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Sh*t rapists’ lawyers say: 5 things that are ridiculous and/or hateful, but can anyone stop them? [in gifs]

ML Sharma, demonstrates his deep understanding of humanity
ML Sharma, demonstrates his deep understanding of humanity
Gangrape lawyers ML Sharma, AP Singh might face a Bar Council of India (BCI) inquiry (again), promises BCI chairman MK Mishra.

The two defence lawyers of the men convicted of the 2012 Delhi gang rape, ML Sharma and AP Singh, have acted as one of the lightning rods for the renewed public anger surrounding India’s banning of the BBC documentary film about the rape, featuring interviews with one of the death row convicts, his lawyers and others.

Bar Council of India (BCI) chairman Manan Kumar Mishra said, according to PTI:

Unless and until the council gets a complaint in writing, we cannot initiate any action. Until now, we have not received any complaint in this regard.

Once the complaint comes, we will examine that and only then we can do anything. Comments against women appear to be unwarranted, but we cannot do anything unless we get some complaint in this regard.

Senior advocate Raju Ramchandran responded that the BCI had “a duty to issue suo motu notice and ask for explanation”.

However, in 2013 the BCI under then-chairman Mishra had issued a show-cause notice to AP Singh for his statements after having reportedly received a complaint of professional misconduct under section 35 of the Advocates Act.

Mishra did not respond to an email from Legally India yesterday afternoon seeking comment on the progress of the 2013 show cause notice against Singh.

Advocate AP Singh, advocating ‘honour killing’ (in 2013 and now)

In a previous televised interview, Singh had said: “If my daughter or sister engaged in pre-marital activities and disgraced herself and allowed herself to lose face and character by doing such things, I would most certainly take this sort of sister or daughter to my farmhouse, and in front of my entire family, I would put petrol on her and set her alight.”

In the documentary, which is still available on YouTube and elsewhere despite the Indian government’s ban, Singh confirmed his position and said: “This is my stand. I still today stand on that reply.”

On an NDTV panel yesterday night, with both Sharma and Singh present, Mishra said: “I can only say that an inquiry will be held [against the two lawyers], and since I'm here before NDTV, I’ll not be part of that inquiry.

When asked whether he disagreed with AP Singh’s views, Mishra said: “Naturally, Mr Singh, he is talking of the character of the woman, the character of the girls.

“First of all, he's a lawyer. As a lawyer's point of view, first he’ll have to learn the character of lawyer, the professional ethics the lawyers is supposed to maintain. He'll have to learn what is the law of the land.”

ML Sharma, on botany

Sharma: “A female is just like a flower. It gives a good-looking, very softness pleasant performance. But on the other hand, a man is just like a thorn. Strong, tough enough.

“That flower always needs protection. If you put that flower in a gutter, it is spoilt. If you put that flower in a temple, it will be worshipped.”

ML Sharma, feminist in disguise? (via Jhuma Sen & @swarajpb)

“You are talking about man and woman as friends. Sorry, that doesn’t have any place in our society. We have the best culture. In our culture there is no place for a woman,” said Sharma, possibly having hit the nail on the head for why rape is so endemic.

“In our society, we never allow our girls to come out from the house after 6:30 or 7:30 or 8:30 in the evening with any unknown person.”

“She should not be on the street like food. Ladies are more precious than a gem. It is up to you how you want to keep it – in your hand or on the street.

“A woman means I immediately put the sex in his eyes.”

ML Sharma, psychology 101

On the 2012 gangrapists’ actions: “He will put his hand… Insert, hit! He would like to create a damage. It is just that kind of action. Beat him. Putting his hand forcefully inside.”

ML Sharma, on filmy influences

“They left our Indian culture,” said Sharma about the victims who had watched the Life of Pi in the cinema before getting attacked. “They were under the imagination of the filmy culture, in which they can do anything.”

This is not Sharma’s first brush with controversial and comments recorded on video – in 2013, he gave an interview to Newslaundry  and shared some of his more bizarre views, including:

On rape accused: you cannot penetrate without being excited. If you can’t do that how can you go for sex, and how can you go for rape? So first step is excitement. And a man will be excited when he gets the “atmosphere”. And whether he gets an atmosphere or not depends on the circumstances in which he is. Will you be able to do it? Tell me. This has nothing to do with whether you are married or not. Go watch a “porn movie” today you’ll get to know.

On rape victims: Simple analogy. If you have a bread or sweetmeat and you put it outside your house can you tell me what will happen? Neighbourhood dogs will come eat it and go. Not a piece would be left for you. If you keep that box protected in the fridge the dogs won’t get a chance.

It is the responsibility of every woman to keep herself protected. If she puts herself in an unprotected situation she is to blame. Why don’t you guys tell people that your protection is in your own hands? Whether you are homeless or have a home your protection is in your own hands. You create circumstances for rape on your own and when something happens to you you become innocent. Mis-happenings happen because of you.

On rape in society: To end rape first thing will be to end the dirty atmosphere that has been created. Sexual atmosphere should be stopped. Any sexual pose should not be allowed because a sexual pose create a sexual affect in the mind of any person. With clothes or without clothes. [The media] puts sexual effects in the mind of innocent boys to make money, and provoke people, then say that we are doing nothing.

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