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MPL Update: GLC wins NUJS-HS moot; NLSIU wins GIMC at GNLU; CLC wins at KLA; Oz wins DM Harish

Legally India blogs live from GLC Mumbai’s DM Harish 2012 moot court competition from Sunday evening. Plus 4 other moots this super mooting weekend. Stay tuned for updates.

Saturday, 16:30: Quarterfinals fixtures at the DM Harish Moot are:

  • 1- University of Southampton v. GLC Mumbai
  • 2- NLU Jodhpur v. NLU Delhi
  • 3- Bond University, Australia v. Valparaiso University, USA
  • 4- NLSIU Bangalore v. Nalsar Hyderabad

Also, Campus Law Centre, New Delhi is facing NUJS Kolkata in the finals of the KLA Moot.

And NLSIU Bangalore, NLU Jodhpur, SOEL Chennai and NLIU Bhopal break into the semi-finals of the GNLU International Moot Court Competition (GIMC).

Other moots this weekend are the Herbert Smith moot and the Surana Corporate moot.

Keep your eyes peeled on the MPL Facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/mooting.in - and on this page.

The full live blog from DM Harish will start here from Sunday (tomorrow) evening.

19:44 Some more updates from MPL Super Saturday, courtesy of http://www.facebook.com/mooting.in (like the page and stay in the loop with mooting news…)

Campus Law Centre, New Delhi defeated NUJS Kolkata at the KLA Moot Court Competition. Christ University won the best speaker award and NLSIU Bangalore bagged the best memorandum award.

In Gandhinagar meanwhile, MPL 3 toppers NLSIU Bangalore and NLU Jodhpur have broken into the finals of the GNLU International Moot (GIMC).

At the NUJS - Herbert Smith Moot, an exciting line-up has broken into the quarter final rounds: Jindal Global Law School, NLU Delhi, NLIU Bhopal, GNLU Gandhinagar, GLC Mumbai, ILS Pune, Nalsar Hyderabad and Symbiosis Pune. Fantastic stuff. Keep checking in for more.

22:11 The rough timetable for tomorrow’s big day, which will be a unique occurrence: We’ll have live bloggers from all 3 of these moots. It’ll either be awesome, or terribly confusing, or both!

GIMC starts at around 2pm on Sunday

DM Harish will start from around 4pm. NUJS-Herbies TBC from 3pm.

So, if you’re not participating in any competitions, grab a beer or a nimbu pani and follow a lazy Sunday afternoon of mooting goodness from the comfort of your dorm and computer screen!

22:30 RMLNLU Lucknow, NLSIU Bangalore, Symbiosis Noida and Christ University Bangalore break into the semi-final rounds of the Surana Corporate Law Moot at Mysore. (follow http://www.facebook.com/mooting.in in addition to this live blog to hear things first!)

GIMC updates (from 2pm, live in Gandhinagar by Mr MPL: Prashanth R) NUJS-Herbert Smith updates, live from Cal (from 3pm, with Mr Lawctopus Tanuj Kalia) DM Harish updates, live from Bombay (from around 4pm by LI reporter Prachi Shrivastava)

The final bench consists of five judges:
1- Mitsuo Matsushita - A professor emeritus from Tokyo University and an adviser at Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu, a leading Japanese law firm. Matsushita is also the author of a scholarly treatise on WTO Law, which is popular among students of trade law in the world. He is also an adviser to the United Nations Committee on Trade and Development, an adviser to the Shanghai City WTO Research Center and a visiting professor at the Institute of Advanced Studies of the United Nations University.
2- Shishir Priyadarshi, Director, Development Division, World Trade Organisation
3- V. Lakshmikumaran, Partner, Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan (LKS), a leading Indian law firm specialising in International Trade, Taxation, IP & Corporate laws.
4- Dr. Rafael Leal-Arcas, Senior Research Fellow, Word Trade Institute, Bern, Switzerland and Senior Lecturer in International Economic Law and European Union Law, Queen Mary University of London (Centre for Commercial Law Studies), United Kingdom.
5- Krista Nadakavukaren Schefer, Professor of International Law at the University of Basel. (Krista drafted the moot court problem)
LKS is the official law firm partner for this edition of the moot and the World Trade Institute is a partner organisation for the moot. 37 teams participated in the moot, including teams from USA, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

The semis start at 10:30am, with Jindal Global Law School v GLC Mumbai; and NLIU Bhopal v Symbiosis Pune.
The final rounds will be live blogged from 3pm.

