HNLU Raipur denies alleged sexismHNLU Raipur denies alleged sexism

HNLU Raipur has denied claims of sexism alleged in an anonymous blog post, purportedly by a current student of the law school that went viral on social media.

The post titled “Of Curfew Timings And Showing Less Skin: Sexism In A National Law University”, which stated that it was published by a female HNLU student under the author alias “Campus Watch”, on Youth Ki Awaaz on Friday, alleged that HNLU’s current vice chancellor was “quite sexist”, and that women on campus were told to “hide their skin”, avoid drinking alcohol, and follow a stricter curfew than what was applicable to male students.

The post, which has had over 1500 shares, likes and comments on Facebook, alleged:

They blame women for the clothes that they wear in the college functions by regularly asking senior batch students to convene ‘friendly sessions’. In these sessions, we are told to hide our skin so that it doesn’t attract a lot of attention or doesn’t tarnish the image of the university.

HNLU vice chancellor Prof Sukh Pal Singh, who was not aware of the post this morning when we called him, commented later in the day after reading the post: “It doesn’t seem to be a letter written by any of the law abiding students of my university because we never impose things which are not proper. We guide them to be good students.”

He added: “Whatever is being said in that letter is not correct and this is an anonymous letter so it carries no weight. Whatever things have been said in this letter in the name of vice chancellor are absolutely wrong.

“I have never uttered these words for the female students, rather I have not met the students for the last 4-5 months, because I had undergone heart surgery in the first week of October. Since then I was on leave for two and a half months. Thereafter I did not meet students at all because I was coming to office only for one shift whereas students are in the classroom so whatever has been said in my name is not correct.”

Singh said: “I don’t know why students have written it if at all they have written it. Because my students never behave in this manner, they are disciplined students. We always take action as per university rules. I don’t think that letter has been written by some student who is really within the policy of the university, and if anyone goes against rules of the university naturally he or she would be asked not to do these things and if out of that someone feels aggrieved then it is not proper.”

Discriminatory curfews?

When we put some of the allegations in the post to Singh before he had read the post today morning, he told us that the curfew timings and dress codes, like all other rules, were “exactly the same” for both male and female students and that both sexes were given “equal liberty” by the authorities, within the precincts of maintaining “decency and discipline” on campus.

“And girls require more safety than the boys so sometimes we may say that they must take care that they’re not outside campus till late,” he remarked.

Singh told us that the entry to the hostel gates closed at 1030pm for both male and female students, which is why the library and the main campus gates closed at 10pm, the last university buses returned to campus at 930pm, and students entering campus after 10pm were asked to provide an explanation for the delay.

The post had alleged that in practice male students were allowed to leave hostels after the curfew:

There is a gate in the premises which shuts after 6:30 p.m. for girls and functions till 2 a.m. for the boys. We cannot step outside our hostels after 10:30 p.m., but it is just the women who are being questioned if they are late, and not the men. Our library isn’t open 24/7. “Kyunki raat mein gandi ghatnaayen hoti hain.

In June 2015 a named female student of NLU Delhi came out with many allegations of harassment and sexism faced by female students on the law school’s campus, and in April last year NLSIU students pressed for an apology by a professor who had allegedly made sexist remarks in the classroom.

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Like +0 Object -0 HNLUite 13 Feb 17, 18:59
Kian atleast use a recent picthure of the university.
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Like +0 Object -1 kianganz 13 Feb 17, 19:09
Done :) Hope this one is better...
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Like +1 Object -14 Hail Hidyatullah 14 Feb 17, 01:14
HNLU family stand fully behind VC Sir and HNLU administration. College is for studies and not fashion show. Please also keep in mind security issue and Indian tradition. This is not USA.
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Like +8 Object -1 Down HNLU 14 Feb 17, 20:00  interesting
We have another fascist tendency peeping in one of the colleges. Mind you, Universities are for having a broader perspective of understanding. Moreover, plurality and adapting everything is the beauty of Indian culture. We have been doing the same since ages but your puny mind will never be able to comprehend that.

