Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) 2016 convenor RGNUL Patiala has already allotted dates for taking up candidates’ question-paper error representations and to publish a revised answer key, in the CLAT 2016 calendar which was officially announced online.

Unlike the correctional ad-hoc “expert panel” of CLAT 2015, which RMLNLU Lucknow had formed two days after the declaration of the exam’s results, RGNUL has reserved 13 May 2016 to 15 May 2016 for “Representation, if any, relating to exam, questions or key”.

RGNUL has also undertaken to wrap up the correctional process within five days, having fixed 20 May as the “Date for uploading the amended answer key (if required).”

CLAT coach and mentor Rajneesh Singh first posted the update on Facebook, stating: “Great Move and fantastic start by CLAT Core committee 2016. Students can now raise objection towards any error in CLAT and it will be considered. Timelines already announced.”

RGNUL will conduct CLAT 2016 on 8 May and has announced 31 March as the deadline to submit applications to appear in the exam.

Singh, who till now has been critical of the CLAT committee’s conduct of the exam each year, also added in his Facebook post: “Thank a ton to the Honorable VC RGNUL Patiala. CLAT Continues to be the most transparent entrance test in India.”

“Most of the exams hide the complete merit lists and the answer key. (And the errors are not disclosed) It has moved one step further this time. Now, Most likely there will not be any error in CLAT 2016. If any, a good student will be highly confident about getting justice before as well as after the exam,” he posted.

After CLAT 2015, the repeated formation of ad-hoc expert committees by then convenor RMLNLU did not help many aggrieved candidates, since the candidates felt the committees had submitted incorrect reports. This led to several writs filed in various high courts. However national law universities steamrolled on with their admission process on the basis of the disputed results and the grievances eventually remained unaddressed.

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Like +3 Object -7 pi 22 Dec 15, 01:33
so we are now operating on the basis that there will be errors :P
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Like +8 Object -1 Rajneesh Singh 23 Dec 15, 15:36  interesting
No. The other way out.
This means the RGNUL is very confident about almost no error. and they are serious about the errors now. V good initiative
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Like +5 Object -3 Guest 22 Dec 15, 09:36
Is this really going to solve the issue of selecting the best candidates? Copy-pasting questions from the public domain certainly is not. Well, what is is going to be this time? GMAT? XAT? CMAT? Civil Services? Bank Exams? Well........
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Like +11 Object -1 Student 9812 22 Dec 15, 17:31  interesting
Respected Sir,

CLAT aspirants will be very grateful if you can do a series of stories on the different NLUs and tell us about life there: placements, campus life, quality of faculty and their qualifications, standard of mess food etc. This will help us choose between NLUs based on what matters for us.

Thousands of students will be interested in such articles.
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Like +11 Object -1 Rajneesh Singh 23 Dec 15, 11:37  interesting
Dear Student 9812.
Will try doing this asap.
Thanks for a very good suggestion
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Like +0 Object -0 clatter 25 Dec 15, 18:27
Rajneesh-ji, are you working with legally India? I think comment #2 was meant for legally india. But it will be good if u can do it too!
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Like +2 Object -0 Rajneesh Singh 29 Dec 15, 17:31
No, i am not. But some times i do write for LI.

ok - about the post number 2.

Yes, i agree that the worst part of the CLAT 2016 paper was mindless copy-paste from top most google searches. It was highest degree of irresponsible conduct.
The person was probably well instructed by the expert committee to set a paper with higher difficulty level but he/she in order to follow it started copying from CAT papers without even solving it once. The errros were also copied and some of the questions were amazigly difficult.

But Judicial system is more to be blamed. (If not any person)
CLAT 2012 and 2015 cases against CLAT yielded nothing.
It encourages most of the crimes in India.
(Supreme court is yet to pass a judgement on Nirbhaya case - 3 years gone).

But i am an optimist.
I hope CLAT 2016 will improve of its own. Good start already done.
and I am sure NLUs producing much better talents will ameliorate the condition soon inside and outside the courts. This was also the main purpose of setting up National law schools.

But 25 LGK questions were very good. Prof/question setter had set brilliant, original and well balanced questions.
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Like +5 Object -2 Obama 24 Dec 15, 14:36
Agree. Would be great to have an inside view of all the NLUs, which is both informative and humorous. Which NLU has the best teachers, what is the disciplinary scene like, fests and fun events, admin vs students, drinking, smoking, romance etc. Would be a welcome relief from the boring stuff and rehashed press releases LI has been dishing out for the past few months.
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Like +7 Object -0 dilwale 24 Dec 15, 20:41  interesting
Kian can you please,please do a story on whether NLU salaries are higher than IIT salaries on average?
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Like +4 Object -0 Rajneesh Singh 25 Dec 15, 11:51
Yes, This will be very helpful for CLAT Aspirants and the parents. LI has been helping all in a great way by publishing placements reports regularly. LI can bring a good write on the same.
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Like +1 Object -0 25 LGk questions...... 01 Jan 16, 20:09
I do agree with Rajneesh sir regarding the 25 LGK questions in the 2015 paper. It undoubtedly tested the knowledge of students to the core, after clearly notifying students that questions would be based on Legal Reasoning. Way to go! So you first misguide the students and then decide to set questions which are beyond the syllabus, and then you have "experts" extolling such acts. Kudos.
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Like +0 Object -0 pallavi nandi 13 May 16, 21:02
hi i had given the 2016 clat papers but when i am checking the questions some of the questions i had answered right but right now it showing that i have answered them wrong so kindly help how can i challenge that i have answered right qustions.
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