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Proving the pudding / Issue 106

Legally India newsletter
Legally India newsletter
The equity at some traditional Mumbai solicitors firms (and others) has always been notoriously inert.

Crawford Bayley has long been a case in point with an equity partnership that has not changed for a decade. But credit to the firm and six Crawford Bayley associates who made the jump to a newly created pre-equity associate partner stage.

For many associates a partner tag at the still formidable CB brand were obviously worth waiting for. And more promisingly these could be the first signs in a while of future planning at the firm although changing the model completely will not be easy.

AZB’s capital markets department, whose profile has risen in recent years, has now grown its top level after promoting a second partner and homegrown AZB product. Despite the recent slump in equity deals no firm is playing for the short term here.

One of the more interesting cases to hit the Competition Commission of India (CCI) has been law firm Singhania & Partners going after Microsoft, represented by Amarchand. Microsoft as a target may not be quite as fashionable as it was a decade ago and the software maker’s differential pricing of its MS Office software was cleared by the CCI. However, one CCI member dissented and Singhania will now appeal the case up one instance.

Legally India also received its first postcard from Court Witness this week, who practices at the Supreme Court in Delhi. He tells us of retiring Justice ‘Goldilocks’ Reddy and the unique and powerful legacy he will leave at the apex court, despite his critics.

Read on below for more highlights of this week’s top deals and law school stories.

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