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legal entrepreneurs

25 August 2010

I have always been thrilled by entrepreneurs. The first entrepreneur I came in ‘virtual’ contact with was Sachin Malhan who was our legal aptitude mentor at LST and used to teach through VSAT sessions. Seeing him in real life always evaded me. Thankfully, he once came to NUJS for a talk on his entrepreneurial journey which I attended. I loved the talk. I also love to track the growth of his ventures: LST, Rainmaker and now Inclusive Planet.


Prof. Shamnad Basheer of NUJS again is an entrepreneur, a social entrepreneur. His two initiatives ClaM (Collaborative Law Making) and IDIA (Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access to Legal Education) are especially brilliant. I have been fortunate enough to get to see him at work and work under him, at times.


Kian Ganz’s LegallyIndia.com (where we all are now) has been a fabulous success too. He, in his own words is letting it develop like ‘an organism’ and believes that it is just a beginning of a revolution.


Ashish Arun, a student at NUJS starts his own LPO. Ramanuj Mukherjee, another student of NUJS starts an online CLAT preparation platform. A student at NLSIU becomes an author. A few more armed with law degrees from Harvard and the like start Moolis, a restaurant in UK. GoSports is yet another interesting venture of Mr. Nandan Kamath, again from NLS.


I too am a wannabe entrepreneur and love reading about the whos, hows and whys of this field. Here is a little piece for your consideration.


A request: First, please read the poem in its entirety.

Then come back to the tips in bold and read the paras which follow.

It will make for a better reading.



Tip 1: Think over it. Think big. And while thinking, haste while you wait.

When thinking what to think,

The hollow éclair that your soul is,

Yes it drinks,

A glassful of ecstasy, so vivid,

That for ‘that thing’, so unique,

A recipe is laid.


Tip 2: You are informed. Now take the plunge. Go with the pulse. Don’t wait for things to be perfect.

The heart is not here, not there

Of mind and kind, you aren’t able to find

And then slowly, but suddenly

A sensation, so unearthly,

Guides your pulse, to ‘that thing’.


Tip 3: Books are good. Your mind is better. Be your own chef. Make something different.

The recipe isn’t fixed, sorry chef.

You can pamper it, to pamper yourself.

For ‘that thing’ is for you

Not for them

For them it’s just another read

For you it’s your soul’s creed.


Tip 4: Don’t worry too much. If you have the beat, the song will play on.

Worrying about rhyme? That’s not her need

For this little wonder

Compliments to your feel, your beat

And as the rivers, rhyme with the hills

Playing your game, to the team’s win

So does ‘that thing’, with your being.


Tip 5: Don’t be too proud of success. Keep up the passion. When the passion ends, the entrepreneur will die.

Till the thirst, the drink remains.

And as the last draught, dies inside

A drought sprouts; a cacophonous chime.

You lose your vain, she retains her pride.

And then Alas! The lines they end with that sip

After you recover yourself and lose the zing.

5 Good Websites

(National Entrepreneurship Network)

(They have ‘Startup Saturdays’ in many a places)

www.legalrebels.com (Legal Rebels who think very very differently)

www.dare.co.in (An Indian magazine on entrepreneurship)

www.entrepreneur.co.in (A foreign magazine on entrepreneurship)

(Please add if you have some others in mind).


10 September 2009

sun_cloudsAre you dreaming of becoming the next Zia? India is the world's only major legal market where you can still do more than just dream.

Legally India has asked more than a dozen legal entrepreneurs for their advice on how to live that dream.

"If you feel if you are not able to achieve what you want in larger firms with larger brand names, there is enough work to sustain and flourish when you set up on your own," claims Lex Counsel's co-founder Dimpy Mohanty.