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Ex-NUJS-CNLU VC Ishwara Bhat joins Karnataka State Law University (KSLU) as VC

Prof Ishwara Bhat has joined the Karnataka State Law University as vice chancellor, after having resigned as VC from NUJS Kolkata under student pressure in April.

Bhat was not available for comment when we called today but his office at KSLU confirmed that he had joined as VC on 13 June.

Bhat had joined NUJS as VC in November 2011 from Mysore University where he was law department chairman, and despite student opposition had won an extension of his tenure as VC at NUJS after his first term of five years first ended in 2014.

He was eventually forced to resign in April this year, however, after a">large scale protest by the students at NUJS, who alleged that he was responsible for driving the reputation of the law school into the ground through mismanagement of its affairs.

In the brief interim between NUJS’ first ever university review and his resignation, Bhat had applied and was selected for the post of VC at CNLU Patna. However, he never ended up joining after a mass movement of CNLU students rejected his appointment.

Update 5 July 2018: The news was first reported by the New Indian Express.

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Like +17 Object -4 Lonely lawyer 04 Jul 18, 15:14  interesting  top rated
Hahaha Bhat wins while NUJS goes into deeper shit. Bhat will continue to be a VC for another 10 years while NUJS will keep its downward spiral now completely under the grip of West Bengal government.
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Like +14 Object -0 Referee 04 Jul 18, 15:47  interesting  top rated
Full time score

Ishwar Bhat 10000 (king of KSLU for 10 yrs)
Mamta Didi 50(queen of WBNUJS for free)
Ghosal (from [...] to somebody, living kingsize)

[...] -100 (now a print out boy in a Tier II law firm)
Vaneeta Anirban Sandeepa -50 (no more distance courses, probe pending)
Poddar -25 ([...] of Ghosal)
Research Associates at centres -100 (out of job)
IPleaders -100 (out of job)
UNICEF Centre -100 (shut down)
CRSGP -100 (shut down)
Faculty and Students -10000 (stuck with dotard VC for life)
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Like +3 Object -6 & 04 Jul 18, 16:18
My reactions:

1. Can his cronies follow suit?

2. We will not let you get away so easily, pal. An inquiry has been initiated. You can't just set a house on fire and then run away expecting no accountability.

3. Why is LI calling him an ex CNLU VC when he was never formally appointed? Is this just trolling?
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Like +6 Object -1 Stranger 04 Jul 18, 16:24  interesting
He is not ex CNLU VC. Never happened. That is like saying me saying I was Priyanka Chopra's ex boyfriend.
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Like +5 Object -9 kianganz 04 Jul 18, 17:10 LI subscriber  controversial
Oh, is it? Pray please tell us more about how you almost dated PiggyChop? ;)
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Like +2 Object -0 Soothsayer 04 Jul 18, 17:39
Kian, great attempt at a comeback. But alas! You are factually incorrect. Your addition of Garam Masala has backfired.
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Like +5 Object -6 kianganz 04 Jul 18, 17:51 LI subscriber  controversial
Na, thanks, I think it works fine as a headline, as a tongue in cheek nod to the history that everyone in the know is aware of (and I am pretty sure that everyone who'd be interested in this story, will know this history, so there's no risk of confusion). :)
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Like +2 Object -1 Guest 04 Jul 18, 20:30
We were close, and then I woke up.
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Like +9 Object -1 Guest 04 Jul 18, 16:46  interesting
Difference between NUJS and NALSAR. When Veer Singh was ruining NALSAR the students protested and made sure he left before it was too late. At NUJS he was allowed to continue for almost a decade and ruin the institution. Only an outstanding and dynamic VC can undo the damage. Might be worth offering the post to a young Indian academic teaching abroad as a 4-year sabbatical, e.g. old generation NLSIU-ites. Someone like Umakanth V would be a great choice.
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Like +0 Object -0 Reality 08 Jul 18, 18:02
Would he want to come to NUJS? Is he not one of the top counsels in CAM?
If MP Singh could be brought back...that would do...
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Like +1 Object -0 Guest 09 Jul 18, 12:04
Why would Umakanth in his right mind want to do that? And TBH, nor would Prof. Singh. Manoj Kumar Sinha won't be an entirely bad choice for NUJS at this stage, provided the EC moves out of its stupor and finally appoints the Search Committee, allowing him to apply. There is a deliberate delay on the EC's part to shift from status quo, probably owing to state government's interference. And students and SJA, of course, seem to have fallen asleep once again, refusing to see that this interim situation is doing more harm than good to the university. Currently, the VC, Registrar, Assistant Registrar and Accounts Office are all acting and not permanent. That's just not healthy for any institution. Especially since the first two are just plain refusing to take any important decision whatsoever on any front.
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Like +4 Object -0 I Know 04 Jul 18, 18:43
Prof JK Das and Prof NK Chakrabarti are probable candidates for the next VC
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Like +1 Object -0 Guest 05 Jul 18, 07:40
Multiple people are now saying this.
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Like +1 Object -0 Guest 05 Jul 18, 08:14
Kian,why report this now? He was appointed over a month ago and made his plan to head there soon after the Review Commission submitted its report.
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Like +8 Object -2 Dopre 05 Jul 18, 16:09  interesting
Epitome of lazy, useless "journalism". PIB became VC a month ago but not many knew because they were too busy laughing. Now the armchair journalist (or rather gossipmongers) have finally got this news but Kian the great want to rebrand it as "SCOOP". The only scoop is a scoop of mud on LI's face yet again.
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Like +3 Object -8 kianganz 05 Jul 18, 16:13 LI subscriber

Thanks, didn't realise it had been covered, have removed the Scoop tag and updated the story. I think they may have kept it quiet on purpose... :)
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Like +5 Object -0 Swachh Bharat 05 Jul 18, 08:16  interesting
This makes me so angry. This man is the definition of shameless!
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Like +6 Object -0 Guest 05 Jul 18, 08:27  interesting
There he is...

