GNLU Gandhinagar students will now neither face a one-year detention on failing exam papers, nor will they have to secure ‘goodness’ marks in addition to 40 per cent passing marks in semester exams.

The Gujarat high court quashed those rules in a PIL filed by nine detained students of the law school. Two marks for “goodness” were a pre-cursor to getting a hall-ticket to appear in the end-semester exams at the university until now.

Justice K S Jhaveri observed in his judgment that the rule can be “a tool in the hands of the Faculty Members, which could be used by them at their own whims and caprice”.

The court also quashed the cap of seven years for a student to graduate from GNLU from the date of his or her admission in the university [Express/Order]

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Like +3 Object -0 XYZ 18 Oct 12, 22:16
This happens when a person with no experience of full time teaching in a college/university is brought from abroad and made Director of a National Law University. The person who heads a National Law University has to be humble and approachable. The person should command respect and not demand respect, as is happening in the present case. I pray that the LPA which the Director is planning to file in Hon'ble Gujarat High Court is dismissed and exemplary cost is imposed on the Director. Ex student of GNLU (2005-2010)
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Like +1 Object -0 XYZ 19 Oct 12, 09:49
My respect and regards for the Hon'ble High Court of Gujarat and Justice Jhaveri for upholding the cause of the students; GNLU (2004-2009)
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Like +3 Object -0 Respect from another lawschool 19 Oct 12, 10:44
This is AWESOME! Kudos to the GNLU students for fighting back. Most of the lawschools have faced tyrants and their stupid rules at some point of time and its great to see law students fight such arbitrary rules. Two marks for "goodness" is the stupidest idea.

"The court also quashed the cap of seven years for a student to graduate from GNLU from the date of his or her admission in the university." - This is a warning knell to other lawschools. Most impose a 7 or 8 year limit.

Rules that score high on stupidity:

Attendance rules that are stricter than UGC or BCI rules e.g. requirement of 75% attendance, when BCI says 66.66% is good enough.
Boarding school style rules that aim to make college students monks e.g. lights out by 9 / no-stepping-outside-hoste l-building after 9, no internet surfing after 10 etc.
Capping the number of days in a semester when a student can stay out of campus till say 10 or 11 pm to party.
Imposing stupid dress rules like uniform once a week etc (even if there are no moots or no dignitary visiting campus).
And lots of other rules that are arbitrary because they give too much discretion to faculty without laying any guidelines on how such discretion is to be exercised.

To all law teachers:

Most of your students are above 18, so please let them be.
Don’t expect them to have a sad college life like you did – let them party!
While discipline is good, it is not necessary for everyone to have boot camp like discipline.
Don’t judge your students by their taste in clothes (that you find wierd) or smoking/drinking/partying (which you don’t approve) or girlfriend/boyfriend (which you may believe is a sin to indulge in) –college students are bound to have a lot of fun and they will surely squeeze in some study time before the exam.
MOST IMPORTANT: Don’t take it personally and impose stupid rules or abuse your discretionary powers. If you know any law, you should understand that you have a fiduciary duty that requires you to be objective and refrain from behaving like a turd. If you are a grown up, start thinking and behaving like one.
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Like +2 Object -0 GNLU Alumni 20 Oct 12, 16:09
I woke up in the morning today and found this copied email from the VC of GNLU in my mailbox. The email reads as follows :-P

"Dear Raghul, Anuj and Kian,

1. Reference is made to uploading of the news of Gujarat High Court Judgment on Detention case. I wish to avoid making comment on the merits of the judgment.

2. What may disturb not necessarily the mature and sincere readers, but the students and the aspiring students, their parents, etc. may build impressions of institutions and individuals without being fully aware of the facts, figures and circumstances, least to say the law. This also applies to those who are directly or indirectly associated with the institution, be it GNLU or any NLU. A good or bad intent and deed, based on emotional outburst, damages or blissfully rewards ,with dividend, individuals and institutions, at times visibly and at times most invisibly.

3. Apparently Bar and Bench and Legally India websites are well-read, including myself because it contains updates on matters which help the authorities to build excellent legal institutions. They are read by people world over too. Thus, your contribution is critical in the legal institution-building process of India. Various meetings and sharing among NLUs have only one clear vision - to provide best legal infrastructure to the nation.