2:04 PM semis update:

1- GLC Mumbai beat Jindal Global Law School
2- NLIU Bhopal beat Symbiosis Pune

So, its NLIU Bhopal v. GLC Mumbai in the final rounds of the NUJS-Herbert Smith Moot!

The Final round bench -

1. Chris Parsons, Partner, Corporate, Herbert Smith
Chris has been with Herbert Smith for over 26 years and chairs the India Practice. He regularly speaks at conferences on cross border deals involving India including at the All India Management Association, the Commonwealth Business Forum and the Vibrant Gujarat Summit. Chris leads the programme of events with the National Law Schools in India which includes an annual lecture series with the Dean of the Oxford Law Faculty.

2. Nicholas Peacock, Partner, Dispute Resolution, Herbert Smith
Nick is a dispute resolution lawyer advising corporate clients and financial institutions. He specialises in international arbitration, and also has extensive experience of commercial litigation and ADR in various forms. Nick is part of the firm's Manufacturing and Industrials and India practice groups. He has a Diploma in EC Competition Law from King's College, London, and has also spent time at UBS Investment Bank on secondment.
3. Prof. Paul Davies, University of Oxford
Paul Davies is the Allen & Overy Professor of Corporate Law and Professorial Fellow of Jesus College. He was educated at the Universities of Oxford (MA), London (LLM) and Yale (LLM). He was elected a Fellow of the British Academy in 2000, an honorary Queen's Counsel in 2006 and an honorary Bencher of Gray's Inn in 2007.

4. Justice Soumen Sen, Judge, Calcutta High Court
The Hon'ble Justice Soumen Sen was born on 27th July, 1965 at Kolkata. He passed the LL.B. Examination (5 years) from the University of Calcutta in the year 1990 securing the highest mark and stood first in the said examination. He was adjudged First in order of merit for individual performance at the XII All India Moot Court Competition 1989 held in Pondicheri in connection with selection for the International Division of Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition - 1989. Justice Sen has been designated as Senior Central Government Advocate for the last 20 years. He was elevated as Judge of the Calcutta High Court on 13th April, 2011.

5. KS Suresh, General Counsel, ITC
K S Suresh is General Counsel of ITC. A lawyer by qualification and training, he joined the Company in 1990 after being in private practice, and took charge of the Legal function in 1998. With wide ranging expertise and experience in corporate laws as well as litigation, he has guided many important legal issues to successful resolution for the Company.


GLC, Mumbai – Riva Shah, Raunak Shah, Niharika Chaturvedi (Researcher)
NLIU, Bhopal - Speakers: Anuja Pethia and Raghav Seth, Researcher: Devangna Neela

The finalists from Bond University, Australia and Southampton University, UK put up a close fight, I am informed, to NLU-Delhi (defeat by 10 points) and Nalsar (defeat by 3 little points!) in the semis to make it to the the final grilling-smoker which is made up of …

Hon’ble Dr. Justice D.Y Chandrachud, additional judge at Bombay High Court.

Hon’ble Mr. Justice A.A Sayed

Hon’ble Mr. Justice G.S. Godbole,
additional judge at Bombay High Court

Hon’ble Mr. Justice M.S Sanklecha

Hon’ble Mr. Justice R.D Dhanuka

The “All girls” Bonds face the Southampton boys in another hour !

[PSsst :They may have knocked 23 Indian (and 3 foreign) teams out of the finals, but the awards for Second-best and best researcher, memorial, and speaker are not what they are contesting for ! The best and runners up team are the only undecided titles left …]

Moving over to GIMC…

1:48 PM Good afternoon and welcome to the live blogging of the final rounds of the 4th edition of GIMC.

