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How the SC disappointed citizens in Loya judgment

The Wire reported:

A careful reading of the Supreme Court’s judgment dismissing the demand for an independent probe into the death of judge B.H. Loya – who was presiding over the Sohrabuddin fake encounter case at the time – reveals little that one can take exception to. But that is only because the court restricted its inquiry to whether sufficient grounds existed for suspecting that Loya might not have died of natural causes.

What the Supreme Court ruled out from consideration at the very first hearing was any discussion of whether Loya, who could easily have had a previously undiagnosed heart condition, might have been driven to his death by the pressures that he came under, and about which he spoke on more than one occasion to his family and friends.

Its caution would have been justified if it had been required to make a finding on the cause of Loya’s death. But all it had been asked to do was authorise an independent investigation into the circumstances of his death. It is a matter of record that within four weeks of the November 30, 2014 death, BJP president Amit Shah ended up getting discharged from the Sohrabuddin case. The two articles in Caravan magazine that the Supreme Court referred to had awoken fears that had lain dormant for three years.


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