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HNLU students ‘delighted’ about ret’d Justice CB Bajpayee as interim VC

Interim VC Bajpayee meets with HNLU studentsInterim VC Bajpayee meets with HNLU students

HNLU Raipur’s chancellor has appointed retired high court judge Justice CB Bajpayee as interim vice chancellor, following the resignation of Prof Sukh Pal Singh in the face of student strikes.

Bajpayee talked to the student bar association (SBA) office holders this evening, telling them that he would “work for the best interest of the students of the university”, according to a statement by students.

Students were “delighted with the positive approach of the newly appointed” VC.

The appointment is only temporary, and a full search committee for a permanent VC would be constituted in due course.

Bajpayee is the second acting VC in as many months, following Ravi Shankar Sharma, the Chhattisgarh state’s law department principal secretary, who had taken over after Singh’s first removal from HNLU in late August.

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Like +22 Object -7 Severus 03 Oct 18, 22:50  interesting  top rated  controversial
Someone educate these kids... Who wears SHORTS when you're meeting your University VC who also happens to be a Retd. HC judge.

Some decorum and respect or have they forgotten all etiquette?

These guys want jobs at top law firms??
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Like +11 Object -3 Slovenly. 03 Oct 18, 23:51  interesting
Who wears SHORTS when you're meeting your University VC who also happens to be a Retd. HC judge.
Worst part is that you'll most probably be accused of being elitist or some other trendy buzzword.

Even though a decent suit of clothing (i.e. a sober shirt and a similar pair of trousers) would've cost the same if not less than their shorts, jeans and T shirts.

Before the concern trolling begins with gems such as "what about the climate?"etc it would've been even better if a simple kurta pyjama was worn. Or dhoti too.
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Like +13 Object -6 Nothing wrong 04 Oct 18, 02:42  interesting  controversial
Nothing wrong with wearing shorts. The only criticism may be that the shorts look cheap, like underwear. The shorts should have been of better material, a sober colour and neatly ironed. Like this:

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Like +1 Object -1 Slovenly. 04 Oct 18, 23:49
The male students can't dress in such a manner.

Their handsome aura would've made every girl swoon.

Why do you think there's no women in the Sena ?

They can't handle all the heat/sexual tension.
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Like +0 Object -0 Slovenly. 05 Oct 18, 09:14
Seems like the chaddi photo has been removed.

That was why the comment @ 04 Oct 18, 23:49 was made.
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Like +6 Object -9 Always 04 Oct 18, 12:22  controversial
Oh get out of here with your antiquated nonsense. Clothes do not equate respect. They're in a residential campus at night time, let them be comfortable.
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Like +9 Object -3 Guest 04 Oct 18, 12:30  interesting
Seen plenty of them, in the residential campus, late at night, hanging around possible recruiters in immaculate formal wear.

You are correct in stating that clothes do not equate respect, but there is definitely a difference in which students ready themselves for the two differently placed groups spoken of by the OP.
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Like +7 Object -1 Guest 04 Oct 18, 13:40  interesting
Spot on! If the wearers really do not equate clothes with respect, then they should also go to recruitment/internship interviews in that attire only, as well as moot courts etc. When you clearly dress better for certain occasions that have personal interest involved, then it is you as the wearer who is actually ascribing importance to clothes as a form of respect and by extension, you do not simply consider occasions where you are appearing to be slouching, worthy of your respect.
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Like +0 Object -0 Snapeus 05 Oct 18, 18:03
Right. Let's see who gets a job wearing comfort shorts.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 04 Oct 18, 02:39
FYI here is a Facebook page that seems to be of the same person

His likes include PM Modi, Amit Shah, Sadhguru, Radhe Ma, Arindam Chaudhuri, IIPM, Amity University, Steffi Graf, Chetan Bhagat, Grey Goose Vodka, Smirnoff Vodka, Budweiser, Johnny Walker, Teacher's, Fosters, Red Bull and Bacardi.
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Like +2 Object -0 Sorcerer 04 Oct 18, 03:09
These are the current and upcoming VC vacancies: NLUD (in 2019), NUJS (now), HNLU (now), CNLU (now), NLU Ranchi (now).

Here are my predictions:

NLUD - Paramjit Jaswal from RGNUL (formerly HNLU)
NUJS - OV Nandimath from NLSIU
HNLU - Sairam Bhat from NLSIU
CNLU - Manoj Sinha from ILI Delhi (formerly NUJS)
NLU Ranchi - V Nagaraj from NLSIU
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Like +1 Object -0 Guest 04 Oct 18, 11:01
Chance of Nandimath coming to NUJS is virtually zero, since the state government wants someone whom it knows already. Likely to be a Bengali, though not essential. Sinha is also batting hard for the NLUD position, but Jaswal has more experience and may just make it ahead of him. Whether that bodes well for NLUD is a thing to see though. Frankly, there's no senior academic/administrator in India who can come close to what Ranbir Singh has done for the place, regardless of his faults. The government support for NLUD has also been exceptional, right from the UPA times.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 04 Oct 18, 12:34
Does Sairam Bhat qualify on the Prof + 10 years requirement? I doubt it.

Hasn't Manoj Sinha said no to NUJS wanting to stay in the national capital?

NUJS seems set to go to a Bengali individual.

