The CLAT is this Sunday (10th May 2015 at 3pm). There are only a few hours left but there are many ways to waste them.

One way to misuse your time would be to stop reading this right now and to instead jump into a legal reasoning debate on Facebook that has already attracted 124 posts in the thread.

1. Participating in a stupid legal reasoning question discussion on FB

This is very common scene around 9pm to 11pm on FB. Stupid questions are in abundance which have no clear answer. A good legal reasoning question has a distinct answer with tricky options.

This is an amazing way to kill time and confidence.

2. Sleepless Nights

There are many who sleep very late with hardly any quality study but still feel great as if they have worked very hard. So what if half of the time in between was on chat or on the net.

Sleepless nights exacerbate the weakness of the mind. This in an amazing way to misuse the time during the CLAT exam with poor performance while solving the brainy questions.

3. Eat sleep and drink with Whatsapp and Facebook in the name of CLAT

Post 12 questions on a too-busy FB forum at 7.30 pm.

Feel happy, and then more happy for the posts after posts.

Keep checking and rechecking the responses after every 5 min.

Keep counting the likes.

If you are not satisfied then post a compendium of famous quotes.

Keep checking the likes again.

It is already 2am. But you can go to sleep after a night of CLAT prep full of satisfaction.

4. Taking a mock test under the most favourable conditions in your comfort zone

Start an online test on a high-end laptop.

The time to begin is the time when your mood is at the best and not at 3 pm (The actual CLAT time).

You can even keep pausing the test in between when you feel bored, frustrated or your boyfriend is desperate to chat.

Keep three or four pillows all around in a closed room with strict orders at home not to disturb, since you are taking mock after mock.

5. Preparing and reading GK Notes and trying to mug up

Instead of solving MCQs you can prepare GK notes with a good handwriting.

This is a perfect way to misuse the time you have left.

6. Reaching the exam centre at 3 pm

This is a classic way to misuse time.

This will easily kill 40 minutes: 10 minutes to enter, another 10 to settle. 10 more minutes for getting into the technology and 10 minutes to calm the mind.

And it may kill even more time in the absence of a demo session taken before the CLAT exam.

7. Complaining to the invigilator about a doubtful question (during the CLAT)

This is very funny.

There are few who gets immense pleasure in doubting most of the questions that are tricky.

The height of stupidity is when they start complaining to the invigilator that the question is wrong.

This is a wonderful way to misuse time because they will never ever achieve anything with it.

8. Checking and rechecking and rechecking the answer to ensure that it is correct (during the CLAT)

Some CLAT takers, in fear of negative marking, keep checking and rechecking the answers.

This makes them successful in killing lots of time and consequently yielding a low number of attempts.

9. Attempting much more than one deserves or requires to

This kills time and keeps you in the false notion that you have done great.

By attempting 20 to 40 extra questions one ensures that around 100 to 120 questions are solved with only 5 to 10 seconds per question.

This guarantees lots of negative marking and lost opportunities.

10. Taking CLAT strategy tips from at least 20 CLAT Gurus

… including this write up.

But you have already read this, so it’s too late for that.

Now, find out better ways to “Vest your Time”.

Do take lots of care of your mood, sleep, health and food.

Wishing you lots and lots of luck for CLAT.

Rajneesh Singh is a CLAT addict and product head at IMS

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Like +34 Object -17 Commentator 08 May 15, 22:39  interesting  top rated  controversial

Anyway, I can completely assure that everything written above is true. I have friends who did exactly what is written above and they get into how many NLUs? Umm.. Oh, yeah! They're reappearing this year. xD

Call me a sadist, but that makes me happy. :D
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Like +29 Object -26 Guest 08 May 15, 22:57  controversial
Wow! Slow news day Kian?
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Like +32 Object -19 kianganz 09 May 15, 03:38  interesting  top rated  controversial
No but CLAT is coming up on Sunday! :)
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Like +31 Object -20 Guest 09 May 15, 13:30  interesting  controversial
Sir, kindly do a report comparing the different NLUs in terms of campus life, quality of teaching, hostel rooms etc. For example, I heard the following rumours:

1. The faculty in Bangalore and Calcutta is bad. In Bangalore, they are South Indian and give preference to South Indian students. In Calcutta some of them cannot speak English.

2. In Jodhpur one can only set foot outside campus 3 times a month (not even spending the night, just setting foot outside). Girls have to wear salwar kameez.

3. In Hyderabad there is a lot of ragging.

Please clarify all these rumours.
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Like +27 Object -15 Cowboy Bebop 09 May 15, 15:37  interesting  top rated  controversial
Hahaha! Who told you these utterly moronic rumours?
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Like +4 Object -2 Clarification 09 May 15, 19:13
1. There were some notorious (physical) ragging incidents at NALSAR and NLSIU 10-12years ago but all is fine now.

2. Teachers from all communities indulge in regional favoritism everywhere, though I agree that certain states are particularly notorious.

3. Not only Jodhpur but many other places have deadlines and dress code.

4. True about some profs not being fluent in English but that is everywhere.
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Like +0 Object -1 NLU J 10 May 15, 04:23
No dress code at NLU Jodhpur.
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Like +0 Object -1 NLU J 10 May 15, 04:21
Sorry to say but your sources are highly unreliable.

At NLU Jodhpur, you can go out twice in a week which makes it 8 times in a month. Going out and all only seems good till you join the university, once you come here, trust me you won't go out even 4 times in a month. Also, you can go out even more than 8 times in a month in cases of emergency. For staying out during night, we have separate provisions and your "8 times in a month" would not be counted if you go out for a night-out.

Also, girls have to wear Salwar Kammez? No such restrictions, wear whatever you want.
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Like +0 Object -1 NoRaggingInNALSAR 11 May 15, 10:35
You got at least one of them right.
Good for you.
Come to NALSAR now.
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