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Scarecrow's Blog

Laced with personal experience I am trying to piece together my interactions with life in my blog!

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My sonic internship

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Finally the thing I had been waiting for since last three years now was accomplished. It was hysterical. An internship with the man himself: DJ Jazzy Joe. I was ecstatic beyond imagination and had no words to describe the thing I was going through. The thing was too huge for me and I was in no way going to let the fun subside without a bit of tamaasha (hoopla). I made sure that everyone who knew me on this planet got the dope. Soon the news was all over the place. This would have been my fourth visit to Mumbai and except for my parents and two sarcastic friends Aadil and Naari (Narender) everyone was excited about what they heard. I know my parents picture me as some judicial officer with authority so it’s understood but Aadil and Naari were being complete fun suckers.



Next day in my college everyone and I mean everyone knew that a progressive DJ was in the making. I felt a bit privileged. I was late so I had to rush. I had no time for signing stuff for people. Then came the lunch break and I thought I had every right to bunk the remaining day and did what my conscience said. On my way to cafeteria, I saw my friends hovering around the notice board. Losers! I knew the semester results were going to be declared magar itna jaldi [but this early]. Ha- Ha, what the flower! Actually cauliflower. God! I did not want my brain to comprehend what my eyes were seeing at that point of time. The notice said: ALL THIRD YEAR STUDENTS GOT TO UNDERGO INTERNSHIP THING FOR A PERIOD OF EIGHT WEEKS OR SO WITH…”. I don’t remember the exact thing but it was something like this and we were supposed to undergo an internship. Holy shit! I was screwed; legally screwed. It hit me real hard. My plans; probably everything got gutted. I was shattered beyond imagination. I felt like a widow, actually I felt like I had nothing below my throat. I don’t know what exactly it’s supposed to mean but I know for sure I don’t want to remember that awful moment. I had to vent my spleen on someone but all I could do is plod on towards the cafeteria which strangely at that moment of time felt as if was on the other side of planet. Like time was running really slow, I mean rea_____________________________lly sl___________________________________________________________________ow. I slept for next few hours. What? Not in the cafeteria, but in my room. I felt my room to be a better escape then.



In no way I was going to take this shit and I was ready to confront my teacher Mr. Baiju Baawra a.k.a. Farzi Jurist about how I could not do this internship because of my Jazzy Joe internship. I did confront him. He gave me a tooth grin and yelled for no reason. I don't know why but his yelling at me was nice as I saw his golden tooth. Ok so very quickly I explained him the whole thing, plus to make my thing more plausible I told him that I had not applied at any of the law firms. To this he asked me to apply at !!! !!n!!! L!!!!!.


!!! !!n!!! L!!!!!, but for internship thing there we got to apply 10 years in advance. To this he retorted, "Take my reference". "Ewww... Sir your reference, huh, I rather intern at some district court rather than taking your farzi reference," I crossed these lines in my mind.


The shit had happened and I had no choice but to give up. Mumbai was at bay and I could see cover letters and my good for nothing C.V. screaming for a makeover. The chase began and I applied at the Mumbai branch of the law firm mentioned above for internship spot. "Too late, screw you", meant the reply I got from them. Then the Delhi office followed. But obvious, I don't consider myself that good; plus there are plenty of students vying to get internships in good firms. I was ok but depressed a bit and frustrated as well. I had to intern somewhere hana! [right]. Next was Chandigarh [city of round abouts]. I applied at the Chandigarh branch of the same and yes it was affirmed. Aah! relieved. Gulkand [sweets] to everyone reading this. It was decided, internship was going to be at Chandigarh. Well planned city, Le Corbusier, Sector 17, hockey stadium, Mohali stadium, roundabouts, green buses: these are the things the people here in Chandigarh brag about [Strange!] My stay in Chandigarh was at my extreme boyhood friend Dilpreet’s place. His parents were really sweet and kind enough to make room for a strange looking fellow. Got to say 3G made my stay even more comfi than expected. Right, my internship started in the mid of June. My first day and yes I was late. So I decided to bijangle around and explore the Village City [this is what students from outside call it, stop yelling at me].