The final bench looks quite impressive with a good mix of trade law scholars and practitioners. The rounds are to begin in about 15 minutes.

MPL 3 toppers NLSIU Bangalore (172 points) and NLU Jodhpur (90 points) look to vie each other in their quest for mooting supremacy in this trade law moot.
The NLSIU applicant team consists of speakers Tarun Krishnakumar & Jasraj Singh, along with researcher Neeraj Vyas
The NLU Respondent team has Garima Shahani & Monika as speakers and Anurag Singh as researcher

1:53 PM Both teams are excited about the finals and look equally nervous

2:19 PM The bench just arrived and the ICJ is now in session
NLS speaker Krishnakumar takes the floor and begins addressing the bench

The problem centered around trade related disputes between two nations. Due to a slide in the economy, Nation A, has implemented policies to favor its nations youth. These policies are considered to be discriminatory by Nation B. On a different plane, Nation B has initiated a tender process which infringes the exclusive patent held by a company in Nation A.
2:23 PM Speaker Krishnakumar starts his arguments by alleging unfair procurement policies being followed by the Respondents.

2:26 PM Moot problem drafter & final bench judge Krista begins grilling Krishnakumar on fundamentals of the Government Procurement Agreement (GPA)
Moot problem link: http://gnlu.ac.in/gimc/gimc2012.html

2:28 PM Applicant alleges violation of the GPA by the respondent. His arguments are quite clear and slow

2:29 PM Krishnakumar argues that the Respondent's contract violates patent of the company. Cites GPA provisions.

2:31 PM WTO Director Priyadarshi & LKS partner Lakshmikumaran grilling NLS first speaker on GPA.Krishnakumar submits that GPA is a plurilateral agreement and a WTO obligation and takes precedence over the UNCRPD (UN Convention on Peoples rights to disabilities)
2:32 PM Krishnakumar stuck with a barrage of queries from Krista who wants an international law principle to support the precedence argumentKrishnakumar moves on to the next submission - alleges violation of limited tender provisions in the GPA. Argues that the limited tender is invalid under the GPA
Mitsushita & Rafael silent up till now.

2:36 PM: Lakshmikumaran & Priyadarshi grilling Krishnakumar
KK explains how an open tender is not prejudicial to country's interests

2:39 PM KK handling the barrage of questions quite well. very slow and coherent

KK argues that exceptions provided in GPA not applicable in the instant matter - no issues of public morality, etc

2:43 PM KK discussing the interpretation of the word "of" in the exception clause

2:48 PM KK finishes arguments and NLSIU second speaker Jasraj Singh begins arguments on the youth policies of the the applicant country and states that all their policies are in consonance with GATT obligations

2:51 PM Krista questions Singh on precedents on quantitative restrictions. Singh retorts by citing the US Gambling case and explaining the applicability of Art. 16 (2)

Singh argues that the policies are a domestic qualitative measure. Singh uses the mutual exclusivity principle to defend the policies.

WTO Director Priyadarshi says that the policies reduce market access
Singh uses the mutual exclusivity principle to defend the policies
The policy in question relates to court languages in the applicant's country. Singh argues that there is no discrimination in the policies

2:56 PM Singh is going on with the flow, very confident and clear.

2:57PM The bench questions Singh on the principle of reciprocity

3:00 PM Singh applies the US Gambling case to justify the 6+5 football rule limiting the number of foreign players competing in the National Football League of the applicant's country.

Singh argues that notwithstanding it being a market access issue, it does not violate other GATT obligations

3:07 PM Singh argues that the 6+5 rule is required to encourage national loyalties in a popular sport such as football - differentiates the Bosmal ruling to the present case and argues that there is an objective justification for the policy

3:09 PM Singh running out of time - gets 2 minute extension
3:11 PM Singh concludes NLSIU's arguments with the prayers before the bench - the policies are in consonance with GATT obligations, respondents' procurement behaviour is unfair, etc

3:12 PM No half time break. NLU Jodhpur first speaker Garima Shahani begins by defending the GPA violation allegations

3:14 PM Krista begins the grilling by asking how the WTO looks at GPA exceptions. Shahani replies confidently. She is quite loud, speaking right into the mikeHer speaking speed is quite fast, while compared to the two NLSIU speakers.

