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Careers Counsel

07 June 2016

Screenshot 2016-06-07 18.02.25At NLSIU Bangalore, more than one-third of the entire LLB student population wanted to join a law firm or a legal consultancy after graduation, but the popularity of this career option consistently declined with successive batches and was overtaken by other choices after the class of 2015 graduated.

19 March 2015

Bishen Jeswant shares 9 thoughts for budding non-lawyersBishen Jeswant, who left a well-paid corporate law job a year ago to start reporting about cricket, shares some of his experiences and thoughts in changing careers.

28 October 2014

“At Supreme Court for three years under a kind senior but he's still paying me peanuts and not giving me any great work. At a loss…”

21 February 2014

Women not on topAmarchand Mangaldas emerged as the large law firm with the highest ratio of female lawyers ranked by the 2014 Chambers and Partners lawyer directory, while J Sagar Associates (JSA) and Trilegal came lowest with as few as 6 per cent of senior female lawyers.

05 November 2013

Burn out?Legally India’s resident agony aunt and uncle answer a concerned mother’s queries about whether her son’s potential career choice of law is a good one, or whether it would leave him a broken shell of a man.

09 July 2013

Musical chairsAmarchand is the fourth major Indian law firm to have made it (mostly) mandatory for fresher recruits to rotate between different departments for the first eighteen months. J Sagar Associates (JSA) and Khaitan & Co also swear by it; Trilegal was less enamoured. Is it the new standard or just a fad?

16 May 2013

hvty1mjd Remfry & Sagar has created a pre-partnership career rung, promoting four managing associates into the partner-designate position effective from 1 April 2013.

11 April 2013

skmep32qDivya would like to tell you a little about Legally Jobs and how it’s been going, and how to maximise your chances in the open market.

11 July 2012

peggy mad men Workplaces are structured to lose the women along the career ladder and colleagues’ and bosses’ attitudes do usually not alleviate the loss, was a hot topic of discussion in a room of 80 women at the Society of Women Lawyers’ (SOWL) annual conference in Delhi on Saturday.

03 July 2012

Disney-Naina-Chhugani After joining The Walt Disney Company India as associate principal counsel from J Sagar Associates (JSA), Naina Chhugani was quickly disabused of the notion that in-house is nothing but a post box. Instead, as studios and TV content head, she now knows the media business “inside-out”, practices cutting-edge law and has seen a half-billion dollar takeover first hand.

And Disneyland is apparently not half-bad either.

02 April 2012

Khaitan: Steep internal ladder?Exclusive: Khaitan & Co has not promoted any partners internally in its annual promotion round after internally restructuring its associate and partnership track, nine associates were promoted to senior associate level and one lateral associate partner joined in Mumbai.

20 February 2012

He can offer you a law firm job you can't refuse Dear Aunty & Uncle. I am a fourth year from a lesser-known law school in Delhi, which has no placement committee, and my parents have no legal background. How can I get a corporate law job?

11 January 2012

image Dear Aunty & Uncle. I just started at a reputed firm and the senior associate sitting next to me watches pornography on his work computer.

19 December 2011

Bunches of budding start-up lawyers Dear Aunty & Uncle. I want to start a law firm. Please advise.

06 December 2011

image Dear Aunty & Uncle. The salaried partner who supervises me is stopping me from progressing in my career. He is competent but I know that I am better than he is technically. But he treats me like a dumb doll, which I’m not. He doesn’t allow me to meet clients and always shields me from the equity partners and barely lets me talk in meetings. What can I do?

Yours, National Law School Victim

27 November 2011

Aunty & Uncle coach in snakes & ladders Dear Aunty & Uncle. I am at the Delhi office of [a third-tier law firm] doing general corporate commercial work. I graduated four years ago from a reputed law school. I know I am good enough to join [a first or second-tier firm] that does more corporate transactional work. Please revert back.

29 September 2010

Legally-India-careers-counsel_by-ScarlethWhite-LGThree life lessons and the top eight tips to help you bag those law firm and advocate internships.

04 June 2010

ladder_by_Mzelle_biscotteVaish Associates (VA) has promoted nine associates to salaried partnership levels in its Delhi, Mumbai and Gurgaon offices as part of a comprehensive restructuring programme that includes introduction of hierarchy based designations.

26 May 2010

Legally-India-law-blogsSince the start of Legally India's blogging competition in January, a total of 50 law bloggers (blawgers) have shared legal thoughts, laughs, pains and the downright surreal. With a little over two months to go in the competition this round-up looks at the most popular bloggers and posts to date.

We are also pleased to announce two new sponsored jury prizes for the most thought provoking blog posts on issues of social and legal importance, worth Rs 20,000 (see details below), which was kindly donated by a practising lawyer.