And for god sake, if you wish to hail such things, don't use the name Hidaytullah. He was a champion of open ideas, liberty, and freedom and you are nowhere near that.
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Like +4 Object -0 Guest 14 Feb 17, 04:18
This website never posts anything negative against NLSIU (or only minor stuff) but only targets other NLUs. This is shameful and malicious.
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Like +5 Object -4 kianganz 14 Feb 17, 06:40
Are you aware of anything negative that happened at NLSIU recently that we've not covered? We don't just make up the news, you know ;)
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Like +3 Object -0 Guest 15 Feb 17, 23:57
There are thousands of scams at NLSIU and NALSAR.
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Like +0 Object -3 kianganz 16 Feb 17, 00:02
Examples please?
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Like +3 Object -0 Little Birdie 16 Feb 17, 08:11
I've heard for every research project NLSIU gets, a certain sum has to be kept aside for the [...]. One must admit that after that payment is made, the projects proceed extremely smoothly though.
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Like +2 Object -0 Guest 16 Feb 17, 18:30
Some scams at NLSIU:

1. Faculty recruitment
2. Infrastructure
3. Regionalism
4. Sexism
5. Ridiculous grading
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Like +11 Object -2 Guest 14 Feb 17, 08:05  interesting
The Vice Chancellor is [...].. As an alumnus, I can tell you that the student is not lying about discriminatory policies on campus, uncalled for patronization of women and casual sexist remarks by the administration. Men had no in-timings, no registers to sign every evening, no closed gates for their hostel and no explanations to give to the warden. I can understand why the student posted anonymously. Look at veiled threats Mr. VC is giving even in his response.

Guneet Kaur (Class of 2013)
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Like +2 Object -9 Alias 14 Feb 17, 17:26

Trust me things are not that bad as you tried to portrait in your comment - not just this but all other comments which you have made in past.

Girls and boys are treated less equally and its not something new in HNLU and rest of the Country - Period. Having said that the differential treatment is not just limited to 'in time' and 'out time', it goes beyond that - For boys there is no proper warden - for girls you have a warden, matron, etc etc. For boys, no security guard - for girls, the security is Z plus. Check the condition of boys hostel, toilets, food, etc. And don't forget the preferential treatment which girls get every time when a guest is facilitated or recruitment brochure is published.

If you choose to highlight the sufferings for boys, the comment box will be insufficient.

Trust me and do think from deep in your hart (if you have one) all of us got much more freedom in HNLU than what I use to have in my own house. This is a reality - not just for me but for everyone who are and were a part of HNLU.

If you had so much objection to the culture and the differential treatment you could have opted to voice out your concerns between 2008 - 2013. Being a spectator when you were suppose to speak and being a speaker when you should be a spectator is not highly recommended. Lastly, even if you have spoken then and things have not changed - what made you think that this post will change the reins now.
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Like +7 Object -2 Guest 15 Feb 17, 01:57  interesting
Lame comment by a suck-up student. Guneet is spot on.
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Like +7 Object -0 Bring it On! 15 Feb 17, 12:07  interesting
So girls should be thankful for benevolent sexism? Got it, thanks. You don't think its creepy when colleges or law firms for that matter try and put in the forefront the more attractive women? I assure you, not all women are vying to be on campus brochures in place of men.

And as you are asking why this ex-student has voiced her concerns earlier, you can also voice your concerns about your complaints about not having a matron etc.

About having more freedom than in your house. you were a child in your home. In college, you are just entering adulthood. It is a false equivalence.

And about speaking out, just because we don't get instant results, should we stop speaking out? Maybe speaking out is an end on its own. People may speak out to express themselves and their angst, even without hoping for a change.
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Like +10 Object -0 Disgusting 14 Feb 17, 15:09  interesting
Time after time we see that NLUs are being headed by incompetent and buffoonish people. Urgent action is needed. The government has enacted an IIM Bill, designated IITs as Institutions of National Importance etc etc. This has ensured better funding and flow of talent in the faculty Why can't NLUs similarly get such treatment?
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Like +0 Object -5 Guest 15 Feb 17, 10:01
Heard about Federalism?
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Like +3 Object -0 Guest 15 Feb 17, 18:13
Hopefully soon and not too far in the future, a similar letter shall be posted about the excessively disrespectful and blatantly sexist attitudes of the [...] of NALSAR. It is high time this comes out.
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Like +1 Object -0 Visited 17 Feb 17, 16:37
There is a [...] at HNLU. He is the VC's informer on students and young faculty affairs. Fix him and half of HNLU's problems would get fixed.
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