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HNLU places 62 in ‘18 class of 150: State law dept biggest recruiter, 12 law firms, 4 companies, LLMs

HNLU Raipur placed 62 out of 150 students graduating their LLB this year, with a number of law firms, companies, policy organisations, LLMs and other places.

A total of 95 students had participated in campus recruitment activities.

The state department of law and legislative affairs maintained its track record of being the single largest recruiter from HNLU, recruiting 14 graduates from the class of 2018.

Singh & Associates was the law firm that recruited the most, at four graduates, followed by Lakshmikumaran & Sridharan (LKS) and RRG Associates (three graduates each).

Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas was the only “Big 7” law firm among the other nine law firms to have recruited from campus, which also included TPM Solicitors and Consultants, Dave Girish & Co, PSA Legal, Bharucha Partners, Singularity Legal, Intll Advocare, Apprentice Legal and Themis. Each of these firms picked up one graduate.

From in-house, ICICI Bank (2), Tech Mahindra (2), Info Crunch (1) and Eastern Book Company (1) were the companies to have hired graduates from the batch.

Four graduates also bagged legal process outsourcing (LPO) jobs from Thomson Reuters (2) and Lex Process (2).

Other jobs included the office of an MP, advocate chambers, Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy, the LAMP fellowship, law officer for the Chhatisgarh State Environment Conservation Board, content writing and comedy writing.

6 graduates have LLM offers at Queen Mary University London (4), University of Melbourne (1) and the University of Vienna (1).

The RCC commented in a statement: “In the past two years, we have primarily focussed on getting assessment internships for students, a lot of which also turned into pre - placements offers. We also contacted as many firms, companies and other organizations as possible and brought some of them to campus for placement.

Some of the students have also opted for litigating and writing judiciary examinations. Numerous students have opted to take the UPSC and state PSC examinations.

We have been able to achieve the present result with the cooperation and constant support of our batch mates. With administration in better hands, we believe that HNLU might be able to increase the placements to even better numbers next year.

The Recruitment Coordination Committee this year comprised of Akshay Mankar, Anmol Bhalla, Ishan Agrawal, Manya Gupta, Merlin Tigga, Praharsh Gour and Pranjal Doshi.”

Organisation Graduates
Legislative department 14
Singh & Associates 4
RRG Associates 3
ICICI Bank 2
Tech Mahindra 2
Thomson Reuters 2
Lex Process 2
Political Action Committee 2
Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy 2
Cyril Amarchand Mangaldas 1
Vaish 1
Dave Girish & Co 1
Intll Advocare 1
Bharucha Partners 1
Rajeev Gowda MP 1
Vidur Bhatia Chambers 1
D&V Law Chambers 1
Apprentice Legal 1
Singularity Legal 1
Themis 1
Info Crunch 1
Eastern Book Co 1
Finology Finance, content writer 1
Weirdass Comedy Club, staff writer 1
LLM: QM University LLM 3
LLM: Cambridge University 1
LLM: Vienna University 1
LLM: Edinburgh University 1
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Like +7 Object -3 LOL 12 Oct 18, 18:33
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Like +22 Object -0 Chromium 12 Oct 18, 19:17  interesting  top rated
I feel angry and I feel bad for the students. Are these the opportunities that prospective students look forward to before enrolling for the LLB in these NLUs? Are these opportunities worth shelling out those outrageous tuition-fees?

the return on equity for a hardworking DU Law-Fac or for that matter GLC students would be any day higher than what we see in these colleges.

Spare me the bullshit of 'legal education is not all about getting big-pay jobs with some top tier law firms'. How is one supposed to pay off his student loan if this is what he/she ends up getting served with?
P.S.: I respect the students right to choose their career path or the choice when it comes to their future practice area, but with these opportunities in platter the word 'Choice' hardly holds any relevance.
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Like +11 Object -0 um 12 Oct 18, 20:36  interesting
Is this list for real? Doesn't HNLU have a huge batch size? Are you telling me only one out of nearly 200 kids got selected at a Tier 1 firm? Unbelievable.
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Like +9 Object -0 Guest 12 Oct 18, 22:56  interesting
Very poor recruitments for an NLU. While bad administration is no doubt responsible, the bigger reason is a lack of jobs. The economy is not doing well, the legal sector is yet to be liberalised and an Indian Judicial Service is yet to be created (it was based on these projections that so many NLUs were sanctioned). Then, there is also competition from newer NLUs and Jindal/Symbiosis.

