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Issue 4: (Last week's) newsletter on what Brexit means for Indian lawyers (plus 2 law firm scoops)

I was a little tardy in posting up last week’s newsletter which was dominated by Brexit, so here goes. To read the full thing, please subscribe below and support Legally India so we can do lots more analysis and fun things.

It seems like all anyone can talk about these days are exits of one sort or another.

Having lived in the UK for much of my adult life, the Brexit has special significance for me, although judging by global stock markets everyone seems to have a rather large stake in it.

So, I ruminate last week on what the effects on Indian lawyers (and the legal industry more generally) could be.

Also, two law firm scoops this week: a new firm opens in Chennai and a new 2016 record is set by a law firm.

Brexit, so what?

If Brexit happens, there are two options in my view. One is that the EU basically collapses and we will face another global financial apocalypse. This no one can really predict and if it hits, then all bets are off.

The second, more likely option is that, yes, it'll be a shock to the system but (as anyone who's ever unravelled or drafted a complex corporate joint venture knows) it will take years, perhaps even decades, to pass, creating ripples, minor debris and some unpredictable consequences in its wake depending on how the politics and negotiations of the situation play out.

Either way, the UK will likely be in trouble, and India Law Inc is likely to do okay out of it.

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