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Cash stakes / Issue 52

Legally India newsletter
Legally India newsletter
Legally India has published the results of the first open starting salary survey across 17 Indian law firms this week, as AZB, Trilegal and Wadia Ghandy hiked their basic starting remuneration packages.

The figures at the top are good and if salaries keep growing at current rates how much would foreign firms realistically be able to exceed these by if they were to set up shop in India?

We are also pleased announce the final winner and b est mooting colleges in the Mooting Premier League sponsored by Clifford Chance with a prize fund of Rs 1.5 lakh to support law schools' future mooting efforts. Congratulations to the run-away champion Nalsar Hyderabad and all mooters this season who performed amazingly in domestic and international competitions.

If there was a global Mooting Premier League (if not in the football World Cup), India would definitely be one of the favourites.

The Chennai writ petition against foreign firms has re-started after the end of court holidays with the government respondents requesting a further four weeks to file their replies.

Whatever happens, that case is unlikely to last as long as the Bhopal gas tragedy case, where it took 26 years to bring those responsible a modicum of justice - not nearly enough though, according to most opinions.

In our interview with Ram Jethmalani, the living legend of the criminal bar firmly blamed the government for court delays, the pendency of cases and corrupt judges. Plus, he supports the entry of foreign firms in principle, saying that it would be good for the legal profession and would not affect litigators.

News and implications about the bar exam continue to trickle out to graduates, with a new FAQ by the Bar Council of India (BCI) claiming that the bar exam wil l not affect the seniority of lawyers.

The BCI also diversified into software development this week, looking to build a cheap or free anti-plagiarism software for law colleges.

Moily meanwhile promised that an Indian Legal Service (ILS), similar to the highly prestigious Indian Administrative Service (IAS), would soon be a reality to pick off the best graduates from the top law firms.

And while talking of law firms and senior bureaucrats, JSA has rebuilt its competition law practice by hiring the Competition Commission's ex-director general Amitabh Kumar, who is also a former Indian Revenue Service man.

Meanwhile, the sta rt-up SRGR Law Offices, which was formed by four partners who left FoxMandal Delhi late last year, has parted with one of its co-founders who will pursue his independent litigation practice.

Another litigator to have changed direction was Seth Dua partner Neeraj Chaudhry, who has joined Kochhar & Co in Delhi.

Forum post of the week:

Legal Dodo gives a primer on good legal writing in this interesting thread. Try to spot the errors.

Comment of the week:

For those who miss the days they studied public international law, an insightful comment on anticipatory self-defence in the context of the Israel flotilla incident.


Entries to the blogging competition are becoming more varied and imaginative every week.

danishsheikh takes a look back at almost one year of the revolutionary section 377 judgement and what it has meant for queer pride.

He has also written what could very well be the definitive and most objective guide a law student has yet written about their own college. Welcome to Nalsar!

sss this week expressed creatively what many were feeling after the judgment in the Bhopal gas tragedy, with Union Carbide CEO and former chairman Warren Anderson still absconding from justice. New blogger R K Mathur too has written a well-argued analysis of the history of the Union Carbide case and what should be learned from it.

LegalPoet has penned not poetry but a fantastic first in a series of Puppy Training for prospective national law schoolites. Part 1: Adjusting. Don't you wish you had such advice in your first year?

New blogger aralyah has decided to tackle the world of international law and applies her analytical skills to the Israel flotilla attack. Also from the Israel perspective , examining the law on the use of force. The comments the posts have inspired are all worth reading too.

Another new blogger socialmath has gone down the jurisprudential road, examining how to make legal rights a reality in India rather than just a theory.

Satirical legal news blog False News With Balls meanwhile has found its editorial mission. In particular its prediction of India Today's and Outlook India's infamous law school league tables is sharp, while its angle on how the BCI has picked who should be running the bar exam should also raise a smile. Plus a cautionary tale about being a Nalsarian during a drought.

This week's Legally Drawn cartoon on a legal Mexican stand-off.

And finally, new blogger folly_nariman brings popcorn and describes how to have the most fun possible on Legally India. Trust us, it really is great fun!

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