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Mukta Gupta

13 July 2016

The Delhi high court today asked Chief Arvind Kejriwal to explain the meaning of the word “thulla”, which he used during a television debate on policemen.

11 December 2015

Justice at a keystroke“Alongside the justices, you will draft decisions that change lives. Your input will constantly be sought, and your ideas will certainly be implemented. In many instances, the justices will rely entirely on your analysis. They'll base their opinions on your research. That means you affect what they see and what they know. There are nine justices on this Court. But your influence, the power that you hold, makes you the tenth justice.”

15 October 2014

Pro bono legal assistance NGO iProbono won a Delhi high court appeal yesterday for a now six-year-old rape victim, with the high court slamming the magistrate and trial judge in her case for questioning her like an adult witness while recording her testimony.