4. GNLU, authorities, its teachers, employees, are and will remain proud and fully satisfied for its best efforts, be it management, be it academics, research, and the most importantly the moral force of its vision and efforts.

5. The challenges to build excellent institutions are far more heavy than building one's personal careers. NLUs and its managements are honoured with this vision of institution-building. Thus, in the larger interests of the institution-building process, I most humbly request you to ensure that B&B and Legally India become partners in this great journey and prevent, as it may so feel, that these two platforms are the sources of enlighted information instead of carrying unfounded allegations against any institution or individual.

6. The below disclaimer of Legally India, I found quite useful in this regard and thus prompted me to write this email, first thing in the morning.

7. I have copied this email to fellow VCs and Registrars from the NLUs and GNLU faculty members. If you deem appropriate, you may reproduce this email on your webpage. However, as the Head of the University and as a human being, I can most firmly but humbly plead for avoiding any reference which might adversely reflect on any individual and institutional sincerity, honesty, integrity and reputation. Thank you for your attention. Bimal

NB: By reading the comments you agree that they are the personal views and opinions of readers, for which Legally India has no liability whatsoever. Because anonymous comments may be biased or unreliable, you agree that you will not allow any comment(s) to affect your estimation of any person(s) or organisation(s). If you believe a comment is inappropriate, please send us a message with your objection and contact details and we will review it as soon as practicable."

It seems the VC has completely forgotten the Constitution of India which talks about Freedom of Speech and Expression. Once again he proved that he is not open to any form of positive criticism even it is from a Hon'ble HC in India ! Mr. Patel , please do not forget that India is a democratic country. And now you even dispute the facts and circumstances of a decided case Mr. Patel. Wow :-P

Kudos to the entire team of Legally India for reporting about the Hon'ble Guj HC's Judgment. Your efforts in reporting true incidents are really commendable. Keep up the good work. Regards, GNLU Alumni (2006-2011)
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Like +2 Object -0 batch2004 20 Oct 12, 16:46
It amuses me that even after 8 years of being established, our University, instead of devoting time in research activities and recruiting quality, professional and National Law School experienced faculty, is busy making mundane rules. Being a practising lawyer handling writ petitions every day, a bare look at the impugned rule, i.e., "2 marks of goodness" based on discretion is on the face of it arbitrary, and rightly, the same has been quashed. For example services rules in different states, relate their sanctity to Article 309 of the Constitution (re recruitment and conditions of service). Surely, the university and teachers are aware of framing any rule which is contrary to the principles of natural justice and basic administrative law (which they are teaching). The university did not lay down any guidelines as to how discretion is to be followed (similar principles have been laid down by the Apex Court on numerous occasions). The University intends to file a Leave Petition. On what grounds? Though our rule is discretionary, rather arbitrary, without any proper guidelines, still our rule is final. One understands that judicial interference in functioning of autonomous university should be minimal, but where an autonomous university, a LAW university, fails to adhere to basic principles of law, interference is welcomed, and even remarks on incompetence should be encouraged.
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Like +0 Object -0 Batch 2006 22 Oct 12, 12:19
Aah,the agony of the readers to match up to his vocab/grammar..!!
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Like +1 Object -0 Dear Bimal 22 Oct 12, 19:08
"... may build impressions of institutions and individuals without being fully aware of the facts, figures and circumstances, least to say the law."

Your Excellency thinks he is the only one learned in the law or what? 2 marks for "goodness" at undergrad level is complete Bu||$hiT. Not to mention that the law does not support such arbitrary rules that lack guidelines for implementation by the executive. Please do not impose your will on law students who have attained majority age.

Thank God you did not express anything on the merits of the judgement - you saved yourself further embarrassment to be honest.
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Like +1 Object -0 batchof2006GNLU 21 Oct 12, 21:41
Congratulations students, for putting people in their place. Long overdue. I'd love to hear the VC's opinion on the 'Merits' of the Judgement. With a full disclosure on his excellency's own 'merits'.
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