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Akram, Ganguly advise law firms. Bhajji’s unethical ‘practice’. And why BCI,BCCI suck

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Agression is Important

When Saurav Ganguly was the captain of the Indian cricket team he had with him two young left arm fast bowlers; Zaheer Khan (then 30 pounds lighter) and Ashish Nehra (then pot-bellied). Oops! Sorry for the digression.

Ganguly, an intelligent guy that he is, took both Zaheer and Nehra to Wasim Akram (the great man helps everyone from the sub continent) hoping that Akram would offer the young kids some fast bowling tips on run-up, use of the non-bowling arm, reverse swing etc.

The first question Akram asked was:

Do you guys drink”?

No, the Indian lads replied sheepishly.

Does anyone of you smoke”?

They did a negative nod.

No”?! Akram barked. He looked at Saurav and said, “These guys can’t become fast bowlers”.

Akram was, of course, hinting at aggression.

Aggression is important in cricket and in law. Leading law firms and LPOs have been aggressive. Successful start-up law firms have been aggressive. Aggression should obviously be mixed with logical moves, street smartness and knowing what you do best and what you don’t. Akram did all of this. Ganguly was bare chestedly aggresive too.

Bureaucracy Sucks

BCI is a pathetic body; BCCI is a pathetic body.

Infrastructure in our law schools and stadiums

Look at our law schools. They don’t have habitable buildings. One person manages all the work; of a peon to that of the principal. Students don’t attend classes, because there is no one good enough to teach. There is no one good to teach, because they weren’t taught well.

Look at our stadiums. With pathetic infrastructure, they are far away from being spectator friendly. Like bad teachers at law schools, our domestic cricket teams have fat and dumb coaches with a goat inside the bellies and goat shit for skills.

Foreign firms and foreign teams

In a globalised world Foreign law firms aren’t being allowed just to protect the vested interests of a few. At the same time Indian law firms languish in mediocrity.

Even for our domestic cricket, reducing the number of teams and introducing some foreign teams have been going on since a while. But with lack of will and interest it continues to be that our domestic cricket continues to languish, invisible to many.

Advertisements: learn something

Indian law firms aren’t allowed to advertise to preserve the sanctity of the noble profession. Wow! Great logic and concern.

BCCI has learnt the lesson in reverse. It has come to know how too much of advertisement and fanfare instead of the sport can backfire; with bullets which kill. It killed IPL.

The game has to be respected

I have heard a lot about billable hours and the unethical practices which go with them. While Bihari Babuu’s fox billed her ‘time spend in hospital’ hours to her client; unethical practices are abound in dozens. And they have become ‘accepted’ practices to earn easy money.

Pretty much like todays bowlers who are running scot free with the ‘unethical’ practice of chucking. Harbhajan Singh chucks ; Shoaib Malik chucks, Johan Botha of South Africa chucks. But with chucking being legalised by a rule of ’15 degree bend’, these guys make spin bowling look terribly easy.

Pity that crime is being allowed; being organised. Respect the game guys. Don’t play it the wrong way.

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