Keep refreshing this page for more updates !

3:17 PM Priyadarshi questions the rationale of the Respondent's measure - Shahani argues vehemently that the measure falls under the GPA exception

3:22 Wowzers! Two live blogs at the same time now – NUJS Herbert Smith moot has just kicked off. Stay tuned!

From GIMC at GNLU (courtesy Prashanth R) From NUJS-Herbert Smith in Kolkata (courtesy of Tanuj Kalia)

3:18 PM Shahani argues that it is a public safety measure but Priyadarshi disagrees saying that public safety is too broadfor such a specific measure to fall under
Krista, as always, asks for precedents that Shahani can't provide
3:21 PM The bench discuss the technical specifications - design & performance requirements under the GPA

3:24 PM Shahani moves on to the second issue regarding copyright
3:25 PM Lakshmikumaran interrupts by asking Shahani if in future when she is a great lawyer and someone pays her a handsome sum of money for a legal opinion, the copyright for the legal opinion belongs to the client or the lawyer?
Shahani argues that in the present matter the copyright has been waived. She goes on to justify the waiver by arguing that it assists the disabled

3:29 PM Lakshmikumaran differentiates between waiver and revocation but Shahani holds on by arguing that the government waived the copyright for socio-economc reasons

3:31 PM Shahani finishes her arguments. Jodhpur second speaker Monika addresses the bench. She starts by alleging the applciant's court language rule as violating national treatment rule of the WTO
And that it does not fall under the exceptions Monika cites the reasoning in the EC Bananas case to show the court languages rule will affect the supplies, etc

3:38 PM Monika argues that there will be higher cost burden on the foreign suppliers and that the measure is violation of national treatment

3:42 PM Lakshmikumaran questions the fundamentals of Monika's argument.Monika discusses technical standards and quality of service and argues that the criteria under Art. 6 are not fulfilled

3:45 PM Monika moves on to her second issue - attacking the 6+5 football rule

3:48 PM Monika states that FIFA had scrapped the 6+5 rule post the Bosman ruling

3:50 PM 2 minutes left for Monika to finish her arguments. Lakshmikumaran & Krista continue to question her on the football rule
3:52 PM Monika finishes arguments with her prayers

3:54 PM NLSIU first speaker Krishnakumar poses two questions as a part of the rebuttals

3:57 PM NLU Jodhpur second speaker Monika answers the queries on GPA, etc
The rounds finally end, both teams were really good and judges will have a tough time deciding the winner, I guess

4:00 PM Silence in the court room as judges internally discuss and pen down the scores

4:04 PM The judges leave the court room. Participants proceed for 'high' tea.
4:05 PM Results will be announced at the valedictory function which is to begin at 4:30

4:53 PM The valedictory function at GIMC begins. In the meanwhile, while the participants and judges enjoyed high tea, the GNLU students attended a short interactive session with Mr. Lakshmikumaran from Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan.
4:54 PM Right now, Bimal Patel, Vice-chancellor of GNLU is addressing the audience and thanking the student organisers for their support

5:03 PM Lakshikumaran says: "Students usually say that it is very difficult for them to get internships at my law firm. They say that they apply, wait, there may be some interviews, screening and they say that we make life for them miserable. But, for the finalists today, the six of you, you can just send an email and say that you were GIMC finalists and you will get internships at LKS"
5:04 PM Lakshmikumaran appreciates the problem and states that the each issue is so complex that you can write a thesis about this
Mitsuo Matsushita now addresses the gathering

5:09 PM Shishir Priyadarshi, Development Division, WTO praises Dr. Bimal Patel's efforts. He says that the need for lawyers is growing exponentially. "Earlier, having a lawyer in a country's delegation to the WTO was an exception, but now days, not having a lawyer in your delegation is an exception"
5:10 PM Priyadarshi concedes that the problem was tough and praises Krista, the moot problem drafter, for the excellent job.

