way to go girls!




Match 1: NLUJ v. HNLU. NLUJ wins!



Match 1: NLUJ v. HNLU. NLUJ wins by a clear margin (123/3, while HNLU was all out at 65).( NLUJ's Vishrant smashes 4 sixes in an over)



Match 1: NLUJ v. NALSAR. NLUJ. The home team beats NALSAR 16-3. The signature neon green T-shirts seem to be workin' out their magic!




Match 1: GNLU v. NLUJ. NLUJ wins 0-2. Wohooo!


Match 2: RMLNLU v. NLUJ. The "Lohians" win!( Akshay Seth is turning the heat on!!)




Match 1: NLUJ v. HNLU. NLUJ wins, 3-0. In the semi-finals now. Brilliant comeback boys!! 


Match 1: Amity v. NLUJ. Amity beat NLUJ by a close margin, in the penalties. The girls got down to dirtier stuff! More details available in the newsletter. 


Match 1: NLUJ v. NALSAR. NLUJ wins.

Match 2: (Men) JGLS v. GLC. GLC wins.  


With the competition getting intense, each match is proving to be a must watch! Tomorrow will mark the start of the Athletics matches at the Gaushala stadium.

Stay tuned for more updates!

28th September, 2013

Day 3 of Yuvardha  brought along with it hordes of disappointed participants and organizers and fury of the rain gods. It has been raining continuously for the last 10 hours and most of the outdoor sports have been washed out. Here are the results of whatever little action we could get.


Team events:

Gold medal to NLUJ

Silver to RGNUL

Amity to Bronze


Gold to RGNUL

Silver to NLUJ

Bronze to Amity (Might I say, Thats' a lot of consistency, or were only 3 colleges taking part in Squash!?)


The semi-finalists are: RML, Amity, NLUJ and  NALSAR.



Sorry for the delay, the after-party affected the PR team as well!

Table Tennis

Mens: Gold - NLUJ, Silver- JGLS

Womens: Gold - JGLS, Silver - GLC, Bronze - GNLU

Team: Gold- NLUJ, Silver- RGNUL, Bronze- Amity



Individual: Gold- RGNUL, Silver- NLUJ, Bronze- AMity

Team" Gold- NLUj, Silver- RGNUL, Bronze- AMity



Gold: GLc, Silver- NLUJ, Bronze- RGNUL



Gold: NLUJ, Silver- RGNUL, Bronze- RMLNLU



Mens: Gold- RMLNLU, Silver - Amity, Bronze- NLUJ

Womens: Gold- JGLS, Silver- Amity, Bronze- NLUJ



Mens: Gold- JGLS and NLUJ, Silver- Amity and RGNUL        

Womens: Gold- JGLS and GNLU, Silver- HNLU and NLUJ


Throwball (Women)

Gold: RGNUL and NLUJ have tied! JGLS and HNLU have tied for Silver.



Mens: Gold- GNLU and Amity, Silver- NLUJ and JGLS

Womens: Gold- NLUJ and JGLS, Silver- RGNUL



Mens: Gold- Amity (Abhay) , Silver- Nirma (Krishnan), Bronze- HNLU (Nimit)

Womens: Gold- RGNUL (Ravi Amitoz), Silver- HNLU (Sheela), Bronze- Amity (Harshita)



Gold: GNLU, Silver: GLC




Gold- NLUJ, Nirma and Amity

Some of the medlas have been split between teams as most the events were a washout due to the rains!!






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