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Ever wondered how a newfangled term became such an integral part of our life that in an event there is always a sense of uncertainty unless this so called technology is applied, how it has affected our life that even for trifles we rely on such methods.
It is always hard to define who ‘Mr. JUGAAD’ actually is. Some regard him as an immoral methodology applied to achieve targets where as others call him a smart way to accomplishment. So we may call it a matter of chance or two different faces of the same coin, one leading to mishaps like multi-million infrastructural scams, corruption etc. whereas other towards smart works like execution of more in very less. Some common examples of the former can be seen at the time of recruitments to government office which by all means is said to be true and fair but never actually is. But yeah it is fair for those who has special recommendation of ‘Mr. JUGAAD’.
No ‘Mr. JUGAAD’, no office for you. Generally ‘Mr. JUGAAD’ comes in several disguise namely power, property, money etc. If ever measured the value of ‘Mr. JUGAAD’ against merit, no doubt the ball will lie in ‘Mr. JUGAAD’s’ court.

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