5:16 PM Dr. Rafael Leal-Arcas lends a word of appreciation to the moot participants. "This was a complex legal case and all of you put up a great performance"

5:17 PM Krista Nadakavukaren states that gist of her address consists of four words, divided into two each: 'Thank you' & 'I'm sorry'.
5:18 PM After the customary appreciation to the organisers, Krista apologied for the tough moot problem but emphasised that law should not be seen in isolation and that there should be interaction between different areas and topics with law
5:19 PM NLSIU Bangalore wins GIMC
Defeats NLU Jodhpur in finals

5:33 PM NLSIU Speaker is invited to speak on the dais.
"While only one team can win, I guess, all other teams should have an equal mention here", says Tarun Krishnakumar.
He praises the new GNLU campus and wishes everyone the best.

The winners take away a grand trophy and a cash prize of Rs. 35,000/-
NLSIU also bags a summer course / internship at the World Trade Institute
ILS Pune bags the best memorandum award and wins free Black's Law Dictionaries
ILS Speaker Harsha Gupta bags the best speaker award. Other top orators are from NLU Jodhpur, George Washington, etc.

3:18 PM Draw of lots concluded!

NLIU Bhopal are the appellants
GLC Mumbai, the respondents

3:24 PM The show is about to begin
nervous silence...

3:27 PM Bhopal begins...a tad nervously

3:35 PM A polite question by Mr. Chriss Parsons, Anuja is polite in her reply too

3:49 PM Anuja seems well versed with the structure of her memo; is leading judges confidently

3:55 PM Chris Parsons with a question again. He listens approvingly as Anuja replies; It appears that Chris wants her to focus more on the business than the legal aspects

3:55 PM Chris Parsons with a question again. He listens approvingly as Anuja replies; It appears that Chris wants her to focus more on the business than the legal aspects
3:56 PM Anuja is running through her arguments again. Justice Sen and Chris Parsons look at each other, smiling!

3:58 PM Raghav Seth to argue now

4:02 PM Raghav has a distinct, accentuated style of arguing, not aggressive though

4:05 PM Justice Sen of the Calcutta High Court with a question; seems happy with the reply

4:09 PM NLIU Bhopal's case laws seem to have rather difficult party' names; Raghav stutters a bit as he mentions the cases

4:18 PM Last minute jitters for Raghav; says 'ladies' instead of 'lordships'; 'counsellor' instead of 'counsel'

Requests for extra time in interest of 'justice'; allowed

[Chris Parsons smiles as he grants the extension :) :)]

4:26 PM Prof. Davies, Mr. Peacock and Mr. Suresh punctuate the arguments with short questions; Justice Sen asks for a clarification; Raghav is unflustered amidst this volley of questions

4:30 PM GLC to argue now; Raunak Shah is the first speaker

4:32 PM Some of the NLIU' arguments were on the Sarfesi Act; Raunak mentions two reasons why the provisions of this Act won't apply
4:36 PM Chris Parsons with a question, on the commercial angles (again)

4:44 PM Mr. Suresh tests the GLC speaker on basics; questions him on Pledge v. Hypothecation

4:52 PM Chris Parsons calls GLC's proposal of winding up the company 'brutal'; asks for alternative remedies that could be available

5:00 PM Raunak Shah says that the winding up would be in public interests; Chris Parsons makes it clear that he disagrees

5:09 PM Riva Shah to argue now

5:11 PM She has begun very confidently; the most glib among all the speakers

5:23 PM 4 arguments challenging the validity of a security deed; crisp oral delivery backed by a confident use of legalese

5:26 PM The Professor from Oxford has got Riva on the wrong foot
She has little to say on his question. An aberration in a moot: silence

5:31 PM Security Deed in this case has not been registered under the Registration Act; has to be compulsorily registered argues Riva

5:34 PM Thats it from GLC's team
5:35 PM Anuja from NLIU Bhopal with the rebuttals
5:38 PM She seems to have grown more confident; requests for an extra 3 minutes, moves fast with the rebuttals
5:42 PM Judges share smiles; Anuja grows nervous as Mr. Suresh from ITC tests her with a few of a judge's known tactics
5:43 PM Mr. Parsons is angry (doesn't show that though): you exceeded the time limit by a huge margin, he says
5:44 PM Raunak from GLC now

5:45 PM I understand that you have a lot many other arguments too; but I'd expect you to do that within the allotted three minutes; this is what Mr. Parsons told Anuja categorically

5:46 PM Now Raunak asks for 30 more 'seconds' (stress implied)

5:49 PM "Much obliged your Lordships"
5:50 PM Ashish Alexander of the NUJS Moot Committee says a few words to the judges

The moot has concluded.

