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GNLU is better than NLSIU, NALSAR and NUJS all put together!

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Yea! I know why you opened this post. You are insecure. You wanted to know, “Who does this napster think he is? My college is way better than GNLU.”

Well, I have to tell you. I wrote this post just to prove that we are all acceptance seekers. If someone says that your college is the best then you will like him even though you know that what he is saying is all hogwash. 

I am just trying to show what a small title can do.

Why do we keep worrying about what other people think of our college?

How does it even matter?

If you like your college, then it’s good enough. Let other’s speak what they want.

I am tired of reading and hearing arguments about which college is better, which college has what rank, which college is the ‘best’. If the comparison of different national law schools was not enough, we had the entry of debates, no wait, they were not debates, they were arguments, about whether three year colleges are better or five year colleges. Five year colleges have divisions of NLUs and Non-NLUs. How nice!

So, all we do is fight online. Whatever happened to ‘healthy arguments’.

Some people like to boast that their college is Number 1 or 2 or 4. I have just one thing that I need to tell you, I don’t care what rank your college is, or even mine. All I care is that my college gives me the best it can and keeps on improving. That I can give my college my best and come out of it as a better person.

This might seem like a very stupid issue to be a blog post but it’s not. It is one issue that has been excessively discussed on all the websites and public forums. I personally think that people who argue on it are just plain jobless. Will your college’s performance go up if you won an argument about it online?

Just like all mothers think, their child is the best. All students think their college is the best. They cannot take criticism. No one can. They don’t just deny things. They fight over it like dogs. 

People have stopped trusting their instincts. Now they rely only on ranking to know how they feel about their college. They don't think for themselves. If you let someone else judge you then you will always face grief. 

There are many kinds of people who are part of such ‘debates’. One, who state reasons why they think their college is the best. Another so state the negative aspects of other colleges to make their college look better. Another, who think that such debates are futile but in the end, they end up joining the debate. I have seen people who first say that they are not affected by such ‘rankings’ and then later on give us a list of their own. Bravo!

But, there is one kind, which sits on a chair and laments the fact that people around law schools are becoming so insecure.

I am one of them. 

Stop it. Please.


This post is written out of frustration that has crept in after years of reading long futile debates on who is the best. The names in the title are chosen randomly. No offence to India Today and Outlook.  I was one of the people who got carried away and commented. I was stupid. Now I have learnt. They are just giving the public what it wants. Entertainment. 

Check out the ranking. It has 212 comments. I am pretty sure the views would be higher than any other quality blog on this website. 

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