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Why can't all Law Universities work together?

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Some days back we saw that we are not the only ones who are obsessed with rankings. There are people in this world who rank all the big universities in the world. I can only imagine what kind of discussions their students must be having. I am pretty sure they will not be like the ones we have on LI or other similar websites. 

Is it Indian mentality?

We fight amongst ourselves and keep ourselves so busy that we have no freaking idea of what the other universities are doing. We idolize them. We want to be them but we sure as hell don't act like them, or even try.

Indian University students will fight tooth and nail to prove that his/her university is the best.

For a moment, lets assume that the newly established University NNLU ( Napster National Law University) comes out on top. Majority of the people agree its best among the Law Universities. 

Awesome, right? Wrong. 

Indian Universities are nowhere is the Top 100 or maybe 150 in ANY survey or ranking which comes out. We are not good enough even if we give or take 50 (FIFTY!) by assuming some kind of bias or problem with the judging pattern. 

We are a country of 1 Billion people. Our students are well recognized all over the world. We are considered hard working. 

So my problem is, why in the world do our country's University's get world recognition? 

I personally think its because we do not devote enough time for developing the university. We only defend it against stupid and dumb remarks. Is is all we can do? Is that our only worth? 

Why can't we all stand together? Why can't we work with each other? Why can't we stop accusing and starting appreciating and adopting the good things we have?

Imagine. All the resources and information of all the Universities working in one direction. One positive direction. All the students are friendly with each other, not just in real life but also over the web. 

No brainless comments. No infighting. Just plain progress. 

There is SO much scope for universities to work together. I am not saying there should be no competition. Competition is necessary for development.  I am just saying that this competition should be healthy. 

This can only be done if all the students participate. Each and everyone of us. No one should be left out. Five year or three year. National Law or Traditional. Your or mine. 

Start the revolution. It shall grow on its own.


P.S. -  This one's from the heart. :)





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