6:05 PM: Meanwhile, boys from both the teams had gone out together For a coffee or an evening stroll maybe :)
Good camaraderie!
The GLC girls looked relaxed and happy
NLIU Bhopal's team kept busy with their cell phones
Have done a survey with three people too: Its 3 : 0 in favour of NLIU Bhopal
If I were to put my money, I really won't take the risk

6:08 PM The teams have seated themselves in the front-middles rows of the NUJS auditorium
The participants are at a punching distance of each other! That really won't happen, though
6:11 PM Too many mosquitoes around now; the only locational disadvantage of Salt Lake really
6:12 PM The volunteers in tees and jeans fool around; those in suits look busy and important
(And that is how biases start and develop) :)

6:49 PM Some formalities being complete; the judges are being introduced; the new NUJS VC Prof. Ishwara Bhat too is there
6:50 PM Arun Mal and Amba Kak, 4th year students at NUJS are doing the speaking

6:51 PM Nicholas Peacock does a 'namaste' on being introduced
Chris Parson's speech now
6:52 PM 'Incredibly close' competition, says Mr. Parsons
My wife thinks that I am based in India and occassionally travel to London, says Parson
6:53 PM Great time to be a lawyer in India; the world is your stage
6:54 PM “…. [there are] …

much broader opportunities outside corporate law; don't dismiss academia, its a fantastic profession and India does need good faculty
6:56 PM You've been blessed with intellect; its incredibly tough to enter into law schools in India. So use your skills wisely
6:57 PM Paul Davies to address the gathering now
6:58 PM Exceptional quality of presentation, he says

Pit yourself against the very best; it will help you excel in whatever field you want to enter
7:03 PM Mr. Peacock says that he is a big fan of mooting; mooting adds a lot to your skill-set
7:06 PM You should try not only to convince that you have law on your side but that the facts favour you too

7:12 PM Justice Sen says that good judgments can be delivered only if the arguing lawyers are top notch
7:14 PM Mr. Suresh of ITC says that from the next time onwards, the problem set should be simpler
(It is not fair on the judges, he says)


Best Memo: GLC Mumbai.

Best Speaker:
Riva Shah from GLC Mumbai

Runners-up: NLIU Bhopal
(Chris Parsons says that he marked both the teams equally :))
Winner: GLC Mumbai

7:25: Prof. Bhat, the NUJS VC gives mementos to the judges
Now we have a group photograph with the finalist teams

7:27: Vivek Menon, convenor of the NUJS Moot Court Society delivers the vote of thanks

3:50 PM: Back here in the Mumbai university convocation hall – sitting in front of me are the beautiful silver plated lighter replicas of the “reeeeeeally heavy” rolling trophy about to roll in ! Zaveri bros have been doing a splendid job on them for all the 13 editions now !

4:10 PM Just in – Rolling Trophy for the DM Harish International Moot, 13th edition !! Yes, intact on it are the names of mooters in the winning teams from all the 12 DMH’s gone by ! Looks pretty with the DMH moot logo carvings over it …

4:50: The hall rustles up a bit.. one of the first forms of life (apart from hassled 2nd and 3rd year organisers) – Southampton boys. Calm, poised, relaxed they walk up to take their seats on the stage .. they put the eight thick compendiums on their side of the stage and settle in with a sip of water - “The judges here seem to trust us !” *gushes the researcher* .. with a little surprise at the absence of anything more than the compact memorial copy carried by the Indian teams facing them so far

