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17 March 2010



Here a few lessons law firms and lawyers need to learn from the way cricket/ IPL is played.

Do one thing. Do it well.

Irfan Pathan was a huge success till he did one thing. And you bet he did it awesomely well. Left arm fast medium, 135ks, the ball swinging into the right hander. What a beautiful sight it was! The girls liked him too!

Then he tried to be super quick. That didn’t happen. He now is actually medium fast. He then tried to develop the ball the goes away from the right hander. Didn’t happen. He worried. Grew bald. Even the girls left him! The blue eyed boy of Indian cricket is now groping in the dark. Sad.

Many lawyers who concentrate on a single practice area are doing great for themselves. Take Mr. Pavan Duggal for example. He does Cyber law. Obhan and Associates do patents. That is it. Mr. Veeraghavan Inbavijayan: He does International Arbitration. Nothing else. But they all do it really well.

On the other hand, lawyers/ law firms who try to expand too much, too fast have more often then not fallen flat on their faces. 

The cat who knew to climb trees escaped the hounds; the fox who knew a hundred myriad tricks fell prey to them.

Great things remain great.


Australian cricket team was great, is great. Imagine this: no Waugh brothers, no McGrath, no Warne, no Gilchrist, no Hayden, no Langer. And you begin to think if it is really the Australian team. But in comes Mitchell Johnson, Nannes, Bollinger, Hussey, Clarke, Haddin et al. The Australian team still remains a world beater.


Fox Mandal, a great firm got into a very bad shape off late. Partners broke away. Spin-offs were quicker than Shoaib Akhtar’s 150 km/ hr thunderbolts. But Fox Mandal persevered. Today it is hale and hearty and the piggy bank too seems to be growing.


      3.)   Great captains are cool captains. Great captains are brave captains. Great captains are innovative captains. Great captains are fun.


Kian Ganz is cool. He is the editor/captain of this site folks.

He lets every comment pour in and be put on an open forum.  He is brave.

He has this blog competition running. He has a thriving discussion forum on. He has a job portal too. Kian is innovative.

Kian has a party every Saturday and Sunday. Kian is fun.


Dhoni never loses his cool. He tackles media with his philosophical one liners.

He parades the team before media to show unity. Dhoni is brave.

Dhoni uses Raina as a death bowler, Amit Mishra as a night watchman. He is innovative.

Dhoni loves bowling. He has even opened the bowling in a Test match. Dhoni is fun.


4.)   Things that don’t come on TV/ Newspapers are dead.

Many lawyers come on TV. CNBC, NDTV Profit etc. are some of the favourite hunting grounds of the eagles and beagles. Their news comes in various business newspapers. Big, visible news. They surely are living well. Domestic cricket matches aren’t even telecast live on TV. The news space of a Ranji match is, at best, microscopic. Domestic cricket is dead.

ps- more to come!

27 November 2009

LegallyIndia_KianGanz-180Things usually start out nice and steady and the managing partner wears the star rainmaker cap and every other hat on top of it.

But with greater size come greater responsibilities.

It is therefore not a huge surprise that Amarchand Mumbai has taken on a chief operating officer (COO) to relieve the Shroff family of some of its internal management duties.

That Amarchand has hired a non-Indian COO from the UK is more unusual.


01 July 2009

Amarchand_Shardul-ShroffAmarchand Mangaldas is planning to convert to a limited liability partnership (LLP) once the structure is finalised and has been sanctioned by the Bar Council of India.

13 June 2009

Luthra-Rajiv-LuthraLuthra & Luthra partners have agreed to completely overhaul their management and partnership structure, which will see up to six current salaried partners enter the newly opened equity on a lockstep system.