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Banned SC advocate responds cryptically to CJI: Sex harass texts were ‘magical realist poetry’ against ‘witchcraft’ corrupt judges

Image from Nagesh's Facebook page (identity obscured by Legally India)
Image from Nagesh's Facebook page (identity obscured by Legally India)

The advocate who has been banned from the Supreme Court premises for six months after the court’s new sexual harassment committee asked the Chief Justice of India (CJI) to take action, has said he would seek a review of the order.

In a public post on Facebook, advocate CS Nagesh appeared to write late yesterday that he had been sending text messages to his female friend for a year as part of research work in a “new genre” (see full post below, under heading Nagesh’s Facebook post to CJI).

“Any negative moves towards my she-friend by me is impossible for any reasons;metaphysical dimension is also there to my incident”, wrote Nagesh, adding that his “incident” also had a “metaphysical dimension” and was “poetry”, “magical realism” and “surrealistic pattern”. Nagesh appeared to claim in his post that corrupt and “witch-craft judges” were shielding his “she-friend”.

Nagesh wrote that he was seeking review of the order, though Legally India could not confirm whether he has filed an actual review petition of the order.

Legally India has tried to contact Nagesh but had received no response at the time of going to press.

The Supreme Court’s order was first reported by Legally India yesterday afternoon after it was published on the Supreme Court’s website. It stated that CJI P Sathasivam ordered Nagesh to be banned from entering the Supreme Court precinct for six months after the Supreme Court Gender Sensitisation and Internal Complaints Committee (GSICC) submitted a report apparently finding that Nagesh had sexually harassed someone.

While Sathasivam in his order did not specify exactly what Nagesh’s conduct had been, he wrote that because it was the first complaint against Nagesh, he would hopefully “redeem himself” and “operate as a deterrent against him”.

The order did not specify what kind of procedure was followed in its finding or inquiry against Nagesh.

Three weeks ago, on 3 April, Nagesh had published the Supreme Court’s order on his Facebook stream, commenting that “my research poems have been taken by supreme court. my poems leak-outs their ugly deeds miraculously”. In another update, he wrote:

If complaint against me I will accept and plea guilty;since complaint against complaint itself I have to contest and give 'poetic justice' to my she-friend complainant. My she-friend has filed FIR No.54/2014[506 ipc;66A IT Act] in Tilak Marg Police station, New Delhi. This is what i said witch-craft judges have been shielding my she friend , when I said corrupt judges are WITCH-CRAFT judges and corrupt judges are PIMPS too. NO SINGLE MISTAKES BY MY SHE-FRIEND. My all research notes meant to Judges only. She just acted as an inspirational character, role in my poems,which had been sent to her mobile during last one year. It is very surprise to me why not CJI not had seen the research as research and poetry as poetry, while on GSHCC report! This type of incidents are rare and miraculous,its need different approach to understand, not typicality. I have to defeat deliberately before my special friend. [sic]

In another post he wrote:

In research track one of my poems asked my she-friend complainant to "come out of the acid time", further says "once i saved you, this time i can not save you".."we would of save acid victims unnecessarily you scared" .. and clearly from the beginning i have been stating that all sms were poems and on research work in the interest of helpless. REMEDIAL WORK OF THE NATURE. we can solve acid problem in the society through poetry[?]. to my surprise my she-friend filed complainant under 506 0f ipc. 66A IT Act to publish on facebook KNOWINGLY my texts are poems,notes on research subjects. here i am not posting all raw lines.

Research laboratory or kitchen things are so. My poem Love at the Time of Harappa and Mahenjadaro is also[this poem is in facebook] on ditto track. It never attract 66A IT Act. Since every thing is peculiar and strange to normal materialistic mind ce it is so to my she-friend. Now only I too have understood the poetry and process of poetry and natural appearance of the poetry itself out of one's pen. I treat this complaint incident also as part of my research.[research is like "EUREKA RESEARCH", NATURAL,NOT AN ARTIFICIAL as any research work of academic institution, It has metaphysical dimension too. My she-friend's right is also good and wrong is also good. poetry logic is abstract one. for any good reason i have to bear. However there are metaphoric problems. I have no EGO HURT for the acts of my she-friend complainant even against to me. Worth social service at the risk of my profession and life. An opportunity to serve;inevitable because it is the hobby of my soul as well as the soul of my she-friend complainant. If i say myself poet,poem,research, how i have to react to this strange time, created by very poetry TIME ? No problem i can bear;what to do unnecessarily my she-friend has to suffer.its not at all suffer, I know, its need a different mind set. Poetry time shows miraculous evidence to once's astonishment what my she-friend too have seen.That is why she has received 700 sms text to her mobile otherwise she can not receive more than 7 sms texts.Mine is only theory not a practicl,strom in a tea-cup, alike strom in a message box.------- c.s.nagesh [sic]

Nagesh’s Facebook post to CJI:


File No. 02/2013
Supreme Court Of India


The respondent in the File supra preferred this review on the order of the Hon'ble CJI dated 15th March,2014 as well as report of the Intrernral committee dated 21st Feb 2014 and committee report dated 4th March.

By spending in crores an university or a research center had to undertake ,such a research work is there in my nano texts messages which had been sending for a year to my she-friend. It is unfortunate that committee or Hon'ble CJI not noticed my natural research work which are in the form of process of poetry,full of metaphors;research notes and debarred me for six months is a wet- injustice. I know since my research is a new genre, not in regular form around and might not have been understood easily.

Even to my surprise,genuine valuable research is there on Arushi and Hemaraj case,Nirbhaya case,sexual harassment of judges case, Black mailers, Corruption in judiciary. To my explosive astonishment I have got a worth out put in a task of Indian court yards. I have to do further research in any University and has to do documentary and seminars on my research work. But the present impugned reports and order will be prejudiced the substance of my research work. My research is very necessary for the benefit of modern society. A worth contributions to post-modern jurisprudence.

Any negative moves towards my she-friend by me is impossible for any reasons;metaphysical dimension is also there to my incident. Even i can not imagine the allegations, scolds on my she-friend by me so in real. However every thing is as per script;reports of the committee and Hon'ble CJI'S order too as per the script of poetry. If review or not that too as per script of poetry according to my process of poetry for which conclusive evidence has been dumped by supernatural power;poetry as well. Magical realism. Surrealistic pattern.Its need a new approach;not a typicality.

Wherefore it is just and necessary to review the reports and order supra,for all the good reasons and a quite equilibrium point of the scale of Justice. Hence this moves of respondent,with a prayer for review as per. Respondent

C.S. Nagesh,

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