*hall starts coming to life in the audience section*

4:20: Meanwhile USA is discussing the notes they’d like to pass down to their juniors on ~!the art of mooting in India~ *I almost wipe away ex-mooter tears.. sniff!sniff! heh- It is no secret that Indian mooters are melodramatic!* .. Valparaiso University, US which made it to quarters with rank 6 feels that Indian judges expect a lot more formalization as opposed to the conversational courtroom style followed in the US ! Abundant reference to memorial page numbers (“which we learnt to do on the go!!” exclaims their speaker) .. compendiums.. (Where’d they see those when Indian teams don’t have em ??? They don’t know this but their face-off with Southampton offered them the *unique* opportunity to shudder at compendiums :D)

They add on the Southampton boys - “They were very clear in their head about the arguments.. very concise.. spoke slowly and very very clearly”

5:36: Even as Lawctopus continues to update me on GLC’s smooth moves at herbies ..and GNLU’s moot hall is still erupting with roars of victory … my attention is drawn to a calm, confident Australian femme voice explaining the division of time between herself and her co-agent …. why no “All rise” ??!!? Is it me or was it a rather unceremonial beggining of court, eh?

5:47: Girl Bond (no pun intended) has a rhythmic tone of argumentation. rhythmic enough to lullaby the honourable bench into relative silence. She has breezed through the 4 small questions put to her so far …… at her “third and final submission” already, unfazed if I may add!

5:57: Judges finally rocking the boat a little! Girl bond lead right into her second argument from the “third and final” … meanwhile DONG .. and a stutter :)

5:59: DONG DONG and she cuts her summary short!

6:01: Co-agent begins her three of the six submissions … voice is exactly the same…. AS rhythmic… inspires lullabies ….. but breaks naptime up with reference to page 13 of the memorial …

6:09: Only half a question from the bench till now…. “the rhythm” sseems to be working … ;)

6:11: ooooh the rhythm is breaking ….In the end tax law gets everyone.. everyone!! some stammering and lots of flipping through the memorial …. will this minor blip give it away to the super-poised Southampton boys or will tax get to them too ..?

6:18 PM: Judge: Do your actions protect Dachini’s citizens right to privacy. Agent: your excellencies we are not ensuring protection of right to privacy of the dachini citizens but are ensuring that we do not breach our obligations under International law by exchanging information that is not meant to be exchanged. ….. The thing with arguments is, if you do them correctly you’re never wrong !! God I miss mooting ….!! …”If there are no further questions your excellencies…. wait there is one …” heh!

6:22: Southampton boy assumes dias ! Speaks for a minute … voice a bit too cavernous .. Mike-man interrupts him … 1 2 3 testing.. Go… aah audible now

The grand old drony red curtain of Bombay University convocation hall that is done in ancient romanian architecture complete with intricately carved balcony railings gleaming at you from every corner…. makes even TAX sound pretty ! For a little while you’re connected richly to history …. (Pardon/Ignore this piece of prose … Like I said, tax gets EVERYONE in the end!! :P)

6:39: Meanwhile Southampton boy is continuing to impress the judges sitting in rapt silence …..!!

6:41: And agent 1 has passed on to his learned friend.


6:46: Co-agent’s arguments finally begin ! (Wow.. that marksheet must be some irrevocable piece of farmaan)

6:53: Oh wow ! There’s a cctv right above my head on the wall on the right side of the hall and there’s one on the wall across from it too !! “World Class” moot aha! ….Oops did Justice […] just now, rather quickly, remove his palm from where he was using it rest his chin perhaps into a lil stupour :P … Justice Godbole stares intently into the respondent memo ..

7:03: Justice Dhanuka: “Why should we use the word “armed” in the word “force”. they meant the word “force” to be used very widely , it could also mean “economic force” Agent: This area of law is in itself quite dubious. But the very fact that the appellant did not so much as discuss this other implication of the word force, it is implicitly clear that force here refers to armed force” …… Again, mooters are NEVER wrong !! :D

7:06: Arguments concluded on both sides.


7:09: over to Bond girl again. three points for rejoinder. Voice less rhythmic, more perky ! Uproots Case law 1, Uproots Case law 2, struggles her way through the third rejoinder involving the issue of capital gains tax .. then gets back to uprooting the basis for reliance on general assembly resolutions and declarations under A.38 of the ICJ statute.. takes her seat ! hmmmm… smooth rejoinder that … Now what will the Southampton boys do ??!?

