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indian politicians

02 March 2010

For all those lawyers/ law students who have stopped involving their brains in normally stimulating cranial efforts and have submitted themselves unabashedly to Bangia and the like[:X]; the LegalPoet presents a Bangia’s guide to his poem: [:O]

  • He’, in this poem is today's Neta, the Lion.
  • Hyenas’ are his sycophants/ boot-lickers.
  • Pards’ and the ‘Tigers’ are the plucky lawyers of the past, lawyers who were social engineers* in the truest sense.

  • Who are the other animals? Is it we the people; the civil society? Should lawyers lead the pack of these animals? Are today’s lawyers who are running after law firms capable of this? YOU DECIDE.


For him his work shall say

That his smile is a façade.

That those greedily folded hands,

Shall soon start their task.


That those promises like since ages,

Will be given a premature pyre.

That those words which oblige service,

Are from a die-hard liar.


That he is the lion, the king,

Not half as brave, as majestic.

But because the hyenas trail him,

Feeding on the carcass he kills.


That the pards and the tigers are extinct,

For they’d have the king dethroned.

That the pards and the tigers are extinct

Do all the animals lose hope?



*One can use any term instead of ‘engineer’; social ‘doctor’ would sound just as good; social ‘tailor’ would be fine too; make it social ‘architect’ and it would go along perfectly well. (If any high-headed engineer was feeling chuffed…hope this takes out a bit of your steam). [:P]


29 May 2009

Law Minister - Veerappa MoilyTop Indian lawyers are stumped by Veerappa Moily's appointment as Minister of Law and Justice, which was announced late last night defying all observers' expectations.

Moily (pictured) is a seasoned Congress politician and practicing lawyer in Bangalore but unlike the candidates expected to be shoo-ins for the job, he is an unknown quantity.

One top Mumbai lawyer said: "I have no idea what this will do to things." 

"It is a real surprise," added another Delhi partner. "Now it's very hard to tell what will happen. I know reforms will be on the agenda but I don't know how quickly. I think there will have to be renewed lobbying."