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What is love? Love is faith. Love is the beauty of life. Love is passion, affection, desire. Love is a major purpose for living; that connection is inherent in all that we do, and without love, we cannot survive as a...
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Love: Sames attract
Guest post by an anonymous lawyer and several talented non-lawyer collaborators who've had their fair share of legal 'experience'. Disclaimer: If you have a sensitive heart and/or soul, you may be offended. Please no blaming or suing. Seriously, we mean it....
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Freedom of Religion. That is, freedom to practice, profess and propagate one's religion. Various interest groups keep pressing hard in exercising this freedom of theirs. Their concerns towards restoring their fundamental rights to themselves in well appreciated. But, to understand the...
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Mr.Henpecked Humblepie was in the middle of a tiresome day at work, when  he started musing over his Lady Love…"it’s been a while since she called me…why is that? …surely , I can’t have wronged her?…I would’ve known - …the ritual...
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In Law schools, relationships mainly start due to boredom. Yes, that what I believe. I have seen it and I think a lot of people have too. I have to clarify. I am not talking about all the relationships. I am...
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