Jaswal is an odds-on favorite for the Delhi job. Ranbir Singh has a penchant for setting-up a close acquaintance to follow him. Partly so that the many grey-areas of his tenure are left untouched.
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Like +0 Object -1 Oracle 04 Oct 18, 15:36
Have you forgotten GS Bajpai at NLUD? Sure Jaswal will lobby hard for NLUD but Bajpai is no pushover. There can be a trade-off though. Raina from HPNLU may come to NLUD and GS Bajpai will swap places with him. Although that could work for Jaswal as well. By the way what was Jaswal's record at HNLU? He is reportedly BimPa at NLU Patiala. There is a chance that the Registrar of RGNLU will succeed Jaswal.

Doubtful that MKS will leave ILI. He has done a good turnaround of ILI and was keen on NUJS. But the AG and interim VC ensured that he did not return as VC NUJS. There are are powerful elements in the state government and HC who are obsessed with having one of their stooges adorn the VC and Registrar position here. Reportedly the AG wants the infamous former Registrar SCM to come back in and is abusing his position in the government and in NUJS statutory bodies to ensure that. He also has the support of the interim VC and his faculty allies aka Justice League.

Interestingly, this group has repeatedly resisted moves to implement the Justice PN Sinha Inquiry report which was commissioned by the Calcutta HC and indicted SCM and other Univ officials. While the former VC, PIB and his allies likely had their reasons to bury the Inquiry Report, it is ominous that the interim VC and his friends are indulging in similar tactics.

NUJS is a cautionary tale for HNLU and other NLUs. I would only hope and wish that HNLU doesn't suffer the same run as NUJS. Kian, you should do a story on how NLU Ranchi and CNLU are doing with their judge-led administrations. At NUJS, the following are lobbying for VC position - Gangotri Chakraborty, Manik Chakraborty, IG Ahmed, SS Chatterjee, NK Chakraborty, Rathin Banerji and few other Bengalis who are basically political turncoats. It will be difficult for NUJS to attract good candidates when the interim VC and AG are deliberately letting NUJS wallow in mess. Reportedly, the interim VC is playing coy and keen to be made permanent. This can become inevitable if the contenders are the ones named above.

However, there is a chance that MPS may look to push Dr Kamala Sankaran; RS lobby will go for Vijender Kumar (although he may go for the NLU in Uttarakhand) or may lob GS Bajpai here; the VR lobby may want to unload some from its stock at NLS (they are becoming Professor heavy at NLS). I agree Nandimath is unlikely to move to Kolkata and much rather remain Registrar NLS. If pushed hard he just may but that will depend on a variety of factors that presently look very improbable.

NLU Ranchi may just see a VC with ties to Bengal. VR and FM lobbies will battle it out for CNLU. RS lobby may not be too keen there unless joined in by MPS lobby who have some overlaps. Of course there is is the NRMM lobby which is adept at alliance making. Kian do you have information on what is happening at MNLU Mumbai? It will be interesting to know who all had applied there for VC position and whether the selection is finally done.

Also having being denied a second term at MNLU Mumbai and literally asked to leave by the authorities there, BPP may coax NRMM to have him installed in CNLU, NLU Ranchi or HNLU. He would have very much wanted NUJS but his previous attempts have not gone down well. May just try again and bring back his dear comrade Dr SAK who recently ran away to MNLU Mumbai.

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Like +0 Object -0 Mirchand 04 Oct 18, 16:36
The acronyms don't make sense to me, but you sure have an insight into law school politics that would be the envy of any aspiring clairvoyant.
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Like +0 Object -0 Oracle 04 Oct 18, 18:44
had to use acronyms since full names may have invited objections. I will not be surprised if the acronyms get blanked out in a while. The acronyms will make sense if you read other related comments or know the names of the recent set of VCs at NLUs (starting 2008 and still active in some form) and some founding VCs.
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Like +1 Object -3 professors ? 04 Oct 18, 18:08
professors in India educating students ? I feel it's a big joke.

Lawyers with 10PQE are better equipped to teach students.

Specially, a majority of the assistant professors we see at law schools are no better than second year law students
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Like +0 Object -0 for your self 04 Oct 18, 15:11
Why have you ignored professors from NUJS for the position of Vice Chancellor, there are atleast 6 full professors in NUJS including Manoj Sinha, AKP, TVGNS, SNS, AM and SBB
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Like +0 Object -1 Guest 04 Oct 18, 20:35
It seems Kian chose not to post my comment in its entirety in response to this, which stated exactly why none of these people is in the running and barring Sinha, how the rest are not even qualified. #Ganzscissoralert
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Like +0 Object -0 JesusLady 04 Oct 18, 17:14
We need a country music Jesus, to come and save us all.
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Like +6 Object -0 JJJ 04 Oct 18, 18:30  interesting
The politicisation of VC appointments can be prevented if student bodies apply pressure beforehand by passing a resolution demanding an open advertisement for VC (which is followed in most central government universities) and a transparent appointment process. If student bodies are going to sit idle and be headed by mini politicians interested in furthering their personal agendas, naturally this won't happen.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 05 Oct 18, 21:16
Jaswal will go to NLUD, Sinha to NUJS.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 05 Oct 18, 22:52
Chances of Sinha coming to NUJS are very less now. The interim Lord Taluk is trying to extend his reign to a more permanent arrangement.
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