Urgent attention needs to be drawn to the job crisis in the legal sector. The Modi government has done nothing.
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Like +5 Object -0 Guest 12 Oct 18, 23:40  interesting
This is not simply a problem of the economy. Most of the law firms including top tier firms still hire a huge number of freshers every year. It's just that the growing number of NLUs hasn't kept pace with dropping quality or standard of students and teachers. That's why from the top 3 NLUs, still a large number of students are getting into those firms, but the mid tier NLUs can't match that anymore. Less said about most of the newer NLUs, the better.
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Like +3 Object -8 Guest 12 Oct 18, 23:16
Top 10 placement ranking for 2018, based on info so far (with emphasis on overall quality, batch ratio, average salary and TCs):

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Like +5 Object -1 Kaliya 12 Oct 18, 23:35
2 in Sam
3 in Cam
2 in jsa

Definitely worth to be on the list
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Like +7 Object -9 Guest 12 Oct 18, 23:37  controversial
Quit giving made up stats! NUJS Day Zero stats in 2018 itself has broken all previous records. Even in the past, NALSAR recruitment has never bested that of NUJS post 2005 when the first batch of NUJS had graduated. At the most, they have been comparable on some years. If you are disputing that fact, prove it with stats and not simply by mouthing random lists.
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Like +2 Object -1 Guest 13 Oct 18, 04:13
We request LI tp publish a comparative table of placements to set the record straight. it will also be helpful for NIRF, because the flaw with NIRF is that they blindly trust data submitted to them and there was no table they could go by.
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Like +9 Object -1 Guest 13 Oct 18, 07:05  interesting
It seems people are afraid to be politically incorrect and address the real issue: dilution of student quality due to domicile quota, in addition to caste quotas. NLUJ and HNLU are the biggest victims of this, while this will hamper MNLU in the long run.
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Like +8 Object -0 Guest 13 Oct 18, 07:52  interesting
In the context of placements, an interesting case study is the IIT Kharagpur law school, which did well in the NIRF ranking. They restrict their batch to a small number, select only those with BTech degrees, give them training to work as IP lawyers (with a basic grounding in other laws), and target mostly in-house science and tech industry and a few IP and tech law firms. While the pay is much lower than a corp lawyer at CAM or SAM, the law school at least manages 100% placements. NLUs struggling with placements can follow a similar strategy, by creating 3 or 4 niche specialisations and focusing on those, as well as restricting batch size. For instance, HNLU can try to become the go to place for energy and mining law and churn out 20 grads specially trained in those areas, another 20 trained in transport and warehousing law, another 20 trained in electricity law, and a remainder of 20 grads with a general training.
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Like +2 Object -2 Another song lover 13 Oct 18, 19:31
For which year did IIT- RGSOIPL ever get 100% placements? Bro, what are you smoking??
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Like +3 Object -0 Guest 13 Oct 18, 09:29
There seems to be a mismatch between the text of the article and tabulated data. Of the 6 LLM places, the table indicates that 3 have offers from QMUL, 1 from Edinburgh, 1 from Cambridge, and 1 from Vienna. On the other hand, the article text states that 4 have received offers from QMUL, 1 from Melbourne, and 1 from Vienna.

Haven't really had a good look, so there may be other inaccuracies as well. Suggest you go through the article once more.
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Like +11 Object -1 Guest 13 Oct 18, 12:35  interesting
Happy for the guy who joined weirdass comedy. Would be so clear in his mind when he took this call. unlike other kids who join law firms and quit within 6 months of joining.
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Like +3 Object -1 Guest 13 Oct 18, 15:53
Moreover, coming from an NLU, (s)he should have a lot of hands-on experience of weirdass comedy, given that's rampant among NLU admin anyway these days.
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Like +0 Object -0 Guest 13 Oct 18, 20:48
Very poor placements. But its interesting that the Chattisgarh Law Ministry hires so many people every year. Do they need that many? Do bigger states hire that any?
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