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Maharashtra and Goa Bar Council election

22 March 2010

ballot_box-by-Anthony_KaranjaMaharashtra & Goa (M&G) Bar Council veteran Manubhai Paragji Vashi has called for new elections in a letter, as the M&G Advocate General has begun investigating claims of illegality in the Bar Council elections after 4,000 votes were invalidated.

05 February 2010

Hitesh JainALMT Legal partner Hitesh Jain has fallen short of his target after tentatively winning around 199 first preference votes in the preliminary counting rounds in the first five districts out of 37 in the Maharashtra & Goa Bar Council elections, with four other candidate building a potentially strong lead of first preference votes.

28 January 2010

ballot_box-by-Anthony_KaranjaThe first ballot boxes were unsealed for electronic counting yesterday at the Bar Council offices near Bombay High Court, kicking off the long count to find the winners of the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa elections.

08 January 2010

IMG_6255Law firm lawyers turned out in force for the Maharashtra and Goa Bar Council elections yesterday, having left ALMT Legal partner Hitesh Jain feeling confident of winning a seat by a comfortable margin.

08 January 2010

ballot_box-by-Anthony_KaranjaThe Maharashtra and Goa Bar Council polls closed yesterday (7 January), amid allegations of candidates having used "money, gifts and illegal methods", according to a newspaper report.

13 November 2009

ALMT-Hitesh_JainAnother law firm partner has thrown his hat in the ring of local Bar Council elections, with ALMT Legal partner Hitesh Jain running for the Maharashtra & Goa Bar Council on a ticket of improving participation, relevance and infrastructure.