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Surana & Surana

12 June 2015

Chennai-based law firm Surana & Surana has lost in its Competition Commission of India (CCI) complaint against computer maker Dell India, which the law firm alleged had entered “the Indian market of computers and computer hardwares via predatory pricing and it offered its products at ridiculously low prices compared to what was offered by its competitors in India”.

08 February 2011

Mooting Premier League 2010-11 - MPL2 Readers and mooters went into tailspin last week over a perceived problem in the quality of judging at Jessup national rounds, posting over 80 comments on this apparently perennial issue. Legally India investigates.

02 March 2010

legally-india-mooting-premier-league_thThis mooting weekend belonged to ILS Law College Pune, which scored back-to-back victories to propel it into fifth place of the Mooting Premier League (MPL). ILS Pune is now the top-ranked non-national law school, taking over the position from SOEL Chennai and overtaking NLIU Bhopal.

16 February 2010

legally-india-mooting-premier-league_thEarly Mooting Premier League (MPL) leader NLSIU Bangalore has come under heavy pressure from both sides, as Nalsar Hyderabad took a massive lead and NLU Jodhpur closed in on second place.

10 February 2010

chennai_beach_th2Surana & Surana head consultant litigation M L Joseph has set up the law firm Chennai Law Associates to focus on contentious and intellectual property matters.