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The Back-up Plan

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[ I have used names of well known character because I felt like it. I mean no offence to any of the characters or their fans.]

(A group of friends are sitting in a typical law school hostel.)

Characters involved are:

Calvin- Of Calvin and Hobbes fame

Green Lantern- The guy with the ring

Gohan- Kame-hame-ha

Batman- Your not so friendly neighbourhood super hero

Hagar- The Horrible

Gandalf- Enough said. 


Scene 1:

Calvin: (thinking loudly) I don’t know what I will do after law school. Its been (x) number of years and I don't know jack about anything. (Sigh!)

Green Lantern: Join a law firm. Isn’t that like the only option?

Calvin: The fact is that in law school and even during recruitment, intelligence and competence are measured in terms of CGPA. I barely get enough marks to get me into the ‘average’ category from the ‘good for nothing’ category.

Green Lantern: This is precisely the reason why I asked you to study like you life depended on it, right from the first semester itself. (gets back to completing his notes for the day)

Gohan: My dad is a lawyer. I will join the ‘family business’. (grins at everyone)

Calvin: Okay okay you son of a lawyer. We get it. No need to rub it in.

Batman: How about MBA after this law?

Calvin: (Sarcastically) Yes sure. Mix Naan with Noodles.

Hagar: I just got the most brilliant idea. Why don’t we all start a law firm ourselves?

(Everyone in the room turns towards him and stares in surprise)

Hagar: How about it, huh? We all have interests in different fields. We can all..

Gohan: But My dad is a lawyer and he will....

Batman: Oh shut up Gohan! 

Hagar: (continues) We can all intern at places which work in our areas of interest. After our 5 years of law school are over, we work as juniors with good lawyers here in the High Court and the Lower court. After working for them for around 2 years, we would have learnt the basic and would be ready to start  on our own. We then leave our ‘jobs’ and start a firm ourselves. We will be able to get the capital together and start. We have heard that Jugaad is always successful, imagine how successful will group Jugaad be. All our contacts combined. It will be legendary!

(Everyone was laughing but was also seriously thinking over it. Until Gandalf enters and enquires what everyone is laughing at)

Gandalf: Aye ! Instead of starting a law firm why don’t you guys start a law school? Government will support you. Provide with capital and also give subsidies. You can rip off students in the name of tuition fees and infrastructure costs. It’s the most profitable business ever.

Anyways, does anyone of you have the new Lady Gaga album?

[This post has been written in an extreme state of sleep deficiency and nostalgia combined.]

Constructive suggestions are welcome. :)


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