Oops… they get to do nothing … no sur-buttals here … forgot rules hehe … am a waning ex-mooter

7:21: As R.B Malik, Principal, GLC Mumbai assumes the dias here in Mumbai, over in Kolkata GLC Mumbai wins Best Memorial at NUJS-HS 3 !!!

7:23: “My students and all faculty coordinators are really tirelessly working”, goes on Malik and Q.E.D over in Kolkata indeed where GLC’s Riva Shah takes away Best Speaker !!!

7:24: *Fireworks* GLC Mumbai takes home NUJS-HS 2012. 2 mins later – Malik concludes his address

7:27: Justice Chandrachud shares his two reasons for feeling relaxed on a sunday evening made of a grueling courtroom session – Personal: Having been a “GLC-dad”, both his sons having participated in DMH and making it to the finals, one “having a heartbreak” at losing out to Cambrigde … He absolutely enjoyed today the opportunity of getting to be part of the trials and tribulations involved in the process ….! Professional: “Thank god I do not have to write the judgment at the end of these beautiful arguments” :P

7:34: Justice Chandrachud’s moves on to give his two cents on only foreign teams making it to the finals - “This shows how we Indians provide a level playing field to everyone who comes to work here.. to pursue any business here” ….(ABA nodding?!? :D)

Chandrachud referring to his colleagues on the bench as “baby judges of the Bombay High Court” .. and “Still looking like baby judge, though he’s not” … awwww.. how cute !

7:38: Chandrachud waxes eloquent on how “Judging is all about life”, even as life for the participants comes to a standstill … waiting with bated breath … :P

… “Come and join the Courts… that is where all the action is “ …. breezes on Chandrachud, rather emphatically ….. “Thats the art of lawyering, it makes you sharp in your focus, help you test the limits of knowledge against the parameters of law “ ….. really now? … Words seem to be coming to an end in this never-ending plea to youngsters to join the bar :P

7:42: endless kudos to the Government Law College Moot Court Association …. well deserved I must say … having myself been on the receiving end of all the heartwarming hospitality and impeccable organisation involved in DMH, 3 years ago … I really wouldn’t want the vote of thanks to DMH MCA to be cut short in any way :) *Cheers*

7:46 PM: New sounddbyte: the case was apparently drafted by a lawyer-turned-investment banker ..”and this was the googly”

Other gigs happening around the DMH block this weekend: panel discussion on the topic “tax havens” moderated by Mr. Harish Jagdiani. where the discussion turned over to the “voluntary disclosure scheme”, followed by a cruise last night in which all the students went …

7:50 PM: Prof. Sanjay Kadam’s address (Moot Court faculty convener) ….

Our “Tier 2 world class” moot wasn’t an International moot until seven years ago … I hear …. DMH went International in 2005 …!!

7:56 PM: Participation certificates start getting disbursed …

8:01 PM: “The moment has finally arrived”


BEST RESEARCHER: ANKIT NAMDEO, RMLNUL, Lucknow - Trophy AND cash prize – 10000/-

SECOND BEST MEMORIAL – NLU-D - Silver Salver, cash prize - 8000/-

BEST MEMORIAL – GLC MUMBAI - Silver Salver, cash prize 12000 – WOW !! 2 BEST MEMORIALS IN 3 HOURS !!! :D


BEST SPEAKER – JYOTI MAHESHWARI – NLSIU, Bangalore – Trophy, Books, Cash Prize 12000/-



And it’s not over yet because they introduced a new award !! – LATE SRINATH NANI GURSAHANI AWARD FOR BEST SPEAKER IN THE FINAL ROUNDS – SARAH FRANNER, BOND UNIVERSITY, AUSTRALIA, A cash prize of 12000/-


Keep refreshing this page for the fastest updates on all things mooty this Super-Mooting weekend !

Mooting Premier League 3 season standings

For more information please refer to the MPL 3 rulebook.
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