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Bar Council of Delhi

16 February 2017

The Delhi high court has bizarrely exempted state bar councils from the statutory duty to publish their meeting minutes online, on the ground that some of these minutes may contain third party information of a confidential nature.

09 December 2011

Legally India, every 14 days in Mint Mint exclusive: The Bar Council of Delhi chairman Rakesh Tiku sent a letter to law firms such as Khaitan & Co in Delhi, which have converted into a limited liability partnerships (LLPs), warning them that this could be professional misconduct.

Delhi bar council member and Luthra & Luthra partner Vijay Sondhi responded with a letter of his own, slamming Tiku’s warning as illegal, and one Delhi law firm mothballed its LLP firm to avoid the controversy.

08 February 2010

delhi_high_courtThe Bar Council of Delhi has cancelled its office bearer elections following allegations of "illegalities and irregularities" raised by 13 Delhi Bar Council members, including recently elected Luthra & Luthra partner Vijay Sondhi.

06 November 2009

LegallyIndia_KianGanz-180The Ambanis yet again dominated the national headlines as the multi-billion dollar dispute between brothers Anil and Mukesh began limping through the Supreme Court.

Then, as though there was not nearly enough drama in the saga, one of the three judges discovered that his daughter was a partner at AZB Bangalore.

03 November 2009

LuthraLuthra-Vijay-SondhiMany law firm lawyers complain that the Bar Council does not represent their interests.

Now Luthra & Luthra partner Vijay Sondhi is running for the Delhi Bar Council elections on a ticket of representing law firms and their lawyers.

But are any law firmites going to rock the vote?