So I condoned the wings of a flying drone and encompassed much of the Village City as possible. Starting from Chandigarh and Haryana High Court [has dead escalators], followed by Rock Garden [adjacent to the High court], Rose Garden [24*7 live porno available here], Sector 17 [fountain here does not work at all], Sukhna Lake [this is what the people call a stream]. Another thing I noticed here is that for some strange reason Punjabis are nuts when it comes to two singers namely Gurdas Maan and Miss Puja [what's Miss Puja?]


Finally, my internship started. It was the second day. I was well on time. The first person I met was the H.R. Lady who was regular floozy as expected. I also realized that the firm was flooded with interns and thank God they all were my age group as I did not want to entertain any bhaiya’s and didi’s. Everyone in the firm was friendly. Had to work; literally work. Over the next few days my life was all about 9 to 7__________ 9 to 7_____________________________________ and 9 to 7. I had forgot what music and what fun was all about. My new definition of fun was tea or coffee, whatever! All I was suppose to do was go through files. Do things I had thought of like review stuff, do research, type, scan, print, smile, that’s it. Monotonous is what how I would put it. This is not fair I thought I would have had fun with other interns, huh…


With the passing of days enmeshed with boredom here came the 25th day [THE DAY]. It was the regular “type, read, scan, print, smile” thing I was doing and then came the lunch break that had serious repercussions on my internship. I was just doing what I usually did during the break: AIM. Yeah! I was chatting with my friends. I realized that a Sardaar Ji [senior attorney] was right on my face before I could sign out. My first impression of Sardaar Ji was that he was unrelentingly assertive and stood I guess six foot two or three. Sardaar Ji asked me what I was doing. I knew he would pest me for I was chatting. So I was prepared with my reply, “Sir, I was interacting with my friends using AIM in the same way as other interns do during the lunch break”. I said this with smile on my face throughout. I knew I was acting a complete pooper but then I had to do a bit of face-saving. Some time later I saw Sardaar Ji muttering something to the same floozy HR Lady but yes this time with scorn on his face.



Next day I saw guys from the I.T. department installing something in our [interns] systems. Soon the thing was installed in my system too. It was a bloody sonic wall and hacking it was not an issue. Ha-ha, I was trying to absurdly pretend that my life was upside down. Installing of sonic wall created much intern frenzy and I could see other interns twisting into grimace. I guess it was because the damn application blocked everything right from downloads to social networking sites. At that point of time I was in throes of everyone’s contempt. I felt obsolete and had moments of solitude for next few days. I knew I was to be blamed for it and yes I did feel terrible for what I did. So in a way I had a philanthropic commitment towards other interns and had to alleviate the strange predicament we all were into.


In the evening I downloaded the U-Surfer and the first thing next day I did was that I installed the application on my system. The sonic wall had got hacked. With the time I shared the application with other interns and then finally sonic wall was camouflaged for good culminating an armistice agreement between the interns. Things were now on track. There was peace. We did what we wanted to do albeit in sly.



I have a gluttony for music and travel. Sonic wall was one sweet exaggerated aspect of my internship. I hope you liked it. There was some serious stuff too. Throughout the internship, timings were strict: 9 to 7. I could have written about the work I did but then it would have been boring. Over the days, my perspective of Sardaar Ji being assertive was changed. Only difference being he was comically assertive and unrelentingly garrulous. I also heard some Gurdas Maan and Miss Puja stuff, loved it! Loved Chandigarh as well!! There were a total of eight interns. All the girls interning had a built of a wrestler so I never got a chance to show my skills. My last day in the firm was all about Domino’s and interaction with other employees and interns. Got an unexpected stipend as well. Thank you for reading the entire thing. Even if you didn’t read the post thanks for hovering around.



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