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drunk law student

28 March 2010

HIGH (in) COURT: A Drunk Mooter Prays For A Flowing Stream of Fun


If it may please the honourable court

I would like to proclaim:

The counsel is not ‘feelin' well,

He swears in God's name.


The night before was a trail too long,

Singing li’l life's crazy song

While each and every bit of me

Went 'round Kolkata feeling so Bong.

Your Lordship, hic! I may be wrong

But what is wrong with a first year

Who has hit the gong?


Looking at the memo, a night passes through my mind,

Of all the scenes in Kolkata, in my soul, in my life.

That night was surely the truest bliss,

Like my life giving me a midnight kiss

A kiss that drove me high

And left the judges with a wry,

Smugly, smile on their faces.


But now here is the point, where I plead, for the court

To give a heed, as the counsel gradually proceeds

To the prayer, of all those things, he humanly needs:


A flowing stream of fun; a sky shining with life;

A life without any reasons, and letting destiny to decide;

For till the day comes, I would continue to stress,

Upon this point until your Lordship agrees to be your 'HIGH' ness.


PS- This is not by me. This is by Pipo...my friend.