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Like +10 Object -0 Guest 06 Jul 18, 13:03  interesting
His face says: "______ you NUJS students, I'm living it up!" All he needs is a blingy gold chain around his neck and a cap saying THUG LIFE.
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Like +5 Object -0 Comeback 06 Jul 18, 00:13  interesting
Everything is fair in love and war. It was a war! Admire this man for this sort of comeback.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you - and then you win.
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Like +2 Object -0 Amnesty National 06 Jul 18, 00:28
Well well! This guy epitomises how you can turn shit into sugar. He now gets to go back to his home state and maintain better connections with the power centres. Students in traditional colleges, unlike NLUs, wouldn't dare to question a teacher, let alone a VC. Disgraceful that Karnataka govt had to go with someone with such a tainted reputation. Good times ahead for Prof. Bhat. Just that some people have greatness thrust upon them.
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Like +1 Object -0 Guest 06 Jul 18, 09:37
Almost every single student movement in India of repute has started from the traditional colleges only. The rest I agree with you about.
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Like +1 Object -0 Guest 09 Jul 18, 12:33
As pointed out by someone, there is a deliberate play in a pointing the next VC. Certain people who will toe the government line have been sounded out and one of them will be announced VC by the sham of a search committee. The probable names of the next VC have been mentioned here, but there are a few others in consideration as well.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 10 Jul 18, 17:25
Big announcement coming soon re new VC!
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 10 Jul 18, 17:53
Such a pointless comment. If you have any information, either share it or stay mum. Why play twenty questions here?
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Like +2 Object -0 Tupac 11 Jul 18, 16:16
Make or break time for NUJS. Get a good VC or the college will be ruined beyond repair.
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Like +0 Object -0 Reporter 12 Jul 18, 13:11
The latest news is that the present regime will continue till Dec and then hand over to a new VC on 1 Jan. Most likely, a person who is a puppet will be chosen. They know that the students will not cause a fuss. Several names are being discussed, but none is confirmed.
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Like +7 Object -1 Koosum 12 Jul 18, 15:36  interesting
Reliable people are saying that Professor [...] of NUJS will be the new VC on special basis. She is a big scholar on competition law and is always attending competition conference. She will also be first alumni from NLS Bangalore to become VC of any NLU. Hearty congratulations to NLS and this milestone !!! She got the edge because of her good connection with the present VC.
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Like +5 Object -0 Lio 12 Jul 18, 20:47  interesting
Which batch of NLSIU is she from? I don't think so it is after 2003 because Rahul does not know who this person is.
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Like +1 Object -0 Guest 12 Jul 18, 23:11
She's done her graduation from [...] and her LLM and MPhil from NUJS. Her PhD is from NLSIU. And I'm fairly certain Koosum was being sarcastic.
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Like +2 Object -0 Rumour-Hunter 12 Jul 18, 23:16
@Lio: From what I know, [...] had submitted her Ph.D. at NLSIU in 2015. Her B.A., LL.B. is from [...] and she has been teaching at WBNUJS Kolkata for nearly 10 years. The comment above is just speculation because candidates for the Vice-Chancelllor position need to be full Professors for at least 10 years. [...] would at best make Associate Professor with her present credentials.
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Like +4 Object -0 Guest 13 Jul 18, 06:27
She got her PhD in 2017 only, not 2015. And her rank is still that of an Assistant Professor.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 12 Jul 18, 23:12
Kian, why has my reply to this comment not been posted? I don't think I wrote anything bad about anybody.
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Like +6 Object -1 notpalc 13 Jul 18, 13:35  interesting
Ludicrous how these people try and pass themselves off as BA LLB alum from National Law School. Thats what happens when you have a degree from Symbiosis. We have many others like her who have never been good enough to get into NLS but say they are alumni to mislead others.
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Like +2 Object -0 Ganlu 14 Jul 18, 00:29
Hahaha. This is nothing. People who do Ipleaders courses, distance learning courses from nlisu, nujs and gnlu pass of as ba llb alumni.
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Like +8 Object -1 #trcforvc 13 Jul 18, 06:11  interesting
She should be made the VC at any cost as she will help revolutionaries legal education. Some of her major contributions to educational philosophy are:

1. shift the focus from classroom learning to self learning. thus, avoid taking classes to encourage students to learn on their own.
2. learning to be made a pleasure and not a pressure. Hence, nobody is to fail in any course.
3. institutions must be student friendly. thus, support all demands that students made, especially demands for project extensions and such other relaxations from academic rules.

NUJS will climb unbelievable heights under her leadership.
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Like +0 Object -4 Guest 13 Jul 18, 12:28
Utter rubbish being posted about [...] being VC. She is too junior. Just some sarcastic person trying to be funny. Mehdi Ali, JK Das and NK Chakrabarti are better guesses, through neither is desirable.
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Like +2 Object -0 Guest 14 Jul 18, 06:03
Rather Particular will be the next VC. The other person being talked about is more likely to be Dean of Academics (posts suggested by review commission).
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Like +2 Object -1 Plus 25 Jul 18, 12:46
BREAKING NEWS: AKP has told colleagues he expects to the be the VC. If not in 2018 then at least at future date with the next 10 years.
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Like +1 Object -1 Guest 25 Jul 18, 16:35
No, he hasn't. And even if he did, nobody is interested. Which means you should take a hint and peddle rumors elsewhere.
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