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BS Chauhan

11 April 2017

Lawyer strikes are fuelled by lawyers who hardly have court work and also by bar councils who guard their vote bank and disregard the interests of justice, as even elite law schools have failed in their mission, said Law Commission (LC) chairman and former Supreme Court judge Justice BS Chauhan in an interview with Outlook magazine, demonstrating a pretty decent understanding of the legal profession and some of the problems that beset it.

10 April 2017

The Bar Council of India (BCI) has vowed to lead a massive law and order breakdown if the law ministry does not reject the latest recommendations of the Law Commission (LC), it decided this weekend in a meeting, at which it also demanded the immediate removal of former Supreme Court justice BS Chauhan as the LC’s chairman.

24 March 2014

A Supreme Court bench headed by Justice Justice BS Chauhan reiterated that the government must not imply that Aadhar cards are mandatory to take advantage of any government services.

"I received lot of letters which say Aadhar card is mandatory despite court orders. One letter said his marriage is not registered because of lack of Aadhar card, other letters say they can't get their properties registered. We had already passed orders saying no one should suffer for not having Aadhar card. If there are any instructions that Aadhar is mandatory, it should be withdrawn immediately," he said. [NDTV]

05 March 2014

The Supreme Court has dismissed the petition by lawyers challenging the recommendation of 12 names for the Madras high court bench by its chief justice, saying it could only review for eligibility but not suitability.

04 June 2013

Neglected juveniles: Delhi HC directs that all Delhi jails will have a welfare officer, after noting that only 5 Delhi jails out of 11 have them. The absence of welfare officers and one social worker to work with each Special Juvenile Police Unit in the city has led to imprisonment of juvenile offenders in adult jails [Express]

Judge on marriage U/A: Karnataka HC justice K Sreedhar Rao observes that movies and IPL cricket matches are ruining the lives of youth who are not mature enough to be married at the current legally marriageable age of 18 for girls and 21 for boys. He considers raising the age limits while hearing two habeas corpus petitions to produce girls who had eloped with boys [NIE]

White collar advocates: Supreme Court justice BS Chauhan says: “India has become a haven for white collar criminals, who are advocated by ‘giant’ lawyers. If quality justice cannot be ensured to people, it is better to abolish the judicial system” [HT]

Taping court trials: Law minister Kapil Sibal to discuss audio recording options for trial court proceedings, with chief justices of high courts across the country. Sibal said: “In other countries, proceedings of trial courts are audio-recorded but not in India.... What the judge is saying, witness is saying, cross examination is saying, how work is taking place, nobody knows although the courts are public places.” [HT]